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Title: Casanii and Frenu playtest
Post by: The Slann on April 24, 2016, 12:46:29 pm
I finally got to play again! We had three games yesterday, first one was a nice little classic Empire vs Devanu testgame, the young chap was pretty excited I think, he was just unlucky with his dice :/

Second one was Grishak vs. my Casanii, which I won with a quite interesting move, grabbing my Captain with an Erilaii out of the combat with his last Grishak Jenta and then killing him with the spear of the Captain. okay, and I also one because he lost three guys charging my Erilaii earlier.

Third one was my Fenu vs a large Empire knight force, really hard to play, as the knights cancel out the mobility of the frenu a lot, and my Trebarnii never even saw combat. he made the fatal mistake of choosing his lonly commander as main combatant vs my last large swarm, and he got horribly eaten :) I talked about that game yesterday with mike already, the baruk with it's bombs were really missing in my force, but the ability to gain stamina by sacrifice helped a lot!

Altogether, I need more games to really sort them out. I also need more swarms ;)