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Title: More games!
Post by: Carcharoth on June 20, 2010, 11:43:59 am
We had a good few games yesterday and really put Roban through his paces.
First up we had a large Delgon force lead by Roban and a priest laying siege to a Fubarnii village, with Brenar leading a stalwart defence. We were playing using 800pt forces again, so there were quite a lot of troops on the table!

The initial Delgon attack was devastatingly effective, with the line of militia and knights falling beneath the black tide. I got a bit carried away though, and when Roban spotted an opportunity to engage Brenar in combat I charged him through the Fubarnii line. The ensuing combat didn't go quite to plan and Brenar somehow survived! Two knight captains and a bunch of knights then surged in in response and the rest of the Delgon force could do nothing to help their god. A short combat phase later and some bad dice rolling on my part and Roban fell to Brenar's spear...

We then decided to try Roban in a smaller scale conflict - Roban and 3 Striders vs 2 Knight Captains and 8 knights. We played three games, and in all cases the knights died horribly, with Roban barely breaking a sweat... He really is a beast!

We came up with a few conclusions following the games.
First up, Roban should be very hard to kill - this will be reflected in scenarios by the fact that you will rarely have to kill Roban to win a scenario, and in nearly all scenarios taking down an Enarii will count as a victory, regardless of other victory conditions.
I'm dropping a couple of Roban's stats - he now has 8" movement and 5 Stamina (rather than 10" and 6 Stamina). Mighty Blow cannot be used if he is using any support. This is in addition to him losing Overdrive and Rapid Recovery earlier... I am considering changing Combat Trained for Combat Discipline, but we'll have to try that later!

Title: Re: More games!
Post by: Geckilian on June 20, 2010, 10:29:27 pm
Interesting changes to Roban, is he remaining at his current points cost for now?

Title: Re: More games!
Post by: Carcharoth on June 21, 2010, 09:15:41 am
Yes, I'm aiming to balance him at that points cost - much higher and he'll never be usable, but I don't want him any cheaper.

The challenge I had set myself was making him effective, but still killable when faced by a reasonable sized force. I've concluded that that doesn't actually need to be the case - he can be an almost unstoppable force of nature rolling through the battle, but the opposing side can do their best to avoid him rather than having to kill him. It is possible to take him down, but it will always be risky! This adds an extra challenge for the Delgon - scenarios will often have victory conditions involving taking out the leaders. As Roban doesn't count as a leader this makes the priests a very vulnerable target. I do need to have a think how Roban + Strider forces will work in those cases - I either need to make some adjustments to the available forces, or just use that sort of force for specific missions with other victory conditions.