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Title: Scenarios by TheGremlin
Post by: TheGremlin on October 08, 2010, 10:55:19 pm

The only twilight game I have played was the demo at salute, and I lost. Therefore, not only am I unqualified to comment on balance, but I'm not too sharp on the rules either. Therefore, in the scenarios below, there are question marks to indicate uncertainty on my behalf, and the points limits and unit selections are again, suggestions.

I'm not too sharp on the background, either. I've read a bit, but again, the details are hazy. In any case, corrections would be appreciated, especially in regards to biology, politics, languages and names. However, I am completely taken in by the World of Twilight, and have found it equally capable of being light as it can be dark. I'd like to thank the creator(s) of this wonderful world.

Finally, I like a bit of fluff to go with my scenarios. However, I want the scenarios to be grounded in the background, and so in many cases of the flavour text and background, I have left a - in place of names and places. The idea is that the members of this forum can contribute their clans and special characters to the scenarios, so the scenarios are interlinked with semi official established background.

Onwards, then!

I have written nine scenarios now, a few of which are reworked versions of existing scenarios, some of which would be unsuitable, but along with the other official and unofficial scenarios, there are probably enough to release a scenario booklet or supplement. The post production on the rules updates looks great, so to me, it seems a project like that could be accomplished with a great end result.

In writing the scenarios, I thought about a few things, and jotted them down under 'Scenario Theory'. The notes, reprinted below, might aid in understanding my frame of mind, thought process and intentions when writing the scenarios. Alternatively, you could skip further down and just read them.

Scenario Theory

Proposed Scenario Template, based on the current official scenarios, for consistency, and my own sake:

-   Exposition
-   (Classifications eg. An escalation sized scenario specific to Devanu and Empire forces, and Themes. See below for more information)
-   Forces
-   Objectives
-   Deployment (or set up)
-   Special Rules
-   (Options/Alternative Forces/modifications)
-   (Flavour Text (fluff) : More than mere exposition. Not necessary. Could be placed at beginning, if short, to be combined with exposition. In specific or special scenarios, the flavour text is the bread and butter, explaining why the scenario is happening. Conversely, in a generic scenario, flavour text gives the scenario character, but the mechanics are independent.)


Perhaps Classification is a bit clinical, but doing so does not stop you using the scenarios however you like, and also allows for random battle generation, and a way of...classifying the scenarios for those who want it. Eg. A campaign between a Devanu player and a Delgon Player could start off with some linked Skirmish levels scenarios, chosen from the special and specific scenarios pertaining to both forces, and also generic scenarios, before moving onto escalation scenarios and then open battles.

Different types of scenario:

-   Special scenarios: involving special characters or unique events, such as ‘Kill it with Fire!’ or ‘A Wandering Engineer’
-   Specific scenarios: scenarios specific to certain races, which can be made special by the addition of campaign characters, but could be generalised to suit other races. Such as ‘Punitive Measures’ or ‘The Hunt’
-   Generic Scenarios: typical scenarios in clashes between the factions in Anyaral, which can be suited to any race and campaign setting. Such as Last Stand or
There is a very fine line between the definitions, and I’m sure that scenarios could blur those lines. Special and Specific Scenarios are also more likely to have set force lists or components which fulfil the narrative.

Different levels of scenario:

They can be classified either in terms of which size they are best suited to, or type of engagement they are.
-   Skirmish – Featuring less than 200 points a side, involving covert operations, accidental engagements
-   Escalation – Around 300 points; intentionally antagonistic military actions or larger scale skirmishes
-   Open Battle – Upwards of 400 points aside, sometimes with over 1500 points on the table, and serious stakes involved.
-   Other – Naturally, not all scenarios will fit neatly into the above categories, or at all for that matter. There’s room for every scenario!


I have noted that some scenarios, be they specific or generic, follow similar objectives. Eg the hunt has objectives that crop up in other scenarios; kill the enemy leader. Therefore the scenario can be said to have an ‘assassination’ ‘theme’. Themes can be listed in scenarios like tags, as a way of indicating information about scenarios.

