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Title: Enipel
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Clan name: Enipel
Clan leader:Tor Aran. The great Lanak- An absent minded bohemian, Lanak has built his clan on the principles of individual science and the discovery of all things. He was become a wealthy Fubarnii through trade and export of various medicines and contraptions over the years and he is often seen in his palace’s great library with an expertly crafted opium pipe by his side.  

Capital city- not sure...
This area is situated around, underneath and across a colossal tree that provides shelter and water for the cities inhabitants. The tree itself is ancient with deep roots that extend far beyond what Fubarnii engineers have managed to dig. During the excavations under the tree it was found that its roots are home to a variety of fungi and medicinal herbs that are harvested for medicines and other unscrupulous ‘consumptions’ and re-distributed across Anyaral.
Transport around the city would be difficult if not for the engineers who built an overly complex system of pulleys and lifts that would allow Fubarnii to ascend the heights or depth of the tree, while on the ground clockwork tramps escort traders and the elite through the gateways into the palace.

Info and culture.

The Enipel take pride in the Fubarnii’s ability to overcome any obstacle, whether it is in the battlefield or in the cities, and because of this ethos the cities of the Enipel are home to many unique inventions all designed to help the inhabitants with their daily lives. (whether it actually helps the people is another matter entirely!). This has led to several inventions being incorporated into Enipel culture from clockwork tram systems to large artificial lakes that are occupied by the smaller villages and towns of the Enipel people.
The inhabitants of the clan all worship/praise Engineer Gehran as the remover of obstacles and there are several shrines throughout its territory where offerings are placed and young engineers come for inspiration during lunar rituals.
Back at the capital city, atop the great tree rests an academic centre where the Fubarnii conduct all manner of scientific experiments and as such it is not an uncommon sight to see mad Fubarnii leap from the great branches in their abstract flying machines.
Conveniently the academic centre of herbalists is located at the bottom of the great tree often ready to see the effects of their concoctions on the injured Fubarnii that has just crashed from the skies. The institute holds many secrets about what they do but it is alleged by empire officials that they are responsible for the increasing amount of narcotics found throughout the smaller cities surrounding Enipolis.
The buildings of the Enipel are simple mud-brick and timber and the capital sprawls across the roots and around the trunk. The entrance is well built and defended as Trade is am important factor in keeping this city well funded and often heavily laden caravans will depart from the city and rich traders will return, though all are to pay a tithe to the Lanak.

Surrounding towns/villages

The small villages and towns situated around the capital are dominated by huge artificial lakes, which supply fish, salt and building materials to the capital. The waters are a deep and rich blue and on bright and windy days engineers will travel down from the capital and try out new boats and aqua contraptions, from wind sails to steam the Fubarnii of the Enipel rule nothing out.


The culture is heavily based around the idea that a single Fubarnii can change the fate of millions such as Gehran did. And since its founding has always aspired to the ideals of the original freedom fighters of liberation and ingenuity.
References to the city in empire archives note, through its many pages, that the Enipel culture only contributes the minimum amount of military resources to the empire while preferring to have a standing guard in the capital at all times.
Leadership of the clan is hereditary and has been since it was founded by fleeing slaves liberated by Dimor and his rebels.
The land was once a dry and arid place (no doubt caused by the great tree) when the slaves arrived but the tree provided shelter and from the depths the Fubarnii were able to draw moisture from its roots. Soon engineers, inspired by the stories of Gehran, began the construction of the lakes and by mixing chemicals found on the fungi of the tree they are able to create vast smoke clouds by burning them. This in turn bought the rain. Which through an ingenious method of aqueducts and man-power the engineers were able to fill the lakes. Later these were then populated by several species of fish.
Well thats what I was going for, I hope its not to different from the twilight world.
As for a unit suggestion I posted a Fubarnii herbalist in the 'game' section Which I think would go great with this Clan...Also If mike would like to Sculpt Lanak (opium pipe and all) My birthday is coming up in a couple of months :P
Anyway Anything to develop the rich story in this game :3

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 03, 2011, 05:14:55 pm
I think the tree would simply have to be toooo big to make sense. Maybe we can keep the essence of the idea in some form... Possibly the town is built into a small wood, or the big 'tree' is actually a mass of interconnecting organisms...
I wouldn't go for Enipolis for the capital - the polis section is too human in origin.

