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Title: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Kryptovidicus on April 17, 2017, 08:56:10 pm
When re-reading the rulebook for the bug Hunt game hosted at Salute, one little sentence drew my attention.
So far we know little about the world outside Anyaral, except for the fact the enarii came from across the Setir mountains.
Recently I went a bit off topic on the pre-marriage topic when discussing the nature of the enarii.
Now the following sentence could be simply a boast or part of a grand-standing speech, but it could also be part of devanu lore.
Under the Devanu Tribes, there is a speech given by Arak-Katain, saying: "We are the strongest and most powerful creatures on Bakahn. All should fear us. We once rules over the weak fubarnii. We could once roam where we wanted ...."
I find it surprising he even knows the world is larger than just the wasteland he lives in, as he has yet to even cross it's borders.
Given the fact the devanu were hunted for generations and their kopa were killed, it is amazing such lore even managed to survive.
Even if the devanu put everything on script, it still means they manage to learn every hatchling to read and write.
Not an easy feat with them being constantly hunted.

Now, the delgon were once safe because the devanu couldn't stand the harsh cold in the mountains.
So this speech doesn't make much sense as they hate to cross water too.
But if it's true, did the devanu grow smaller, weaker or die they never encounter the race which calls themselves Enarii these days before. It could also mean they used lots of fubarnii as meatshields before going in themselves.

Are the current races we know limited to just the continent of Anyaral or more widespread. And if they're all over the globe, did the grand revolution which overthrew the devanu happen everywhere?  
How do the fubarnii know there is something more out there? Did the Engu perhaps visit distant chores (like the vikings of old) it can they see other land at the coast and if the sky is clear, at the edge of the horizon.

One other clue which I find intriguing is the hatred Roban has for the devanu. Are the current Enarii really Gods, just inspired by the Delgon stories or does this hatred come from something they experienced before their arrival in the Delgon lands.

For me it also raises the question, when does one become one of the Enarii. Is it a bit like in Norse mythology, where there are Gods who are gathering warriors for a last battle?
How do the fubarnii vision Enar, like a Paradise or something only the worthy may go to (which is denied them at least when they drown).

I know I mix a lot of things up and perhaps a lot of this has been answered already, but I've gotten a bit curious by the sentence above.

Title: Re: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Kryptovidicus on April 18, 2017, 04:40:13 am
Also, it is very likely that some Dhogu or Delgon have ventured beyond the mountains. Perhaps a small expedition of Delgon met the Enarii there and pointed them in the right direction.
But if they did, there doesn't seem to be a record about it (or it's kept secret, but why?).
Or, did they never come back ...?

Title: Re: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Carcharoth on April 19, 2017, 08:13:41 am
You've been paying attention  :)
Feel free to keep speculating!

Title: Re: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Kryptovidicus on April 19, 2017, 06:54:29 pm
You've been paying attention  :)
Feel free to keep speculating!
Today I found a small description about flying fubarnii knights. This opens a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to exploring areas still unknown.
And if there are flying animals the fubarnii can ride on, why not the devanu (who are still very good at handling beasts)?
A balloon depends a lot upon the wind and is quite dangerous this way, but winged animals which you can steer, ...
Suddenly I really start to like the thought of aerial combat :).

Title: Re: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Carcharoth on May 10, 2017, 07:49:08 pm
I really should have responded to more of your questions!
One thing to note is that Devanu live much longer than fubarnii (as long as they don't die a violent death first...). Fubarnii only live 20 to 25 years, so the empire hasn't been around that long - it's just grown very rapidly!
The devanu pass their history down orally and the legends of their forefathers are still maintained and retold. Occasionally some devanu take them to heart, but the Knights are usually good at stamping that out very quickly!

Title: Re: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Lost Egg on May 10, 2017, 08:53:08 pm
Irish christian hermits used to pack a small one man boat and sail off to wherever their god took them, perhaps some Fubarnii engineers did the same with airships.

I'd struggle with the Devanu having the same complex social structure that the Fubarnii have, I imagine their empire would have been far less cohesive due to their natural predatory instincts so they are, to my mind, far less likely to have gone searching for something new...unless if it was more a case of outcasts being driven into new lands.

Perhaps the Devanu gods passed their knowledge onto them about the larger Bakahn. Maybe they paint their myths on rocks like the aborigines of Australia. I kinda like the idea of some Devanu sneaking into the remains of a tower or some hidden cave to pass on the knowledge. Assuming that Arak isn't just boasting then maybe he is more of a prince, thus has greater access to ancient knowledge, than a just a simple brawler...well at least for Devanu.

What are the ultimate aims of the Enari? If they are gods then I supose its to lift up the fubarnii and unite them (for whatever reason) but if they're not gods then what? I suppose that as mortals then presumably they need to breed for what species would ultimately put other before their own. Are they trying to form a beachhead before more Enari arrive from over the mountains? Maybe they are searching for something lost in Anyaral?

I might have a bash at speculating...

Maybe the Enari once lived in the Delgon lands when the climate was more ameanable. They fought a great war with the Devanu and were driven into the mountains. Then as the world grew colder so to did the Enari. Escaped Fubarnii fled north to live a chilly but Devanu-free life in the north. Then the great rebellion came and whatnot. Now, with the devanu gone the Enari have returned south but used the native myths to elevate themselves...and seek vengeance on the Devanu.

I like the idea of other races on other continents but given the level of tech we've seen so far and the general lack of interest in the high seas I don't think there has been much of an exchange so far...apart from hermit-engineers and the floating islands maybe...perhaps the Enari were left behind while their fellows floated off.

Title: Re: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Carcharoth on May 11, 2017, 06:45:21 pm
More answers to a random selection of questions...
Enar is one of the two moons. There are lights on the surface that the fubarnii believe to be cities.
The Enarii (gods) are ancient fubarnii who earned their place on enar. They believe that by burning their dead some part of them may get carried to enar where (if they are deemed worthy) the enarii will recreate them and they can live there.
Plenty of engineers (and other fubarnii) think this is nonsense, and within most of the empire this is an acceptable belief. Priests are held in a similar regard to engineers - respected, but often left to their own devices. Both engineers and priests study the lights on the moon, but there is no consensus whether they are natural or divine.
Some fubarnii paint symbols on their proves so the gods might read them - it's only fair to assume that they have divine telescopes with which to view such writings. The fubarnii don't really expect the enarii to do anything, but it's always good to let the gods know you are thinking about them, just in case that makes a difference.

Title: Re: The world of Bakahn
Post by: Lost Egg on May 13, 2017, 09:51:27 am
 If I was a Fubarnii I suspect I'd paint some comical message on my roof... ::)