Further thoughts on scenarios:

- Victory Conditions: in some scenarios, I have used victory points as a simple method of weighting victory conditions. Among the scenarios using victory points, they should be brought in line with eachother, so that conditions can be interchanged with ease, eg. ‘Bitter Rivals’ (kill the enemy leader) could well be imposed upon ‘Last Stand’ (hold up the enemy), creating a nice dynamic with rules that make sense. This gives rise to ideas about modular scenario construction.
- Some scenarios need morale rules; it might be good to do a unified set of morale rules, covering a breaking, perhaps depending on models with command.
- The old Warhammer skirmishes are also a wealth of inspiration.
- Force lists can be tailored to fit the package deals on Hasslefree better.
- Conciseness: Often I feel the objectives and deployment especially need rewording or paraphrasing to something simpler, perhaps using consistent terminology.


So, onto the scenarios themselves! I shall post them below.

Title: Re: Scenarios by TheGremlin
Post by: TheGremlin on October 08, 2010, 10:55:42 pm
As mentioned above, some the of the details will be sketchy, and input would be valued greatly. Some are grim, some are lighthearted, some are both. Some recycle other ideas, and some will push the boundaries of both the Twilight fluff, and the original authorial intent about the world. To that extent, I have interspersed notes throughout.

First, though, a list of scenarios:

Official Scenarios (file location)

The Hunt (Salute demo, Twilight rules Salute update)
Resistance (Twilight rules Salute update)
Unwelcome Travelers (Twilight Rules Unwelcome Travelers)
The Wandering Engineer (Twilight Rules Scenarios, Twilight Rules update)
The Journey Home (Twilight Rules Scenarios, Twilight Rules update)
Cornered (Twilight Rules Scenarios, Twilight Rules update)


Darth Tater's (

Cracking Contraptions (
The Preacher’s Welcome (

Crush the Clutch
Run -, Run / The Great Escape
Kill it with Fire!
Punitive Measures
Now, Where Did He Leave It?
Take and Hold
Last Stand / Rearguard
Bitter Enemies: Grudge Match
Death and Glory

It might be an idea for me to run all the scenarios above through the classifications as a demonstration of how they might be used. In the scenarios below, I haven't used it, but I could well.

Title: Re: Scenarios by TheGremlin
Post by: TheGremlin on October 09, 2010, 12:13:27 am

Crush the Clutch (

Run, - Run / The Great Escape
-WIP Still. An expansion on the original wandering engineer scenario.

Kill it with Fire!

The portents were clear. The high priests’ divinations and calculations had found the time and place. Still, to –, who commanded the honour guard, the air tasted bad. They awaited the coming of a god, and – was uneasy. He hissed impatiently, breath quickly turning to crystals in the night air. However, he was snapped to attention by a shout from a forward most soldier.
There! Unmistakable even in the dark through the snow, was the mighty figure of an Enarii made of flesh. But something was wrong. No composed stride, no stature or gravity. Fear, instead of wonder permeated –‘s heart. Disorientation might be expected in the first moments that a supernatural being experiences on arriving on Anyaral, but this behaviour was different entirely. The silhouette lurched closer, tumbling pines with flailing fists. As the shadow grew and the twisted feature became apparent, the terror that gripped – intensified. His demeanor, that usually matched the climes of the mountains on which the guard stood, cracked as he panicked.
“Kill it,” he screeched, “Kill it!”


-   250 points of any combination of soldiers, striders and derakeers
-   1 priest, 1 acolyte and bodyguards(4?)

Twisted Belog
-   One mutant Belog


-   Kill the mutant Belog. If the Belog escapes the board, the Delgon automatically lose the scenario.
-   Protect the priesthood.

The Belog
-   The Belog has to escape by reaching the board edge opposite to the board edge on which he deployed.


