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Title: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 04, 2011, 04:26:34 pm
This is my attempt at some background for the tribe living in and around Genera in the Agoran Wastes. Its somewhat tentative as I feel I'm making some pretty large assumptions and wanted to see what Mike and everyone else thought of the basic outline.
In trying to come up with a reason for the Fubarnii to have a city in such an inhospitable place it occured to me that the Fubarnii must need oil. The level of tech they have must surely require it. Whether this comes out of the ground or from some plant or animal I'm unsure, but for now I'm going to go with:

The Bedhun Clan

The Landscape
This hardy clan of fubarnii live in and around Genera, just to the east of the Okir (roughly translating – place of desolation) hills, in the north of the Agoran wastes. This is an extremely harsh environment and has required significant innovation to make life possible for even the relatively small population that inhabits it. The wastes are hot and dry, plant life is sparse and often inedible and water is more precious than the rarest jewels. To the south east of Genera, towards the centre of the wastes, the most desolate region of Anyaral where nothing grows, are the oil wells. This region of the wastes is made up almost entirely of strange rock formations. The plunging sink holes, craters, and caverns in the honeycombed rock contain pools of oil.
The most common plants in the wastes are the Karaka, and the Kerrik. The Karaka appears to be little more than a low dome up to a metre across covered in long spines but it has incredibly long and far reaching roots  which collect water from deep below the ground.  The sap of the Kerrik is used to make an intoxicating liquor as well as a gum used to season food.
The rarest of all plants in the wastes is the Phena fungus. This lies dormant as spores in the dust and sand for years at a time showing no sign on the surface. When a heavy rainfall occurs (sometimes only once every ten years) the spores germinate and a huge fungal bloom occurs, blue red and purple spheres carpeting the ground. The bloom will only last a day before the fungi die, but if they are harvested quickly and preserved properly they can be used to make a number of very highly prized foods, medicines and reagents.
Genera itself is built over several deep wells which are owned by rich merchant families. Those lucky enough to own a well sell water at a premium to the populace. The palaces of these families are a stark contrast to the rest of Genera, with lush green gardens and even fountains.
One of the largest animals to be found in the wastes is the Dhombu. These quadrupeds are of similar size to a baruk, although longer and less bulky and live in herds of 20 or so. They use their dangerous looking tusks to tear apart the spiny plants and dig up roots, as well as to defend themselves and their young from predators.


The Clan

History of the Clan

Economics & Trade
Oil is hard to find in the rest of the continent, and is essential to the work of many engineers. Plant oils are used, but for some tasks nothing is good enough but the purest mineral oil. For this the engineers go to the Bedhun merchants who make the horrendously dangerous journey across the desert several times a year, their pack beasts laden with jars. Due to the rarity, and the danger of acquiring and transporting the oil, prices are very high, and Bedhun traders and oil well owners can be very, very rich. Ownership of the wells is hotly contested by the Bedhun, and family wells are gaurded by the best soldiers affordable. Removing the oil often requires a long abseil on a winch rope to reach the pool surface and many furbanii have lost therir lives in the wells.
The heavily gaurded trade caravans carry other rare goods too:- Kerrik sap derivatives, stone, metal and gems from the quarries in the Okir hills, meat, hides and Phena fungus.
Returning traders bring all-sorts of goods from the other clans, largely luxuries to make the harsh life in the Agoran more pleasant. They also sometimes bring barrels of water in an attempt to undercut the rich well owners.

Military Organisation
The Bedhun have adapted to counter the Devanu threat in any way they can. The strength of the Devanu presence is so great that even the allotted units of knights cannot cope with it. Bedhun militia have tried to level the playing field by becoming experts in camouflage and by designing traps with which to injure or capture devanu.
Despite the draw of the oil there are few engineers in genera - the supply lines for other goods are too poor. One of those that has made Genera his home has recently designed an ingenious weapon to deter the devanu. The pharak uses a pump to build air pressure in a bladder which, when released, blasts dozens of long sharp spines (harvested from the vicious karaka plant) towards the devanu. This is not usually lethal but it is very painful and has often stopped a devanu in its tracks. They also use a form of Gushrak.
Pairs of Bedhun Militia often ride into battle on the backs of Dhombu – large beasts of the wastes with a large fat hump for water storage, short front legs, and long sharp tusks. Usually the front rider will carry a lance while the rear rider, up on the hump, will wield a Pharak. The Dhombu are quite grumpy beasts and it takes a brave team to train one. However, if they can be pointed in the right direction and persauded to charge they can cause terrible damage to a Devanu Warrior with their savage tusks.
Enemies of the Clan

Myths of the Clan

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Lost Egg on May 04, 2011, 06:23:13 pm
Sounds good. I like the sound of the Pharak. In game terms would you use the same rules as a Derak?


Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 04, 2011, 09:27:26 pm
I thought it would be cool if it either prevented activation (because they're too busy picking painful spines out of their skin) or caused a loss of d6 stamina. I like the second option but the problem is it doesn't do anything to units without stamina... Maybe lose d6 stamina or if they dont have it miss an activation... Not entirely sure how it would work in terms of casting stones though. Maybe "Cast 3 erac. If any remain after defense lose d6 stamina/miss an activation. Is d6 too much? d3?

I had an idea that some of the richest Bedhun families (the elite are all trading families) have employed engineers to build them hot air balloons (using oil burners of course) to transport their precious goods in relative safety...

Lots more ideas...

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Megatron0 on May 04, 2011, 10:20:15 pm
I had an idea that some of the richest Bedhun families (the elite are all trading families) have employed engineers to build them hot air balloons (using oil burners of course) to transport their precious goods in relative safety...

