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Title: The Strath'Bakahn (new Casanii tribe idea)
Post by: M4ttyMatt on April 03, 2017, 09:50:41 pm
Hey all, I've had an idea for a new Casanii tribe.  Dont know whether these ideas are any good, but i'm going to use them for my own play xD
The Strath'Bakahn

Along the borders of the Casanii territories and the empire lands there is a tribe called the Strath'bakahn.  This tribe are welcoming to critters and animals, and have them as pets, or part of the tribe.  Everyone has their own critter and their pet follows them everywhere, even (depending on the strength and size) into battle.  They are led by the fearsome Sil'bar Strath, who strides to battle accompanied by his pet, Scar the Kelahn!

Sil'Bar Strath
as a young Casanii, sent off to the feral tribe, Sil'bar saw the others from Strath'bakahn choosing their pets from the critters are animals wandering around the land, but none of them bonded with him, or made an impression.  one day he went out to hunt for some food, he heard an animal cry he didn't recognise.  Running over the nearby hill, he found a Grishak standing over the runtiest Kelahn he had ever heard of.  Sil fought off the Grishak, and reared the kelahn back to health and it go healthy and strong.  But Sil couldn't keep the kelahn against his will, so once he could go off on his own, he set the kelahn free to leave, and hunt and fight and lead his own life. 

A year or so later, Sil was hunting his final kill to prove he could return to the tribe.  He stalked an Onsegar for half a day, and at the last minute, the Onsegar turned round, spotted him and knocked him to the floor.  HE thought that this was it, that his number was up, but out of nowhere a flash of colour came from behind and knocked the Onsegar to the floor.  It was his kelahn! they stood shoulder to shoulder, and took down the Onsegar.  Sil removed the pelt an now wears it as a cloak.  The kelahn had lost an eye and so Sil nicknamed him Scar.

The kelahn became his fighting partner and his companion.  He was welcomed back to the Strath'bakahn tribe with open arms, as not only had he taken down the most intimidating foe, but also tamed one too!

The Rules

I know the Kelahn is the toughest animal in the rules, so there needs to be a way to give it some negatives.  I was thinking something like giving it a rule the when Sil'bar dies, Scar goes on a rampage and treats all models as enemies, and has to get into combat with whoever is in 3". Also, give him a rule which is that at the start of every turn you roll a d6 and on a 1 Scar refuses to move.  Also, Sil and Scar have to stay within 6" of each other, as fighting companions wouldn't stray to far from each other.

Sorry for the wall of text, and i hope these ideas are okay.  If they need changing somewhat, i'll alter it.  Any feedback would be great!

Title: Re: The Strath'Bakahn (new Casanii tribe idea)
Post by: The Slann on April 04, 2017, 09:43:00 pm
Nice story :)

Mike and I already discussed a similar rules problem for the new Yartain, I hope we get to see the official rules at salute, so that might solve your problem. Especially in friendly games, I don't see a reason why not. Maybe with a bit of adjustment.

Now you need to model that young casanii with the Onsegar pelt ;)

Title: Re: The Strath'Bakahn (new Casanii tribe idea)
Post by: Carcharoth on April 04, 2017, 10:24:32 pm
Good stuff! Nicely fleshed out bit of background and lots of character.
The Kelahn already treats all other models as an enemy regardless of whether they are friend or foe! Perhaps while sil'bar is alive it loses the Wild Animal trait? Sil'bar might need to be quite expensive to balance that though!

Title: Re: The Strath'Bakahn (new Casanii tribe idea)
Post by: M4ttyMatt on April 05, 2017, 05:11:06 pm
Slann: I've never done any sculpting before, so now could be a good time to learn.  The rules are going to be tricky, so i'm thinking of maybe making his stats a bit weaker or get rid of some of his other rules.

Mike: yeah, my idea was that whilst Sil'bar is still alive he doesn't have the wild animal trait, but as soon as he dies, the rule re-activates.  I know his points are going to have to be really high to balance him. I dont want to make him Overpowered, but fill out the fluff for the tribe and make a hero to go with the tribe, with a bit of flavour xD

Title: Re: The Strath'Bakahn (new Casanii tribe idea)
Post by: Kryptovidicus on April 13, 2017, 09:16:04 am
The background story is really good.

Sculpting fur isn't that difficult, just add a small amount of Green Stuff and start streaking it with a knife.