The board is split in two. The Delgon player deploys as he likes in one half. The Belog player deploys in the other, touching the board edge furthest from the halfway line.

Special Rules

Mutant Belog.
Combat: 6
Support: 0
Tough: 4+
Stamina: 4
Size: Large
-   Unstoppable (? See below)
-   Savage (necessary?)
-   Overdrive
-   Combat discipline
-   Strong
-   Very Tough
-   Rapid Recovery

Notes: I’ve mirrored Roban’s stats, but I want to make him more attacky, less defendy, so he can’t just walk through to the other board edge. Perhaps, instead of unstoppable, he is slowed by !” for every model he contacts in his movement, from start to finish, so he has to cut a swath through the Delgon in order to move at all.

Morale: Something to represent the fear in the soldiers’ hearts. The priests and body guards will never flee, but the soldiers might, especially if the priest and acolyte die. Perhaps a morale test at the beginning of every turn after >100 points have been killed, modified by whether the priest and acolyte are still alive

NB. This is probably my favourite scenario idea. I understand it probably suggests too much about the Twilight background, but I think it’s quite fun. I also understand that I probably butchered the whole belog/enarii/god concept because I can’t remember the details. When I say the above, I mean a creature similar to Roban. Please point me in the right direction on terminology.

Punitive Measure

The Delgon command has ordered an audacious attack on the empire for previous offences that have humiliated the northern Fubarnii in the secret war being fought on the border.

Under the cover of night, a Delgon captain escorts a troop of derakeers wielding experimental weapons deep in Empire territory in order to deliver a fearsome strike, before slipping away. Unfortunately for the Delgon, the village is garrisoned better than they had expected, and an order knights passed through only the day before...


Delgon Attackers
- 1 Delgon Captain (Use Empire Rules)
- 3 Derakeers?
- 200 points of soldiers and Striders

Fubarnii Defenders
- 1 Militia Captain
- 125 points of militia and herders?

The Empire player also controls the inhabitants of the town; any civilians, such as engineers, traders, baruks, saddled enuks (stable animals) and jenta.

Also, the empire player controls the reinforcements, who arrive on a 4+, rolled at the beginning of each turn after the bell has been rung?

- Knight Captain
- 3 knights


-   Collateral Damage: The Delgon are merely there to cause as much damage to the town as possible, not to fight a battle. As such, they receive victory points for each building destroyed, or civilian killed. They lose points for sustaining too much damage themselves, or losing the Deraks.


The Empire sets up the village on one half of the board, with at least 3 buildings, with at least 8” between each. He divides his models between each building, secretly noting down locations. Then the Delgon deploy in the opposite half, within 6” on the board edge.

The Empire cannot move from the buildings until a derak has fired, or the bell has been rung? Is there a 30 point guard on the board? How are they alerted?

The knights enter from either side of the board.

Special Rules:

Buildings, and destroying them! One fortified building, which has a defensive derak, which can be operated by the engineer?

Also, rules needed for the above alarm mechanic.

Now, where did he leave it?

Generations after a particularly eccentric engineer had died his greatest contribution to his birth village, a Subterranean Excremental Waste Expunger and Remover (SEWER), began to develop faults. Nobody needed convincing of the necessity of fixing it after the first couple of malfunctions left several houses uninhabitable for weeks. However, the engineer who tried to have a look at it was baffled; each engineer is idiosyncratic, and the current engineer couldn't make head nor tale of it without guidance.

However, there was hope. Hearsay was that the architect had made extensive notes during his life. Unfortunately, he had lived beyond the village limits in a secluded building that had recently been overtaken by a Devanu tribe. The Council were committed, though, conscripting herders who knew the land, and even requisitioning knights to bolster the militia, who were to provide a guard for the engineer in his consequential, nay, momentous search for the schematics.


-   Fubarnii:
1 Engineer
2 herders
150/200 points of militia, knights and captains?

-   Devanu
1 kopa
1 force of 150 points?
1 force of 150 points?