Artificial lakes? An intriguing idea. How big, and why did they build them? How old are they? How were they actually built? Large dams?

Are narcotics seen as illegal, or perfectly acceptable?

Is Lanak a name or a title? I quite like it as a title, passed down through the family since the town's creation.

Strikes me that this is actually quite a way from the centre of the empire. The large tree suggests quite a warm region.

Great ideas  :)

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 03, 2011, 05:44:12 pm
Ah to answer a few questions :D
Enipolis should of had a question mark by it, I just couldn't think of a good name so I thought stick polis at the end of the clan name xD
A wood or perhaps a fabricated tree created by enhancing regular wood trees is a good idea. As long as there are trees for plant/medicine harvest.
I imagine the lakes to vary in size, though maybe not big enough to change any immediate geography but certainly the biggest ones have a small pier/port for larger fishing boats and engineer contraptions while the smaller ones could be swam across easily. Since they were almost immanently built by the freed slaves knowledge of the original construction is lost ( I like the idea that the Fubarnii are unable to decipher other Fubarnii's creations. For me it makes a world of arcane mystery where there could literally be any invention out there just people dont know how to use it). I haven't thought of a date in case I got it wrong but it was built only a few decades after Dimor freed this particular group from the Devanu.
They were filled by mixing chemicals together and burning them to create vast smoke clouds in the sky, bringing the rain. Water is scarce prior to the building of these 'vats' so it was important that they would be able to hold enough to support the population. Since then various other methods have been attempted to taping the roots of the tree to trying to divert rivers into new lakes. All have been met with mixed results.

Lanak indulges in narcotics and sees them as perfectly acceptable hence his opium pipe of authority :D and since the Enipel culture has developed round them its considered acceptable in the capital only. The smaller towns surrounding are dubious of the product. No doubt to redistribute the narcotics to other clans in the empire I imagine there are certainly a few back-handers and illegal narcotic dens ( I think of them like opium dens with thick hazy smog and luxurious pillows and drapes).

Title is a really cool idea. You take the name of Lanak when you ascend the throne/leadership
Yeah i want it to be far away from the cynical eyes of the empire. The warm climate lends itself to beautiful lakes but also the humidity from the heat and the great tree is prefect for the growing of plants/fungi etc...That and I love the idea of Lanak sitting cross-legged in a howdah marching through the heat/sand across his capital perhaps towards his lake house retreat.

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Post by: Lost Egg on May 03, 2011, 06:38:10 pm
What if instead of a large tree its a tree growing on top of a large rocky outcrop with the roots growing down the outside of the rock and down into the ground. The rocky outcrop would give the tree height and make it very imposing. It does make me think of the Banyan tree.


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Post by: Megatron0 on May 03, 2011, 07:03:25 pm
That idea to is equally good! Though I would still like it to be striking in size or something otherwise the Fubarnii would have never settled there in the first place. That Tree is almost exactly what im thinking! though with a longer trunk. The problem is the city is built around the tree, perhaps it the giant tree is a no-go I will settle for a forest with large trees. Enough to build settlements on/around :)

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 03, 2011, 10:13:23 pm
I've been doodling... Will share at some point...

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 03, 2011, 11:00:34 pm
AWESOME!!! i will look forward to seeing :)

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 05, 2011, 10:38:58 pm
More Enipel.

Every year the grand bazaar is held to coincide with lunar travels and thousands of tents sprawl across the landscape in a patchwork of colours and the sound of market stalls being assembled ring long into the early hours of the morning.
When the sun rises the great Lanak appears and offers his blessing to all the traders and merchants that take part. After his departure, both slow and exuberant, the market place beings to bustle with life.
Traders from all corners of Anyaral will attend this grand festival especially since the academy of herbalists opens its doors and its products are available to all (for the right price).
Everything that can be bought and sold is. Fubarnii shout out prices declaring them the cheapest in the whole region or others shout the great Lanak himself approves their wares, all in a bid to attract attention.
The selling of goods is not the only way to make money during the bizarre and chariot races are common around the outside of the market, where a young jenta is often strapped to a single passenger chariot pulled by a single enuk and let loose across shanty made tracks.
Finally after three days the Lanak will descend from the heights of his palace and decree that the Bizarre is over. Soon the tents are packed up, stalls dismantled and the Fubarnii return home and with it the infamy of the Lanak’s bazaar spreading even further across the empire.

