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Title: More about the Casanii
Post by: M4ttyMatt on December 02, 2016, 12:10:53 am
Just bought my Casanii Hunting party today, which I'm waiting excitedly to arrive...  ;D

while it is on it's way, i was wondering whether there is a page someone can direct me to in the forum or somewhere that has some information about the Casanii, more from a lore perspective -
what sort of culture do they have?
I know they are almost nomadic, but where do they sleep? do they have tents like the Native Americans had?
What colour skin do they have? is it a darker, richer brown than the northern Fubarnii?
i read somewhere they are technologically behind than the northern Fubarnii, but can they work metal? I noticed that their breastplates look like they are a metal, or is it more of a boiled leather technique?

Sorry for the huge swathe of questions, but i love to know all these things... if i have any more Questions, can i add them to this topic?

Title: Re: More about the Casanii
Post by: Carcharoth on December 02, 2016, 11:06:08 am
Order received - it'll be getting packed up over the weekend  :)

I always like being asked questions - it helps me to get ideas actually written up that otherwise tend to stay in my head...

The Casanii territories are a vast swathe of land and there are a lot of different tribes, some very nomadic (following the great herds that migrate across their lands) and others that live in more static villages. There are fishing communities (sea and river) and some towns built around the locations of periodic gatherings where the nomadic communities gather to swap stories and goods (and often there are marriages as young sempa are tempted away by kopa from other exotic tribes).

The nomadic tribes carry tents strapped to their beasts. (Native Americans or African tribes are good for inspiration)

I think of the casanii as having darker skin. (I wasn't going to go that route initially, but it makes sense in the warmer climates) As with other races of fubarnii they do vary in their appearance more than humans do, so there is room to be imaginative.

Most casanii are well behind the fubarnii in terms of many forms of manufacturing (although there are many artisans whose wares are valued throughout anyaral). However, there are strong trade routes between the Casanii and the rest of the Empire (Loranti is a good example) so they have access to metal weapons. They can do some metalwork, but they don't have the machines and the infrastructure of the Empire's engineers.

I think of their armour plates and shields as being crafted from fibrous materials (grass, furs etc) coated in a hard resin that they extract from various species of garkrid. This makes it tough and light (and is a similar technique to that used by the Empire and Delgon for their armour). The armour is usually painted in bright, vibrant colours. There are tribes who have alternative approaches to manufacturing armour, such as boiled leather, but I would not expect to see large amounts of metal as it is too expensive and heavy for the Casanii.

Weapons vary even more. Some are made from special resins, while some are carved obsidian or bones. Some prosperous tribes have traded with the empire for metal weaponry (and others have taken weaponry in a less harmonious fashion), so metal spear heads would not be out of place.

I hope that helps a bit!

As with Empire tribes, you are welcome to create your own tribes and histories! If I like them I will of course borrow (steal) the ideas and weave them into the background so they add to the richness of the world. If I don't like them, then I'll just think of them as myths or legends that the fubarnii or casanii themselves tell but that aren't directly part of the world. Certainly feel free to ask questions though - I'll always try to answer and there are others on the forums with great imaginations who may chip in as well :)

Title: Re: More about the Casanii
Post by: M4ttyMatt on December 02, 2016, 05:25:42 pm
Excellent! thanks for those answers, give me some things to think about!

Well, if you dont mind questions then get ready, got a load of questions coming!  ::)

Religion/belief system? is it a similar belief system to the other funbarnii? the Enarii (i think that's what is was)?

Language? do they speak the same as the Fubarnii in the north? Is there an accent or dialect, or it completely different?

Is the shaman a leader, or is the shaman a spiritual leader, like Wise men in nomadic tribes of old?

writing? do they have a structured writing system? or is it more of a spoken tradition?

sorry for such random questions, am trying to get a really good feel for them.

Title: Re: More about the Casanii
Post by: Erik on December 02, 2016, 06:53:18 pm
Tech-wise, I'm thinking Tuareg, who can make stuff from metal but don't have any industry.

Weather-wise, more savana with forests nearby. 

I like the leaves or grass plus resin idea for armor.  I envision layers of crosshatched long grasses, like making a mat,  on the insides, with a big banana leaf on the outsides that may get patched as it is damaged.  Light, strong, conceptually similar to samurai armor, which was layers of stuff with resin/lacquer bonding it.  Come to think of it, that's how fiberglass works, too.  Strong stuff.

Casanii are the fast runners of Anyaral, right?  Good convoy escorts and also raiders, I'm thinking.  Burst forth from cover in a forest, out into the plains, make their hit, and fade back into the treeline.  Reminds me of that ambush scene in Last of the Mohicans.

Title: Re: More about the Casanii
Post by: Carcharoth on December 02, 2016, 09:54:33 pm
Belief system - they believe in peloan spirits (there's more in the traveller). The shaman are the 'engineers' of the Casanii tribes - eccentrics that are a bit crazy but useful.
Language - plenty of different dialects, some very extreme. They do have some different underlying root languages that have had their influence on the main empire language but that are still maintained in areas.
More of a spoken tradition rather than a written one. They do carve symbols into rocks that serve as attract the peloan to provide spiritual protection, but also carry meaning for other tribes that pass the way.