Locate and Withdraw: The Empire player needs to find the documents, and GTFO before the Devanu's attention is drawn. The engineer needs to survive in order to ensure a draw, while the both the engineer and the schematics need to leave the board in order to get any sort of victory. The Devanu need to kill as many of the Fubarnii as possible.


The Fubarnii start touching any board edge (Fubarnii player chooses). In the centre of the board is a tower/building/ruin in which the documents are located. The Devanu do not start on the board. Each turn after the first, at the beginning of the turn, the Devanu player rolls a dice. 1-3, nothing arrives, 4-5, one force arrives, 6, kopa arrives. Place the models on a randomly determined board edge (not the one by which the Fubarnii player entered). They count as activated for that turn.

Special Rules

-   Deployment rules, above.
-   Search: The engineer and the herdsmen can search the building if unengaged during the combat phase. Roll a D6: 1-5 nothing, 6 found it! The model that found it has to leave the board in order for the schematics to be retrieved. Alternatively, the notes can be given to another model, by moving into base contact with them.

Take and Hold

Finally, weeks of skirmishes and sabotage on both sides have given way to open battle as one side committed itself an invasion into the other’s territory. The invasion force is a solid target, and the attackers become the attacked as they are forced to defend their strategic acquisition.


-   Attacker: 1.25 x defender’s force, ie. 500 to 400 (or equal forces?)


One piece of scenery with defensive properties is placed in the centre of the board as an objective; perhaps a tower, a ruin with chokepoints or a bridge! This is the objective. If only one side has models in it, that side counts as occupying it. If both sides have models in it, then they both count as contesting it.

The aim of the game is to (one of the following?) occupy the objective for three turns in a row after the third turn / Be occupying the objective on the 10+d3th turn (roll on turn 10?) / until a 4 or greater is rolled on a die roll at the beginning of each turn starting at turn 7?


The defenders deploy one quarter of their force occupying the objective. Both players then deploy within 6” of opposite board edges. Board should have diameter 3’-4’. Attacker starts? / Roll off? / Defender starts?

Last Stand / Rearguard Action

A sudden assault has the defenders in disarray, and even as the forces try to regroup, the attackers are pressing on to make good of their advantage. A rearguard action is led by a heroic individual to stall the overwhelming enemy forces, giving his kin a chance to draw up their own battle lines.


The defenders have half as many points to spend as the attackers.


A victory point algorithm weighting the victory points that the defender wins, based on points killed. And / Or victory points based number of turns until all the defenders are killed.

Set up:

The defenders could be set up defending a pass, path, bridge, building, ruin or other terrain feature, or simply quarter the board, and set up in diagonally opposite quarters.


-   A single Devanu Kopa holding up an Empire hunting party so that his brood can collect their eggs and escape.
-   A knight captain holding up a surprise Delgon assault so the villagers can escape.
-   The guards of a trader caravan fending off a Devanu hunting pack so the trader can reach the village.

Bitter Enemies: Grudge Match

Countless clashes have seen two commanders/captains/kopas grow uncomfortably familiar with each other, so that they begin to blame the other for the loss of the brood and friends. Finally, on the open field of battle, they meet and fight their way towards each other with hatred in their eyes.


Equal points forces, each led a by a single model, preferably the most expensive, nominated by each player to be the leader. Must have [L] abilities.


-   Kill the enemy Leader. 1 victory point for winning the battle in terms of points (by a margin of 50%?). 1 victory point for killing the enemy leader, and 1 additional point if the leader was killed by the other leader, even with support. (Or similar conditions)


Both players deploy in a mutually agreeable way, so that forces are opposite each other across the board.

Special Rules

Bitter Enemies: Both leaders have the very tough rule while the other is still alive, and the combat discipline / training / savage rule whilst in combat with the other.