The Enipel.
As a race the Enipel stand no taller or shorter then any other Fubarnii, yet their skin is a lighter/brighter colour leaving them easily distinguishable outside Enipel lands.
A second trait of the Enipel is that they are extremely fast talkers. Coming from years of trade and export they have become notorious barterers and some traders will try to avoid the Enipel for fear of being swindled.
A decidedly liberal race the Enipel are not quick to dismiss anything and that which makes a sizeable profit is more then enough to catch Lanak’s interest.

Most Fubarnii live off the fish caught in the lakes. These are then dried and salted and shipped to the capital (Fresh fish being a delicacy there, not so much in the towns/villages). Beside from this vegetables and other plant matter are grown and consumed in the city and the surrounding towns.

Though the outer shell of the lower class Enipels house is mud-brick the inside will be painted bright colours and decorated with painted frescos of animals and trader voyages.
A rich merchant will have a house built of timber higher on the tree. These buildings vary with the taste of the trader but all have multiple rooms with courtyards to play host in.
The Lanak lives in a building aptly named the ‘merchant palace’. Made completely from stone, save the timber roof, it consists of at least twelve dozen rooms from the great library to rooms filled with nothing but wealth gathered by the Lanaks over the years.
The merchant court is located at the base of the great tree and it is where the cities richest and ‘finest’ traders come to do business and divulge in other pleasures. The building plays host to these Fubarnii all year round but is particularly busy during the grand Bizarre.

Notable buildings include
Merchant Palace
Merchant court
Engineers’ guild
Herbalist Academy

Military structure.
The capital is well guarded by militia; with the towering gates being manned both day and night. This militia do not form a standing army for the clan of Enipel but are instead contracted to serve a fixed amount of time (either these Fubarnii are paid from other clans or willing Enipel recruits). Payment for these are paid for by the merchants and the Lanak in order to protect ‘investments’ and do doubt to overlook particular trades while policing others heavily.
As such the Fubanii of the Enipel clan pay no tax as all means of income are gained through various trades/businesses and currently the Lanak rather likes the idea of a ‘free city’
The guard wear a standard empire red with the only variation being the weapons. Each speak is of ceramic white colour and inlaid with gold. These act not only as weapons but also as status symbols when the guards are not on duty.

Knights are uncommon as rambunctious Fubarnii causes the majority of problems but the order is occasionally used if the Grishak problem becomes to great for the militia patrol.


The military structure is less formal in the rural districts with only weekly sweeping patrols taking place. This has led to a number of village Fubarnii training themselves with slings to fend off scavenging Grishaks.


Death in the Enipel culture is treated with great ritual celebration, and the body of a deceased Lanak is paraded throughout the streets with musicians and triumphant shouting. This is not because the Lanak is hated but instead because they are joyous that their leader has joined the Enarii as they are assured that for every Lanak on the moon the easier it is for the rest of the Enipel to make the journey.
After the body is paraded and flowers thrown and music played the body is taken to the front of the city and cremated, allowing the spirit to leave his home and find a new one.
For the less wealthy this is done on a much smaller scale and might not involve a parade but certainly the body will be on display (unless the deceased body is badly damaged) in which case a small casket is prepared.  The body is then cremated.
The villages have a more sombre outlook as work involves water every Fubarnii is very cautious of drowning, as they fear their souls will be lost. Their deaths are celebrated and the body cremated. Often the families will carve small wooden effigies of the recently deceased and keep them enshrined to bring good fortune in the next fishing trip or market day.

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Post by: Lost Egg on May 06, 2011, 08:15:03 am
It's fleshing out well. Any sketches of the notable buildings?


