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Title: Twilight Day 2018 - Registration now open!
Post by: Carcharoth on June 12, 2018, 10:48:46 am
This year the Twilight Day will take place on Sunday 29th July and will once again be hosted in the Park Barn Centre in Guildford, UK. Tickets are £15 
In previous years this has been a great fun, well attended event with plenty of players turning up from across the UK (or even further afield!) for a day of themed games and scenarios.

I will be there organising everything, with a mix of introductory games and a campaign for the experienced players. It is also an ideal opportunity to talk to me in person if you have any questions about Anyaral.

We are intending to launch a kickstarter for the Kedashi in the next few months, so this year the campaign will focus on the Kedashi swarms of the Naralon forests. You can of course try any force you like, but I'm hoping to see plenty of games testing out the new units for the Kedashi that were released at Salute!

There will be a prize for the best painted force, plus a drize draw for everybody who brings a painted force along. If you don’t have any models, or want to try something new then there will be plenty of painted forces available for you to try out!

There will also be goodie bags for everybody who attends - I like to keep the contents of these a surprise, but there should be some brand new releases in there!  Plus, if you register before 1st July there will be a bonus model in your goodie bag!