Notes on Leaders: Unfortunately, the command structures for each army makes even matches between ‘leaders’ difficult, as the Devanu Kopa (even Jenta in smaller games!) could probably yawn in the priest’s direction in order to kill him. The kopa even overshadows the knight captain, who, again, can steam roll the priest. Therefore, assisting attacks and combined strikes get the additional victory points for killing the opposing leader: the enmity is still there, and compelling the leaders to meet in combat! Any other thoughts on balance would be appreciated.

This scenario could be integrated into many other scenarios, and would be characterful in a series of linked battles or campaign, or the special rule could be written as a rule specific to a pair of characters: ’Bitter enmity: X [T]: The model has the ‘very tough’ while X is on the board, and the combat discipline / training / savage rule whilst in combat with the other. +1/2 victory points for killing Y in combat where applicable.’ And ‘Bitter enmity: Y [C]: The model has the ‘very tough’ while Y is on the board, and the combat discipline / training / savage rule whilst in combat with the other. +1/2 victory points for killing Y in combat where applicable.’

Death and Glory

“For days now, they had been trapped in –, trapped in this village like a [grub] pinned against rock by a [Jub Jub bird (predator)]. Tasting the air, Captain – of the ninth order of – rolled his eyes to heavens. Such an attack by the Delgon had been expected here, which was why – and his band of knights had been posted with the militia. But when the attack had come it had been much larger than expected. And now he was going to die here, in this heatless place, where ice fell from the sky.

The village was literally in the mountains, on the very edge of the mountains. There was nowhere for the trade routes to pass through to, and no wealth trapped in the rocks. As such, the traders came grudgingly, and tried to wring what they could from the wretched villagers. Furthermore, so very few Fubarnii travelled to and from the place, the village would be burnt and razed, their skeleton picked clean by Kosok by the time the misdemeanour of the Delgon was discovered. They were crazy mountain dwelling zealots, and there where scores of them waiting outside for his blood.

The only redeeming factor of the town was its wall. Few towns in the central Empire had them, but these were carved from the grey rock that pierced the sky, so different from the sandy scorched land of –‘s hatching. All that stood between the Empire’s finest and death was that blasted rock.

However, any hope that – could lead the town until relief arrived was for dwindling rapidly. There was enough food for the whole village, there were even – farms and fungi caves to keep them sustained for months. – thought he could even retain his sanity for that long. No, for days now, trapped, like a grub, – had watched the erection of a piece of machinery beyond the single gate.
“Looks like a great, big, Derak,” the engineer, who was more like a tinker, by –‘s standards, mused. “Very interesting design. Do you think I could have a look?”

– would have loved the engineer to have a look, if it meant he could leave, travel south again, where the Devanu threatened his family. But that was looking unlikely, as today; it looked like the engine was nearing completion. Besides an intervention from the gods, who the Delgon claimed to have on their side, it didn’t look like – would be going anywhere soon.

He sighed. Days of inaction had left him frustrated and moody. the powerlessness of his situation clashed horribly with his strong willed nature. He already knew what he had to do; not in order to save this bleak village, but to get his own back at the Delgon; in order to antagonise them.

His remaining knights, standing to attention, he beckoned over. Indicating his lieutenant he spoke, his own voice surprising him.
“You are the kopa now.”
She bowed on reflex, unsure of quite how to react. Pointing at half of the remaining knights, four veterans, he told them to mount up. The militia captain was standing nearby equally confused by –‘s actions.
“On my command, you open the gate. I’ll break their toy, if it’s the last thing I do.”


-   –, knight captain.
-   4 knights (or more?)

-   1 engineer (use Empire stats, without Derak)
-   Several forces of 100 points


-   The Empire knights have sallied forth in order to destroy the siege engine that threatens to breach the defences of the village of –, and are prepared to sell their lives in doing so. However, they also need to kill the engineer, or the Delgon will merely be set back, and a ploy like the one they are attempting is unlikely to work again. If either the engine or the engineer survives, the Empire side has lost. If they kill both they win, if they kill both and -, the captain survives, they win by more. If they kill both and most of the knights survive they also win by more. If they kill both, and most of the knights and the captain survive, The scenario needs to be rebalanced.