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Post by: Carcharoth on May 06, 2011, 08:47:46 am
Definitely fleshing out well. Would the Lanak be cremated atop the Academic centre? That would fit nicely with the traditions, and it is better to carry out the rituals as close to Enar as possible.

With a well defended gate, does that mean it is a walled city? In other parts of the Empire the cities often rely on the defences of the individual dwellings, rather than a central wall (but that does depend). Or is the main boundary protected by the lakes themselves?

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 06, 2011, 11:37:46 am
Definitely fleshing out well. Would the Lanak be cremated atop the Academic centre? That would fit nicely with the traditions, and it is better to carry out the rituals as close to Enar as possible.

Ah ok so the closer the better! In which case I'll change the funeral rites to the top of the city.

With a well defended gate, does that mean it is a walled city? In other parts of the Empire the cities often rely on the defences of the individual dwellings, rather than a central wall (but that does depend). Or is the main boundary protected by the lakes themselves?

The city is walled but the territory of the clan is not. The gate is designed to be large and impressive to set the atmosphere for new traders approaching the city. I imagine like the lion gates on Mycenae (which would have been impressive at the time). I shall do more information on the cities defenses. The rural districts of the clan are empty and really undefended, the vast lakes perhaps being the only defence (if any!). 
I would like to do some sketches of the buildings but I have the artistic talent of a three year old. I havnt really progressed past stick figures :/

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 06, 2011, 11:41:26 am
You could always have a look for pictures of buildings that reflect the style that you imagine for Enipel? I'll have a go at more sketches at some point, as well as sharing my first sketch of the city itself...

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 06, 2011, 11:45:27 am
Excellent! I shall try and gather a few pictures of things that come to mind.

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 06, 2011, 12:57:33 pm
Just a quick bout of googling has produced some basic concepts of what i was going for. obviously they need to be 'fubarnii-ed up'

Academy of Herbalists. I like the idea of a built in institution, thousands of odd shaped rooms and a large courtyard. I imagine the Merchant court would look a bit like this but with less rooms and more halls.

Grand Bazaar. Images from different countries showing how crowded the Grand bazaar would be.




Opium den/rooms in the merchant palace. Ignore the human. I chose this picture because I liked the drapes over the room. and the rich indulgent nature of it


Room in the Engineers guild


Chariot racing. A good image of what the actual chariot could be like.


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Post by: Lost Egg on May 06, 2011, 03:44:32 pm
Nice set of pics to help bring the city to life.


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Post by: Megatron0 on May 06, 2011, 04:08:48 pm
Thanks HN! :D
Glad to see the pictures help


I have the title Merchant of Enipel! awesome! thanks Mike!

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 07, 2011, 11:52:06 pm
Enipel part three.

Welcome to part three of my writings! this one is lager then the others so be aware before you start! It has been broken down into headings (bold and underlined) and sub-headings (underlined).
I really hope you enjoy my own slice of the Fubarnii and if there are any questions please dont hesitate to ask!

Grand Merchants of Enipel.

Trade and export are the main (if only) sources of revenue for the Enipel and often Fubarnii that are not traders will seek employment under the Grand merchants of Enipel as their personal source of income.
Grand merchants are the wealthiest of the traders in the Enipel clan and their business networks are vast with some of the most successful covering the entire of Anyaral or at least those are the boasts heard in Merchant court. To obtain the title Grand merchant one must be personally invited to the palace where they are given the Title by the Lanak.
When a trader receives this title (either in recognition of great wealth or a sizable ‘donation’ to the palace) they accept a personal responsibility to the great city, pledging to serve the Lanak, the people and the clan.
With this title comes the benefits: Admittance into the Merchant court and thus into the politics of the clan, complete access to the products of the engineer guild and the herbalist academy and the right to sell them along with the legal right to employ militia within the city.
With the privilege comes the responsibility: Every Grand merchant must submit a portion of his or her personal militia to defend/police the city (and the empire). This ensures that the wealthy are able to protect their own business in the city and the welfare of the people.
These Fubarnii militia are bought and sold in companies and are loyal to the merchant lord and the city.
It is often the case, though not a requirement, that a Grand merchant will also ‘adopt’ or sponsor a village in the rural districts. This usually involves the construction of a villa for the Merchant but also increased livestock, superior living conditions and a better way of living for the village. After all no Grand Merchant wants to holiday in the slums.
Expulsion from the Merchant court and the revocation of the title are extremely rare, only happening once in Enipel history (see threats from within).
Since the title of Merchant lord is for life, it has been the case where Fubarnii who have lost their wealth are still admitted into the court and treated as equals. Though these Enipel are no longer involved with politics.
The Merchant Court is kept in business by the donations of its guests. It is not owned but instead a free company like the Engineers guild of the Herbalist academy.

