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Title: Color schemes for knights and militia?
Post by: GregX999 on May 02, 2011, 01:54:19 pm
Ok, a few questions about knight and militia organization so I can plan my color schemes (and I haven't even got any figures yet!)

1. Knights are "Empire troops", so I assume they'll all be the same color (so far, red armor looks like the official color). I understand there are potentially "Knightly Orders" which may have different armor and/or color schemes, yes? Are these going to be different sculpts? I think I read that the knights are all "mixed" - so that there are no units from any one city/clan, correct?

2. Are there going to be knights on foot?

3. So are militia ALL raised by the provinces/clans/cities? If so, I imagine them all having different colors schemes, and even potentially different armor styles. Are there any Imperial foot troops that are like militia (stats-wise), or perhaps different, but still not as good as knights?

4. Is any of the armor made of metal? Or is it all animal hide? Or something else?

5. Are any standard bearers on the way? (Not huge battle standards, but at least imperial/unit/city/clan pennants/flags?)

Title: Re: Color schemes for knights and militia?
Post by: Carcharoth on May 02, 2011, 02:30:04 pm
1. That all sounds right. There are only the two knightly orders sculpted so far, although the new shields would allow variants within the standard knights.
2. Somewhen...
3. Pretty much. I imagine lots of variants. I'd love to do some really pretentious soldiers at some point, but not had chance yet. I expect the emperor (or at least Gar Loren) has his own 'militia' that would be at least as good as the knights. I probably misuse the word militia horrendously, but in Twilight it pretty much covers all the standard militaries that are run by the clans, with some part time members, but also some full time soldiers. There are mercenaries as well who will travel and sell their services, but again not something I've investigated yet.
4. There is some metal, but they work with a lot of lightweight fibrous resins for the bulkier armour plates.
5. No plans for standard bearers yet, but that would be fun. I suppose that might be something that could be done as a conversion arm for the cavalry.

Title: Re: Color schemes for knights and militia?
Post by: Lost Egg on May 06, 2011, 06:05:52 pm
Came up with a few ideas while at work today and wondered if anyone knows the answers to the following...

Are knightly orders restricted to a clan territory or more to a geographical area?

Are there inner circles of knights for each order?