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Title: Twilight Painting Guide
Post by: Carcharoth on May 03, 2015, 10:49:17 am
Twilight Painting Guide
A long time ago I wrote a rough guide for painting, but it got lost when we moved forums. This is just a quick starter and could really do with some images, but hopefully it's a starter! Feel free to add comments or suggestions so I can improve it  :)

Central Empire
This is the melting pot of the Fubarnii Empire, with immigrants from all the different clans brought together in the areas surrounding the huge city of Gar Loren. The local Fubarnii have a pale sandy coloured skin with gentle darker mottling over the snout and hooves, although they vary a bit in tone, with some having slightly darker skin. The militia will tend to wear reasonably neat and uniform armour in the colours of their clan. The slingers and light cavalry wear varied clothing. Some clans like them to coordinate with their militia, while others are happy for them to remain quite distinct.
Knights are drawn from across the empire, with a deliberate mixing of different clans within units and regiments. This leads to a lot of variation in skin tones, although the armour is usually neatly polished and maintained. Those knights who have been stationed in more remote parts of Casan have a reputation for letting themselves go and not maintaining their armour to the standards that would be expected within the Empire!
The Fubarnii of Orel have a slightly darker skin tone than those of the central empire, but nothing too extreme. Their armour varies between the Orel houses, with sandy colours of bright blues being favoured by some of the more powerful houses.
The formidable Engu have dark brown, tough skin. Their clothes are well made and decorated in ornate brightly coloured patterns. Their weapons are carved from hardened resin which is relatively light but holds a sharp edge.  The Engu will often wear distinctive bodypaint.
The Great Lakes (Traders, Samine)
The Fubarnii of the regions around Larigal and Moerasi are shorter than their northern cousins. Their skin sometimes tends towards a greenish tinge, or fine mottling. The wealthy trading families dress their militias in bright colours and provide high quality equipment.
Teral (Danakan, Danomar, Tanaris)
The Fubarnii of Teral are relatively tall, with obvious ancestral links to the Casanii. They have very distinctive mottling over their snouts and hooves.

The Delgon
The Delgon share their genetic ancestry with the Dhogu, being generally shorter and having very pale, grey skin, with very dark hooves. Their armour is almost always black. Their clothing is mass produced and doesn’t tend to be brightly died. The priests wear black robes, but some of the orders have distinctly coloured hoods to show their ranks or symbols sewn into the robes. The staves are made of resin and are often bone-coloured, with brightly coloured bands or symbols. The Delgon do not generally believe in wearing ostentatious bright colours as they are servants to the Enarii.

The Dhogu
The Dhogu are even shorter and stockier than the Delgon, with the same grey skin. They dress in coarse but well-made clothing and furs that are generally well-worn/faded natural colours.

The Devanu vary in colour across Anyaral. Around the Argoran Wastes they tend to be sandy coloured, often with crude tribal bodypaint or tattoos. Sometimes they mimic the camouflage seen on other beasts, giving themselves spots or stripes. Within the forest outskirts some Devanu tribes have been known to apply dappled green bodypaint, although others paint themselves in more striking colours to further terrify their enemies.
The Ghost Claws who live in the shadows of the Naralon Forests daub themselves with white pigments.

The kedashi vary hugely in colours across the forests of Anyaral, depending largely on the breeding programs and preferences of the queens. Some have favoured brightly coloured young, selecting kaopi with bright markings so the young frenu are brightly coloured flashes of colour flitting through the branches of the forests. Other queens have maintained the purer bloodstreams, which tend to drabber coloured youngsters, although the older kaopi still exhibit bright crests and markings on their wings.

Title: Re: Twilight Painting Guide
Post by: Kryptovidicus on May 03, 2015, 03:00:21 pm
This is very useful! Thanks a lot for posting this.
It will certainly serve as a starting point when I get to my Trader clan.
Glad to hear at least my Delgon are in the right colours ;).

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Post by: Letchaï on May 04, 2015, 05:04:16 pm
Ah ! Great, thanks, Mike.
Glad to see i'm on the right way too :)

Title: Re: Twilight Painting Guide
Post by: Lost Egg on May 04, 2015, 08:14:35 pm
Any idea what colour body paint for the Engu...perhaps blue...though I may be biased ;)

For their togs I kinda had American Indian styles in mind.

Title: Re: Twilight Painting Guide
Post by: Carcharoth on May 04, 2015, 10:26:16 pm
Any idea what colour body paint for the Engu...perhaps blue...though I may be biased ;)

For their togs I kinda had American Indian styles in mind.

You may be biased, but you also have a bit of influence (they are your babies after all)! Blue body paint sounds good to me. This far the painted models have had fairly restrained body paint, but open to somebody trying something more extreme!