Fishing in the villages/towns

The Enipels main food source is fish. This is exclusively caught in the lakes surrounding the city and greater territory.
The villages over the decades have not changed their methods, though the odd engineer might offer some ‘improvements’ from time to time.
The primary method of fish catching is boat and net. Using paddles, sails (or even steam contraptions) these boats sail to the deeper waters and the Fubarnii cast their nets.
Younger Fubarnii who have not yet been fully trained in boating trawl the shallows in tall stilts and harpoons to catch the large lazy fish that swim to close to the surface.
More eccentric villages will employ the use of a sedative found in local flora (or purchased from the city). By dumping this powder into areas of the lake, the fish, sedated, will simply float to the top where they are quickly collected.

The Enarii fish.
Many Fubarnii believe that if drowned your soul will never reach Enar and will be lost forever. The Enipel who work the waters are aware what will happen to them should they drown and precautions are taken; yet this still does not stop an odd Fubarnii meeting a watery grave.
The elders of the villages speak of the Enarii Fish that appears after a villager dies in the lakes. On a clear night where Enar shines and casts its full reflection upon the still waters it is said I golden creature can be seen beneath the waves swimming and flitting around the reflection. At the end of this ‘dance’ Shimmering lights can be seen heading towards the sky and the elders believe this creature finds the lost souls of Fubarnii and leads them towards Enar.
Wether or not this is a village tale designed to take the fear away from fishers or true is debated across clan territories and a few engineers have tried to catch the creature or at least record it. None have succeeded.

Threats from outside

Devanu are an uncommon threat in clan territory and it is believed that most were persecuted mercilessly during the founding of the clan, and resentment still runs deep for the creatures that enslaved their ancestors.
Attacks to the city are non-existent while in rural areas livestock might go missing occasionally; these are attributed to wandering Grishak and it is widely believed that a true Devanu attack on clan territory will just never happen. Other Grand merchants are wearier and will employ scouts to keep an eye on suspicious movements or any serious Devanu migrations
During Trade voyages large groups of Militia protect the traders investments and often the knights are pre-warned and given the route in which the caravan is journeying. Again attacks and losses are uncommon as the Enipel go through great lengths to protect their investments.

Threats from Within

Despite the paid militia no city is truly safe from itself and the Lanak will make sure that no Grand merchant ever becomes to powerful. This is achieved in a variety of ways; firstly through a tax on all export, every merchant must pay a tax of the sum total of the products they are selling.
Secondly the Lanak controls a huge militia at his disposal allowing him to effectively control the streets of the capital. This ensures that no gathering of merchants will ever have the collective strength to oppose him and that via the merchant court he can keep all the Grand’s in a single watchable place.
Finally the Lanak is aware that all business interests cross paths and knows the value of words to help build rivalry between the wealthiest of the Grand merchants.

Anatra the despot.
The only Enipel ever to be removed from the court and have his title stripped. Anatra’s wealth knew no bounds as he sought to incorporate all into his insidious empire. Using threats, bribery, violence, and a strong highly addictive narcotic he was able to bring the clan to its knees. He was eventually stopped by collaboration between the remaining Grand Merchants and the Lanak, and stripped of his title and exiled into the wilderness. Since then the Herbalist guild has been established in order to control the flow of dangerous narcotics into Enipel territories, though for a large price it is possible for some influential and wealthy Fubarnii to bypass the legal restrictions.
Though all receipts go to the Lanak. Allowing him to keep an eye on all transactions.