I was considering hot air balloons as it seems like a natural solution to the Devanu problem. good write up! Nice to see a wasteland dwelling clan!
Though D6 would be way to powerful, D3 might be better for the cactus gun :)

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 04, 2011, 10:28:13 pm
I think the balloons would be very expensive - they'd need vast amounts of silk or some similarly strong material for the bag, and fuel would be very expensive. I can just imagine some super rich trader drifting effortlessly by as the caravans below fend off the devanu raiders.
Balloons would make great lookout platforms too... 

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Megatron0 on May 04, 2011, 11:19:58 pm
Its great imaginary to see these balloons flying through the sky :3

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 05, 2011, 04:28:57 pm
Going to add more to this using Hairy Norsemans layout in a bit  ;D

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Lost Egg on May 05, 2011, 04:41:34 pm
May be they lose D3 stamina or D6 if caught full blast. I can imagine this being used well with knights. Blast Devanu then send in the knights to kick when they're down.

Looking forward to more. Glad people are finding my layout useful. :)


Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 05, 2011, 07:40:02 pm
How about this for the Pharrak:-

Blast range weapon
Cast three combat stones for each hit, if any remain after defense place a marker beside the model.
If a model has a marker it uses one less combat stone in combat.
The marker can be removed as the models next activation but they cant perform any other actions.
The model can use two stamina points to remove the marker immediately.

This should slow the enemy down without being to powerful.. what do people think?

I was toying with the idea that it has to be reloaded as an action - so every other turn firing...

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Lost Egg on May 05, 2011, 07:43:43 pm
The only problem I can see is what if a model has no stamina to remove markers?

The easiest way could be to remove them automatically when activated but unable to do anything else as you said.


Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 05, 2011, 08:14:46 pm
I need to reword it - what you said is exactly what I meant, but just giving models with stamina a chance to get rid of it without having to waste an activation.

Done a tiny update above collating stuff from the original text under the Landscape heading. I'll get rid of the original block once I've filtered everything out into the headings. Tiny bit on Generas water supply and the Karaka added.

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 07, 2011, 06:59:02 pm
Changed everything to headings and added some bits :)

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Carcharoth on May 08, 2011, 09:01:44 am
Looking good.
Very minor point - Gushrak is the name of the weapon - KalGush is the name of the Delgon soldiers who are armed with them. I'd suggest you stick with the Pharak as a weapon though.
With 3 CS it is similar to a Derak, but without the ability to kill anything. I would possibly increase the number of stones and shift the impact slightly. Armour or thick skin would presumably limit the number of spines that would do damage? A model that fails its tough check should be stung. While stung a model must make a roll at the start of each activation if it is not engaged. If failed then the model must spend the turn trying to remove the spines. A model may choose to try to remove the spines. Make another test, if passed then the spines are removed. Not sure what the tests should be.
Maybe you could also add that while stung a model only regains stamina on a 4+?
Only suggestions though, so do with as you wish!

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 11, 2011, 10:42:54 pm
Thats a very good point about the Tough test - it really should have an effect. I think I'll forget about the Gushrak.

Blast range weapon
5CS 6if caught full blast
Defense and tough tests as normal.
If the model fails any T tests place a spines marker beside it.
While it has the marker a unit must: Always move cautiously
                                                 Use one less stone in combat/defense
                                                 Regain stamina only on a 4+
The marker can be removed either by spending 2 stamina points or by giving up a whole activation to clear the spines.

I quite like it like this, although 5/6 stones may be too many?

Have added a tiny bit to Military above, working on some more now, and rules for the Dhombu.

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 11, 2011, 11:16:11 pm
Dhombu riders.
Move-8         Charge [A]: After moving immediately fight a combat against an
Combat-3               adjacent model. Cast one additional CS. No support.
Support-0               Cant use if moved cautiously.
Tough-4+         Powerful Charge [T]: Move 4” or more – get powerful. -1 to svs.
Stamina-0         Impale [T]: If fighting a combat as a result of a charge  AND
Size-Medium                    having moved 4” or more each Erac counters
                       2 enemy Oran.
Command Range-6”      Pharak [R]: Move up to 4” and fire as normal Pharak rules. OR move
                       more than 4” and fire with 2 less CS.

First go at the Dhombu Militia, described above. Not sure if the combination of Charge, Powerful Charge and my invented Impale are too good? Could make impale at least 6"? Or get rid of powerful charge... I did make him relatively easy to kill and he gives no support as hes just as likely to knock over one of his own units...
I'd love to know what people think!  ;D

With reference to mikes picture with all the beasties on it, I'm imagining these guys looking like a combination of the one in the centre of the middle row, the one two to his right and the one in the middle at the bottom (for the tusks). Basically a bit longer and lower in the body than a baruk, with front limbs, slightly shorter hindlimbs than a baruk, with a big fat pad above them (camelish). The front rider would sit above the forelimbs while the Pharakeer sits up on the fat hump. I'll try and sketch him at some point - could turn out badly...

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Carcharoth on May 12, 2011, 01:47:44 pm
I think you should scrap powerful charge in favour of impale. Interesting to have a passenger. I assume the Pharak can't fire if engaged? Might be interesting to actually let him - possibly open up the passenger to be a bit more flexible - if the Dhombu is killed does that mean the passenger is also a casualty?

Title: Re: Bedhun
Post by: Beastlord on May 12, 2011, 02:29:31 pm
I think you're right, I shall do away with powerful charge. I had considered allowing the Pharak to fire while in combat... I might stick that in.
I think its probably easier to just remove the whole model if it gets killed rather than messing around with who has died... though I suppose you could just say the passenger always survives.. he's likely to be in a pretty sticky situation mind!