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Title: Indestructable Delgon!
Post by: serin on January 28, 2013, 10:29:02 am
Hello all,
sorry for being quiet for a while. Lots of interesting developments looking to be happening this year!

My son Tom and I had our first Twilight game for a while at the weekend. We took some photos, so I hope to post a proper battle report, but as a taster...

It was a Delgon force moving through an area that was ambushed by Devanu. Devanu had to kill the priest and an acolyte. Delgon had to kill the Sempa.

I hope I do not give too much away, when I say that Tom's dice rolling was getting beyond a joke. Every 'tough' roll to save his ordinary soldiers, he seemed to roll a 6! Grishacks were being slaughtered by Delgon troops!

Title: Re: INdestructable Delgon!
Post by: Carcharoth on March 10, 2013, 09:48:09 am
Whatever happened to the battle report?  ;)
Sounds like you had a fun game (or at least Tom did...)!

Title: Re: INdestructable Delgon!
Post by: serin on March 10, 2013, 12:05:00 pm
Sorry! Got distracted with other things. Still have the photos, so I may get round to writing it up. :-*

Title: Re: INdestructable Delgon!
Post by: serin on March 22, 2013, 01:48:33 pm
I might finally get round to the battle report this weekend - but don't hold your breath  ;)

Title: Re: INdestructable Delgon!
Post by: serin on March 30, 2013, 09:13:35 am
Finally got round to starting the report - might have it finished by Christmas!

I am having difficulty uploading the photos, so this may have to be a purely verbal report.

The scenario was that the Delgon had decided that they needed to reinforce an outpost just over the border in Empire territory.
A NuraSen with two KalDreman (bodyguards) was to lead the force.
The force consisted of:
A NuraLehn with KalDreman and six KalJoran;
A NuraKira with five KalGarkii;
One KalMalog (Strider);
Two KalDru.

This force had to reach the outpost. Hence, for the purposes of the game, the objective was to exit the opposite side of the table with as few casualties as possible.
For this scenario, the Delgon will only flee if all priests and acolytes are killed.

Title: Re: INdestructable Delgon!
Post by: serin on March 30, 2013, 09:17:44 am
Unfortunately for the Delgon, they were being watched by a Devanu tribe. They decided they could catch this band unawares and it should be fairly easy prey.
The tribe consisted of:
A Devanu Kopa
A Jenta Spear
A Grishack Kopa and 4 Grishacks
A Kosock

The aims for the tribe were to kill as many Delgon as possible, but specifically to try to kill the priest and at least one acolyte.

The battle will follow...

Title: Re: INdestructable Delgon!
Post by: serin on March 30, 2013, 10:45:20 am
Delgon set up first and had to maintain formation and advance until the Devanu were visible to them. They knew they were going through hostile territory, so could take up a defensive formation immediately. The Delgon commander had the priest and acolytes nicely protected at the rear.

Devanu could set up anywhere on the board in front of the Delgon. there was some cover, so, not surprisingly, they hid there until the Delgon got closer.

As the Delgon approached, the Kosock swept down on the Delgon strider exposed on the flank. Unfortunately for the Devanu, the Kosock could not take advantage of its surprise and the strider made short work of it. Was this a sign of what was to come?

Undaunted, the Grishack stormed in against the main Delgon force, attacking the ordinary soldiers and shock troops. Despite using their Charge and Savage abilities, though, the Delgon were hardly touched. I have never seen so many sixes rolled for saving throws! The sum total was one unfortunate shock trooper as a casualty.

Meanwhile the Delgon Deraks managed to hit the Devanu Kopa, while the Devanu Jenta spear missed her target.

Things could only get better for the Devanu, couldn't they?

Title: Re: INdestructable Delgon!
Post by: serin on March 30, 2013, 10:59:57 am
The Devanu player (me) decided he had to make a desperate dash for the NuraSen. Unfortunately, the Delgon bodyguards did their job well and prevented the Devanu Kopa from even getting close. The Jenta spear was again ineffective and now was attacked by the Delgon strider. I am sure you can guess the result of this combat!

The deraks were still firing on the Devanu Kopa. The main fight continued to evolve. Amazingly, the Delgon sixes continued to roll. This resulted in three dead Grishacks compared to one Delgon Kalgarkii. It was not looking good for the Devanu.

In the next turn, the Delgon finished off the Grishack Kopa without sustaining any further casualties. The Devanu Kopa struggled on bravely, but still could not cause any casualties.

One final turn saw the Delgon shock troopers and bodyguards swarm round the Devanu Kopa. Although the Devanu finally caused some casualties - three shocktroopers - he did not survive.

So, only one Grishack escaped and the Delgon force continued to the outpost, with relatively few casualties.

An enjoyable, if rather one-sided game.

Tom still brags about it now!

Title: Re: Indestructable Delgon!
Post by: Carcharoth on March 31, 2013, 08:39:40 am
Certainly sounds like a good game! Very kind of you to let your son win...

Title: Re: Indestructable Delgon!
Post by: Lost Egg on March 31, 2013, 10:03:56 am
Sounds fun. There is something quite enjoyable about a solid defeat...once you realise your doomed it just a case of sod it pile in lads (ladies)!