The great tree was at one time the sole provider to the Enipel clan. By digging down into the earth the Fubarnii were able to take shelter from the heat and arid climate despite the living conditions they were subject to. Soon the roots of the tree were discovered and enterprising Fubarnii began to siphon of the water for a stable supply.
The conditions underground were extremely damp and humid making it impossible for permanent dwelling. The conditions are perfect for the production of moulds and Fungi, which are cultivated on the tree roots and processed into medicines, fragrances, weapons and narcotics.
The roots of the tree appear fathomless and excavation still continues though there is some concern about what is to be found deeper in the earth.
Because of the terrible conditions the Enipel choose to live above land while the cultivators of the roots only stay below the surface for short periods of time, as infection can be common in such conditions. Recently the Lanak has commissioned the engineers guild to create protective clothing suitable for sub-terrainian harvest. This equipment consists of gas masks, protective hand/feet ware and the employment of bio-luminance, open-flame being considered too dangerous as a source of lighting due to the gasses produced by the fungi.

The Shrines

The Enipel have no fixed places of worship instead across the territory wooden and stone shrines are set up to engineer Gehran, previous Lanaks and in more rural areas; village Ancestors. All are believed to be on Enar with the ear of the Enarii trying to negotiate easier travel to their spiritual home.
Young Engineers will often travel to these places to find inspiration and upon receiving it they will carve their insignia into the wood/stone of the shrine showing their gratitude and pledging that when in Enar they will help the next generation of Engineers to find their answers/

The Gateway.

Unlike other Fubarnii cities the capital of the Enipel is walled, the reason being to support the large and highly decorated gateway into the city.
Built of stone with large wooden gates the entrance to the city is designed to humble visitors, displaying the wealth of the Enipel and the strength of the Lanak. Atop the gatehouse the standards of the Grand merchants and the Lanak fly along with those of the guild and the academy. All testaments to the prowess of the Free city
The walls are not as grand and span the length of the capital. Not built for defensive purposes these are designed to stop the city growing to large! (for a city too big would be a great cost to both the Lanak and the Grand Merchants). It was also designed to encourage less wealthy Fubarnii who are not employed to move to smaller towns and villages, as there is more food and available space. This is also an ingenious method of ensuring loyalty from the towns/villages as new, patriotic Fubarnii bring new zeal back to the outer territory.
The wall is ancient and is often repaired with mud brick and timber creating a patchwork and inconsistent defence. The walls final purpose is to act as an ‘end’ to the Grand bizarre and stop the crown from spilling into the city.
The gateway is always manned in order to spot incoming trade caravans and alert the people of new produce coming in.

The Lanak

The Lanak is the head of the Enipel clan and by default is also the wealthiest. Responsible for trade in and out of the city, the guild, the academy, controlling the largest force of militia and the appointment of Grand Merchants, The Lanak bears great weight on his shoulders for the welfare of his city.
As a free city the capital essentially runs itself. Each Grand merchant looks after their own investments while supplying militia to the city and a tax to the Lanak. (No-one other then the Grand merchants is required to pay on a regular basis).
The Lanak governs by direct authority but is advised by the Merchant court. Each Lanak governs differently, some relying more on the court then others. This is particularly the case with the current leader.

The Current Lanak
 The current Lanak is considered a Bohemian by his peers for his eccentric pursuits of literature and the investment of money into the city and the guild this along with high appointments of Grand merchants during his reign has led to a rise in popularity for the Lanak by the common people and Grand merchants alike.
Currently the engineers’ guild has caught his fascination and he is determined to see all life improve under their inventions. This is definitely the case with sub-terrainian root farmers. He is also a known Wanderer and his increased presence in the villages is met with great joy as he personally sponsors over 50% of them.
Seen riding in his opulent howdah upon a great beast or in his library smoking opium through his elaborately decorated pipe he often relies on the grand merchants for political advice and support. He has created many new Grand’s and as such the city has benefited from the increased investment, making this Lanak popular throughout clan territory.


