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Title: Oaths and Honor in the Empire
Post by: ElectricPaladin on September 21, 2015, 06:06:08 pm
One of the bits of lore that really stuck with me is the Knights of the Empire and their oaths to never shed Fubarnii blood, and how some of them starting with Danomar broke their oaths in order to protect the Empire against the Delgon. The Knights as an organization, dedicated only to their eternal war against the Devanu, are very interesting, and I've always had a thing for oaths and honor.

What I was wondering is... what is honor in the culture of the Empire? What sorts of consequences do the Knights who followed Danomar believe that they are going to suffer?

Is it just that their reputations are shot? Because I get the feeling that inside the Empire at least, nobody is going to blame them for what they've done (at least, not anyone except for hardliners).

Is it simply a matter of integrity? Do they believe that because they have broken their oaths they are somehow no longer truly Knights, and this is going to have negative effects on them, personally and psychologically, so that even if "the people" forgive them, they will have to find a way to forgive themselves?

Do they have a mythology? Are their oaths sacred, and do they believe that they will suffer supernatural retribution, now or in some kind of hereafter?

What are your thoughts, oh enlightened ones?