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Title: Clan Daugon, the spark of rebellion
Post by: Kryptovidicus on January 29, 2015, 05:47:58 pm
Clan Daugon:
Located in the town of Daugon, bordering the Naralon forest.
The Daugon family members are known for there keen minds, but also for their shrewd nature and calculating attitudes.
Combining their natural talents for trade with the rare spices, herbs and wood from the Naralon forest has made them one of the wealthiest clans of the empire.

Since the war with the Delgon started, things aren't going so well however. The Devanu are rising in numbers and attacking traders and Naralon forest also isn't safe anymore with the savage beasts ambushing the Daugon gatherers and traders at every opportunity.
This has lead to the recruitment of a small army, with their own knights even. Most of them mercenaries from one of the towns bordering the Argonran wastes. Clan Orel is viewed as too loyal to the empire though, so mercenaries are often from smaller clans or outcasts.
If the emperor won't protect them, they'll do it themselves.

Minau, the ruling kopa of the clan, sees the current emperor as a weak-minded simple fool, surrounded by idiots who know nothing about trade.
The war with the Delgon is the best example of the many mistakes the current emperor makes. They could have been trading partners!
Minau also isn't so sure the Enarii the Delgon revere aren't real Gods. He has seen firsthand how one of them dispatched a Devanu kopa, rescuing them from a terrible fate.
While the Clan still supports the emperor in public, they plan a coup behind the scenes. Uniting many disgruntled nobles and other followers for their cause.

Daugon itself is a fortress-like stronghold, rivaling some of the palaces in Gar Loren. There are many stables for the packbeasts and warehouses to stack all the tradegoods. Surrounding the central square are a number of artisans and the houses of the most important traders.
Like with most Fubarnii towns, there is an extensive underground network.
Just outside the town lay the emperor's stables, where the enuk nobilis are housed.
The current noble in charge of the herd, nicknamed the herder queen, is in fact one of the fubarnii driving the rebellion and Minau's sempa.

Title: Re: Clan Daugon, the spark of rebellion
Post by: Carcharoth on January 30, 2015, 02:42:58 pm
Good stuff!
As always, I'll see how your ideas can be woven into the world. It certainly fits with the general political infighting that you find within the halls of the Emperor's palace  :)

Title: Re: Clan Daugon, the spark of rebellion
Post by: Kryptovidicus on January 30, 2015, 10:36:15 pm
I hope clan Daugon may find a place in Anyaral.
My Empire clan will be based on my ideas anyway :).
I still have 4 enuk nobilis to covert, to represent the Emperor's herd ;).