Set up

The knights are deployed behind a gate, or off the board. They can move through the gate or onto the board (as if they had been standing with their bases touching the board edge, but off the board, rather than on) as normal, with no penalties.

The cannon is placed roughly 2’ from the gate? And the engineer is placed in base contact. The engineer cannot be moved until the alarm is sounded, or he is attacked. One force of 100 (more?) points of Delgon models are placed at least 12” from the machine, and 12” from the gates (or derak blast range :p)? There should be an alarm placed somewhere else?
-Perhaps the alarm, the engineer and the cannon, and the guards, should be set up in a triangle.

Special Rules

Alarms: A model can move into contact with the alarm to ring it. After that, each turn a patrolling force of 100 points or Delgon arrives on the board (can they move as normal?).

Alternatively, it could be a troop of striders attacking an Empire construction in the same situation reversed, or a Devanu kopa attacking either a Delgon or Empire construction that is poised to blow down a mighty tree in which the nest is roosted!

There could be random turn countdown for the engine actually firing?
Maybe it is town instead of a village :) ?

Note. The text at the beginning of 'Last Stand' is contextual; the text at the beginning of 'Death and Glory' is fluff.

I realise that I might be damaging the chances of each scenario, as being inundated with them, you, the reader, will be unable to appreciate each one. However, I'm sure it doesn't matter too much. Well done for reading so far!

I have more musings, but I can field questions for now.

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Post by: TheGremlin on October 09, 2010, 12:17:22 am
Whilst during the writing up of the scenarios, I was musing on campaigns, so far, I haven't mentioned the bugbear.

Campaigns, to me, appear bugbearish, because there are so many ways of doing them, and producing something that caters for all of methods would be difficult, and damage the end product, but doing otherwise shuts out interesting ways of playing.

Perhaps I should focus on scenarios for now, and think about campaigns later.

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Post by: Jubal on October 10, 2010, 12:52:03 pm
All looking good!

Have you found my old Tale of Mearl scenarios, and if not shall I dig out the link for you?

I have a long-standing plan to write some proper campaign rules for WoT, I've written a tile-based map system for Warhammer which I think could be transferred quite nicely - and made more in-depth, since of course WoT is more a skirmish-level game.

Title: Re: Scenarios by TheGremlin
Post by: Bethar on October 10, 2010, 02:30:44 pm
I am tickled by the "Now, where did he leave it?" scenario.   :D
Imaginative and fun!

Title: Re: Scenarios by TheGremlin
Post by: TheGremlin on October 10, 2010, 02:42:07 pm
Thanks, I wasn't sure whether it was too over the top, and I think the Devanu deployment might need playtesting...

RE: Tales of Mearl, Please do!

Is that the mighty empires set?

I thought of writing a narrative campaigns for two players (maybe an occasional third), detailing clashes between two factions. Such as an Empire / Delgon clash, that starts with 'The Wandering Engineer, or 'The Preacher's Welcome', and takes the players through different routes, ladder style, depending on the wins/losses. It's difficult to deal with the permutations, though.

A few further notes on the scenarios:

-For the mutant Belog in 'Kill it with Fire', one could use models from the Twilight range , such as Roban, or even Arak Kaitan as a suitably ferocious opponent. However, I had in mind Tor Gaming's Orcnar models. There are also GW models that would fit, such as the spawn of chaos or Scylla.

-Questions on the military in Delgon(ia?): I haven't read up too much on this, but obviously, in Delgon culture, the priesthood takes a predominant role in dictating everyday life. I don't know, however, whether this role is a hegemony, or merely on branch of the leadership. Are there councils, and how independent can they or one be from the priesthood? Furthermore, it seems that the Delgon are taking military action because of a theistic policy, and therefore the military are closely tied to priesthood, if only because the priesthood are instigating and supervising the conflicts. However, for some of my scenarios, I thought it better to emphasize a slight separation between the two; though the military are united in purpose with and answer to the priesthood, they are distinct bodies within the Delgon system (ie. the delgon priesthood isn't like a military order). I hope I am right in assuming this?

