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Title: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
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A thanks to Hairy Norseman for his excellent example of formatting, and Brandlin for his map. Here's my contribution for the Empire.

Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den


The Landscape
To the far southwest of Gar Loren lies the city of Orel, a besieged centre of trade bracketed by the relatively desolate lands of the Agoran Wastes, the Naralon forest to the north and the mountains of the Agoran territories to the south and west. Orel started as a waypoint within the Agoran Wastes, a place of respite for the traders who passed through in their journey to the settlements in the southern empire. It has, over time, spread across a series of small mountains called the Orel’as, the stone mined, quarried and reinforced to support the trade houses above and within. Due to the nature of the wastes and the exceptional lack of rainfall within, many citizens have chosen to dwell within the cooler small mountains of Orel'as thanks to engineer Jehrah's discovery. This, coupled with the harsh nature of the wastes has resulted in many of the inhabitants choosing to wear more durable clothing than their cousins in the Central Empire to help protect themselves.

Traders within Clan Orel'an pass down in each generation the routes of comparative safety through the Naralon forest and the methods of forming trading routes within the wastes, though much of their fortune comes from their fortuitous location. Indeed, the initial waypoint was placed well, for Orel is merely a short travel from the materials available within a forest or mountain, and the traders of Clan Orel'an have taken full advantage of the fact. With Eyglar and Genera to the east and Teral and several other settlements to the west, Orel appears to host numerous opportunities for passing trade, when it can survive the encounters of the wastes. Partly due to this, and due to sheer fortune, several sections of the Orel'as mountains play host to the fruits of engineer Jehrah's labour - hot springs, mined within.

The Mountains of Orel'as
Due to the location of the clan, the threat of Devanu looms constantly. To Clan Orel’an, the Devanu are an ever present menace to such an extent that much of the recent building has gone towards fortifying the walls, or constructing stables and warrens for the Knights of Orelis and their charges as best as can be done near the base of the small mountain ranges of the Orel’as. Though fortifying much further out is difficult, some have persevered, building walls upon walls, thickening the protection and even anchoring defences to rock formations that appear to have stood the test of time. The mountain itself is reminiscent of a chak’nari plant, full of bolt holes and tunnels the citizens can dart down should trouble arise.

Such entrances are not without protection however, and many, if not all, have latches, parapets and occasionally balconies, many resplendent with Jehrah’s tinkerings and creations. It is from these than those tasked with growing the crops that can survive in the wastes, or with farming the herds of enuk haderis – a larger, more rugged enuk breed which withstands much of the hostility of the wastes, may mount a defence. Many devanu have found to their cost that not only do the city walls keep them at bay, but the elevation of the mountainous defences allow herders to rain stones taken from the mountain down upon their heads, and several heat bleached devanu corpses at the base of the city walls are testament to this fact.

The 'natural', as far as Jehrah insists, hot springs within the mountain not only provide Genera with a somewhat more reliable water source than any found in the wastes, but also aid the fubarnii when the need to hunker in arises, should a dangerous devanu tribe appear that threatens the outer city itself. This seemingly endless supply of water not only is a great commodity for trade, but has provided heating where required, Jehrah’s efforts helping to reroute the water almost according to his own whims, and though many citizens of Orel’as are distrustful of having such fast flowing water so nearby, Jehrah’s workshop is a veritable cavalcade of tubes, pipes and barrels.

The Agoran Wastes
The scouring winds and occasional sand storms can reshape parts of the wastes in a single cycle, but regardless of the winds the wastes continue to host bizarre, misshapen formations of rock, each storm uncovering more as others recede back under cover of the shifting sands and what little scrub there is. These rock formations have made building extensive fortifications far from the city problematic at best, and so much of Orel’s garrisoned might is within the capital itself. The surrounding plains are home to several smaller settlements, though each of these is dynamic, never staying in the same place too long for fear of devanu attack. Instead, these smaller travelling groups act as foragers and pathfinders, helping Clan Orel’an to navigate the rocks and wastes in exchange for protection from attack. It is in this manner than the trade routes are maintained in the harsh desolate environment, and the changing routes, though oft confusing to traders from afar, and readily shared with the nearest cities and settlements. Such a method aids many of the traders within Clan Orel’an in avoiding devanu,l as when one trial has become well used, a switch may throw any devanu laying in wait for a quick meal.

