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Title: Twilight Day 2015 - Debrief!
Post by: Carcharoth on September 01, 2015, 04:32:25 pm
On Sunday we had the second ever Twilight Day! This year I had actually delivered all the kickstarter parcels, so nearly everybody brought and played with their own forces. Many of the forces were beautifully painted, so I had the great pleasure of watching all these painted forces battling it out over lovely scenery! :)

On the day we had a draw for everybody who had brought painted force, which was won by Hal. I also gave a prize to Dave Smith for the most original paintscheme for his white Devanu. Finally, Pippa was there to claim her prize for the public vote in the Landscapes of Anyaral scenery contest which finished during the day.
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I realised afterwards that I really should have done a best-painted force prize. It’s a little belated, but should certainly have gone to Ben for his magnificently painted Devanu!

The Campaign!
During the day we had a bunch of novice players who tried out various different little games, culminating in a big bug hunt. The experienced players joined in a big campaign along the northern edge of the Naralon forests…

The small villages on the edge of the forest had been lucky enough to avoid the worst of the Delgon incursions, but it was only time before the black clad priests started appearing in greater numbers. Rumours of Devanu gathering in numbers have also reached the villages and attacks on traders and farmers had been getting more frequent. Finally, word had arrived from the Emperor that a close friend of his ‘Gil Masharl’ had taken it upon himself to venture into the Naralon forests to study the Frenu and nothing had been heard of him for several months.

The towns elders sent their forces out to deal with the various issues, defending caravans and trying to intercept the Delgon priests that had been seen travelling through their lands. A couple of forces also braved the depths of the forests in search of the errant travelling biologist.

The two bands of Gil hunters were both pursued by the Delgon, who fell upon their targets as they reached old camps of Gil’s that were haunted by the numerous frenu. One band was unfortunate enough to also have a pack of ghost claw devanu hunting them and a rather large Kelahn…

During the day the Delgon and the Empire forces managed to track down Gil, who had built himself a rather impressive treehouse (with a little help from the locals). One of the Delgon KalMalog managed to leap into the treehouse and convince Gil to go with him before the Empire could convince him otherwise!

Meanwhile the Delgon emissaries had managed to evade both the Empire and the Devanu and get messages to the local villages of Galinea and Aretay. Using these contacts the Delgon gained passage to move in their belderak. The Empire heard of their arrival, but in spite of mustering their troops they were unable to repel the Delgon attackers! During the battle, the mighty Dehran was seriously injured and had to be transported back to the Delgon lands to recover. This injury tarnished an otherwise well executed incursion, but it seems likely that Delgon have gained themselves a strong foothold. It's not clear what happened to Gil after the battle, but it seems that he wandered back into the forests...

Meanwhile, the Devanu were also having a bad day. They failed to attack a caravan, or to survive long enough feast upon the carnage of the other battles (although they did capture a Kelahn, which I completely forget they should have had for the last game!). They then had their nest destroyed by an Empire attack...
However, a brave hunter managed to escape with some of their eggs and meet up with the rest of his pack. While heading off to find new hunting grounds they spotted a large incoming trade caravan and managed to kill the beasts and gather supplies for the difficult times ahead!

I think it is safe to say that the Delgon players were the most successful during the day and if it hadn't been for Paul getting Dehran killed it would have been an almost perfect result for them  :)

Here are a few photos from the day - you can find more here (

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Title: Re: Twilight Day 2015 - Debrief!
Post by: TuffSkull on September 01, 2015, 05:47:00 pm
Great summary of a great day. I had a feeling I'd get special mention for the delgon's (/dhogu's) one great failure. And fair cop at that - I did, apparently, "squander" a god!  :-[  :-[  :P

Title: Re: Twilight Day 2015 - Debrief!
Post by: Kryptovidicus on September 01, 2015, 09:48:26 pm
Looks like all of you had a lot of fun!
Thank you for the report and photos, it eases the a bit for those who where unable to attend.

Title: Re: Twilight Day 2015 - Debrief!
Post by: Crucium Giger on September 02, 2015, 10:22:04 pm
Looks like there were some great miniatures on show and some great games had.

Title: Re: Twilight Day 2015 - Debrief!
Post by: Kryptovidicus on March 03, 2016, 09:39:56 pm
Wow, a great report of the day.
The tables look amazing.