The Lanak receives ten percent of the total value of a product exported (not imported) from his city. This allows Traders from other cities free passage into the capital to sell their goods but also allows the Lanak to keep accurate tabs on what is being exported.
Besides export tax from all merchants, the Lanak takes twenty percent of the money made from the Herbalist academy and the engineers’ guild and a 10% monthly tax from all Grand Merchants, This tax can be wavered if a Grad Merchant makes a particularly profitable month as tax from the exports will be enough pay the Lanak.
The collection of wealth percentages allows the Lanak to keep a good indication of profits from around the city as well as weakening potential rivals.
The current Lanak charges nothing for the grand Bazaar as he says it as a gift to the rest of Anyaral and a wise Merchant whether Grand or not will make will be quick to capitalise on this ‘free’ trade.
By appointing Grand Merchants the Lanak is able to significantly able to reduce the threat of rebellion as all wealthy merchants swear renewed alligence to the Lanak and are then moderated by other Grand merchants.

The Military

A wise Lanak will always seek to control fifty percent of the standing militia in the territory to avoid rebellion by scheming Grand Merchants, putting caps on the amount of militia on the existing Grands also insure military dominance. Through this he is able to exert control over the city of Enipel and the Grand Merchants.
The Knights are expected to follow the Lanak completely but since there is little Devanu threat they are often disregarded (though Knights that have broken their oath are of great interest to the Lanak).


After a Lanak dies the Eldest Fubarnii (of Kin) is made Lanak. This is done at the palace surrounded by The Grand Merchants and representatives from the guild.  
The Fubarnii casts off their birth name and takes the title of Lanak while swearing an oath that he will protect the people, the clan, the city and the Grand merchants. He is then decreed the Lanak by the lords and the people, being offered tribute and then touring the clan territories.
During this time there is a great celebration and often the whole city is engaged in festivities often shutting down trade for weeks, something that the Grade merchants try to prevent (to their futility).

Religious responsibilities

Since there is no fixed church or organised religion the Lanaks only religious responsibility is in death.
When his soul reaches Enar it is up to him to negotiate, with other Lanaks, safer routes to Enar with the Enarii.
It may be noticed that  I have not included a geographical location for my area this is because I do not wish it to conflict with any prior work and I will be happy for my clan to go anywhere! (as long as its fits in the setting).
Thanks for reading!

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Good stuff so far  :)

Here is a quick sketch inspired by the concept of the Great Tree. I imagine it to actually be a large rocky outcrop that is overgrown by trees. I was thinking the trees could be almost fig-like, with thick roots that have been teased and positioned by the Fubarnii over the years to strengthen the overall structure. Doesn't quite fit some of your ideas, but might not be too far off. 'tis but a suggestion though, so see what you think and I won't be offended if you don't think it looks right.

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Post by: Beastlord on May 08, 2011, 10:43:48 am
I love that!  :o

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 08, 2011, 12:57:33 pm
That looks so right! Really organic and natural. I love it
My only suggestion is that the city is also on ground level as well and stretches around the tree/rocky outcrop. but thats really just adding a few more houses at the base. Along with the gatehouse etc but for the concept of the great tree is is fantastic! Thank you!

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I am NOT making a board for that!

(even though I soooo want to!)

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I am NOT making a board for that!

(even though I soooo want to!)

The Lanak compels you >:D

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Post by: Beastlord on May 08, 2011, 10:47:56 pm
I love the dangling buildings!

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 08, 2011, 10:58:54 pm
I love the dangling buildings!

I actually imagine them as the Lift contraptions that i described :D but they are great! i also love the Balloon!

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 09, 2011, 07:12:00 am
Glad it's not too far off  :)

I doodled a few fubarnii nobility last night, including what could either be the Lanak or some other well-fed trader.

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 09, 2011, 08:09:41 am
including what could either be the Lanak

Give him an opium pipe and you got yourself a deal :D
It'll be great to see some images of wealthier Fubarnii, looking forward to the concept

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Post by: Emberbreeze on May 09, 2011, 11:26:32 am
I am NOT making a board for that!

(even though I soooo want to!)