Therefor, in the case of Punitive measures, I thought it better to give the Delgon a captain, it being a technical operation that would not require guidance beyond the initial orders. Thoughts? Maybe he have slightly different rules, or only [L] abilities, so as not to impinge upon the Empire captain's turf :)

I, for one, though, intend, when those nice looking Delgon soldiers are released, to snap up a couple with an Yrnak, and make a mounted Delgon captain to accompany the striders. I think he would make a pretty cool special character.

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Post by: Carcharoth on October 11, 2010, 01:27:40 pm
Lots of ideas there!

I really like the idea of 'Kill it with Fire!', but as you said, you have butchered the belog/enarii in the process :D. The belog all arrived in Delgon at approximately the same time from across the mountains - the Delgon believe they came down from their home on Enar, but the details of how they arrived would be sketchy at best. Some engineers talk of flying ships, others would talk of them manifesting on Anyaral, but few priests would dare actually ask their gods how they arrived. What is known to the higher priests is that all the belog are kopa, and thus there have been no offspring.
There are rumours of experiments within Delgon that would generally be frowned upon in other parts of the empire - the addition of chemicals to a pre or post inseminated egg-mass can lead to interesting results. The story you have told could apply to the oversight of one such experiment.
I expect that 250pt force would be hard pressed to stop a belog, but it'd be fun to try, and your plans to limit his movement through other models is a good one... A couple of striders would help against unstoppable and could make things interesting.

For 'Punitive Measures' I would have it lead by a priest rather than a captain. The priests are heavily involved with the small scale managing of their armies - they may have well trained soldiers with them, but the commands would always come from the priests and acolytes and very few missions would be carried out without at least an acolyte in tow. That topic could probably do with its own thread for discussion!
This scenario needs some details for the civilians. Good start for an idea though.

Now, Where did he leave it looks good to me. It's an interesting scenario as I could imagine both the Devanu and the Fubarnii achieving their objectives as they aren't mutually exclusive. Some sort of victory points for this one would be good.

Death and Glory looks great. Nice bit of story and a good idea. Something I have wondered about myself but not tried out. I could see Danomar taking the role of willing martyr (and possibly being inconsiderate enough to survive).

The other few are fun as well, but those ones stand out so far.

Good to see your thoughts on a campaign. Having a few more basic scenarios does help with that a lot.
Any chance you might try out one or two of your ideas? :)

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Post by: TheGremlin on October 11, 2010, 06:46:19 pm
Once I buy some more models! What with the current credit deals at hasslefree, now is the time to do it, too.

There are a few topics that could be 'ported out into different discussion threads, I imagine.

I thought 250pts was the cost of Roban. If it is the a genetic experiment gone wrong, the stats could probably be lowered a tad...probably needs playtesting.

Thanks! I'll firm up some details.

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Post by: Jubal on October 11, 2010, 06:59:37 pm
The link to the Tale of Mearl stuff's at the bottom of this post;

My WHFB campaign system was/is scratch-built, it's not like Mighty Empires where you place down tiles, instead you have a squared grid that gets explored (and certain squares can be built in etc). Because there are only 3 WoT factions and the likelihood is that there won't be more than 4 or 5 in the forseeable future, I'll be able to go really in depth with faction-specific rules and use a wide range of different scenarios which will be nice. When I get round to it...

Title: Re: Scenarios by TheGremlin
Post by: Carcharoth on October 12, 2010, 01:43:11 pm
I thought 250pts was the cost of Roban. If it is the a genetic experiment gone wrong, the stats could probably be lowered a tad...probably needs playtesting.

Roban does cost 250pts and that isn't too far off balanced, but even at that cost he is hard to kill! My conclusion to balancing him was that although he will rarely die, it's still a lot of points to tie up in a single model.