It would just about fit in a transit van ;-)

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 09, 2011, 02:47:45 pm
It would just about fit in a transit van ;-)
Depends how big it actually is... I've not put much on there to give a scale reference so far!

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Post by: Emberbreeze on May 09, 2011, 04:52:01 pm
I was going by average building size.

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 09, 2011, 05:32:00 pm
I would just scale up Fubarnii buildings like Emberbreeze suggested. I can imagine it looking great!
Also some more pictures for reference.

Working Enipel Frescoes

Images of the Merchant court


Hope these help bring my city to life!

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Post by: Lost Egg on May 09, 2011, 06:04:15 pm
I finally got through the 2nd wave of writings. These fluff threads are getting longer and longer ;)

Great read, you are really capturing a sense of squabbling merchants and scheming Lanak.

Any idea where you are going to place your city? I'd suggest near a forest, perhaps the small one on the right of Agoran Wastes. There seem to be a couple of cities there plus they could help control trade from the south and east.


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Post by: Megatron0 on May 09, 2011, 06:26:51 pm
I hadn't really thought about and I think Mike should have the honours as im not to fussed . Im glad you liked the internal politics! I wanted to create a sense of loose conflict between them and obliged loyalty to the City and the Lanak as otherwise why wouldnt they just other-throw the Lanak who taxes them?  all though my person favourite is the Enarii fish myth :D
And yes the last one was kinda essayish :s


I have just had a look on the map and there are a few unnamed ones i quite like the look of either Directly east from the wastes of south east. These four look pretty interesting :) But the red one interests me the most! Can I have that city? Pleeeease
though is it even in the empire?

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 09, 2011, 08:43:57 pm
I could imagine it being up near Larigal... certainly not in Casani (sorry...).

Another very rough sketch for you...

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 09, 2011, 08:50:23 pm
I need to brush up on my geography where is Larigal? :3
That pic looks awesome! I love the goggles and the pipe/hookah! I think i just found my new Avatar ;D

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 09, 2011, 09:01:07 pm
Larigal is on the coast of the great lakes (West of Elani Ros), so somewhere in that region.
Glad you like the pic.  :)

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 09, 2011, 09:09:41 pm
Yes! i like that region! and the great lakes fit the story very well!
How about any of the 3 black ringed cities closest to Elani ros that i marked out? I like the top one :)

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Post by: Lost Egg on May 09, 2011, 09:15:24 pm
Love the sketch. I could imagine the hats getting a bit "mine is bigger than yours!" The richer & more status the higher the hat.


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Post by: Carcharoth on May 11, 2011, 10:21:23 pm
Another doodle... very rough, but hope it fits. Not sure on the big creature yet!


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Post by: Megatron0 on May 11, 2011, 10:31:36 pm
That Is ridiculously AWESOME!!!
and he has a Pree pree! :D
Thats exactly the sort of image I wanted for my clan! and the lantern is a great touch too!

Oh btw did you get my PM mike? about sending me the invoice?

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Post by: Carcharoth on May 11, 2011, 10:39:02 pm
Glad you like - it's just a quick sketch, but it's nice to flesh ideas out a bit sometimes.

I did get your pm, but been rather busy sketching  ;)
I'll send you an invoice soon, but I won't get to the post office until the weekend anyway.

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 11, 2011, 10:55:50 pm
Phew Im glad you got it! i had terrible thoughts of it being lost in transition and never getting my hands on those traders :P

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Post by: Lost Egg on May 12, 2011, 06:54:44 am
Whoa the sketch is very cool; he looks very comfortable up there.


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Post by: Carcharoth on May 12, 2011, 01:41:23 pm
I don't imagine the Lanak is ever anything but comfortable!

I think Enipel is located somewhere along the north-western coasts of the great lakes. Maybe the small city to the east of the southernmost of your black suggestions. I'm not certain yet... That does make them relatively close neighbours to larigal, so that would be a good source of engineering know-how.

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 12, 2011, 06:33:55 pm
I don't imagine the Lanak is ever anything but comfortable!

Comfortable and rich at all times ;D

Im happy for it to go anywhere and near the lakes makes good sense