Two specific formations of rock within the Agoran wastes hold particular importance for the Oreli. The first appears almost like a monolith to the northwest of Orel, a giant spike of rock that spears upwards in to the sky, unmoving amidst the winds of the wastes. Named Okkan by the Oreli, it is viewed by the clan with pride, for no matter what has been thrown against it, it has persevered. As generations have come and gone the rock has remained, and in the face of such adversity as experienced in the wastes, the Oreli consider the rock to be almost like a talisman representing their tenacity and drive to endure. It is an unspoken rite of Clan Orel’an for a jenta to make their way to Okkan and place a small token of either home or lifestyle so as to gain the durability of the stone itself.

The other appears further to the south of the clan, a series of boulders or pillars half buried in the ground. With each visit the Oreli claim that the formation has changed slightly, whether in position or the designs of the deep carvings upon them. Though none within the clan claim to have made the original carvings, many jenta have tried, and failed, to carve their own upon the rock. However each enthusiastic attempt is defeated by the solid stone, and even engineer Jehrah has found no discernable way to mark the rocks, his tools and drilling contraptions merely blunting upon their surface. No one left alive remembers who started the tradition, but every generation the Clan visits the site to lay gifts and tributes.

Such a time is safer than is oft expected, as the distance is not too great, and such a large concentration of armed and armoured fubarnii has thus far dissuaded any attacks. The next cycle a select delegation always goes to check the rocks, and the gifts have always disappeared. Sometimes a fubarnii stays behind without the clan’s knowledge, and it is for this reason that no one has ever noticed that those who snuck away to stay behind vanish as well. Those superstitious members of Clan Orel’an whisper to themselves of the otherworldly nature of the place, and as such it has been named Bekgaron, the ‘other side’.

The Naralon Forest
The Naralon forest to the north of Orel can be said to be a perilous place, the tracherous passes home to many beasts who consider the fubarnii to be a tasty morsel, or so the fubarnii believe. The fubarnii believe the trees host their own malevolent inhabitants, who lend the mountains within a sinister aspect, the routes through shrouded by the canopy above. Even so, many of the fubarnii have travelled to the edges of the forest to scale the giant trees and construct houses for enjoyment, a respite from constant hardship. Such an act has become so common in recent times that many of the newer houses are capable of housing full families as each house is constructed adjoining another. It is an oft remarked fact between the fubarnii of Clan Orel'an that the forests, even with predators of their own, are safer than the constant threat of the devanu from the wastes.

Though the initial houses within the forest were made with little to no difficulty of reprisal, many of the most recent structures made within the deeper confines of the forest disappeared. The confusion this caused was stronger than the fear, till citizens began to realise that those who lived within the vanished buildings rarely, if ever, turned up afterwards. Some of the more foolhardy members of Clan Orel’an tested which areas would be safe by building increasingly complex, and more importantly empty, tree houses deeper and deeper within the forest, checking every few days to see which had survived. This worked for a time, allowing builders to reason as to which areas were safe, till the disappearances began to occur without the loss of a structure or dwelling. Over the course of several generations it is now a commonly held belief of those who live within the forest that they are merely tolerated, and to encroach too far would see the visitation of a wrath too terrible to behold, clearly, as no one yet has seemingly survived to tell such a tale.

Though the Clan is partly known for the bizzare springs within their home, their main reputation comes from a combination of the Naralon forest, and the devanu of the wastes. Within the boundaries of the forest live a colony of graku, who dwell amidst the burrows and warrens of the trees in relative peace, emerging to hunt the other inhabitants, and potentially any unlucky fubarnii who wander too close. Many fubarnii from Orel consider it to be a trial of bravery to cross the boundaries of the forest and capture a graku, or several, of their own. Subsequently due to the nature of most fubarnii, many never try but a significant few always aim to prove their worth, and occasionally the annoyed graku don't eat one. Due to the proximity of the graku, many fubarnii with a sense of adventure or wanderlust attempt to train the graku as hunting companions. Though succeeding isn't easy, the quantity of hunters that rejoin Clan Orel'an have given rise to a certain reputation for taking risks to ensure the job gets done.

Many of Clan Orel'an live in the small mountain range of Orel'as, within a haphazard mix of structures that are roughly cylindrical in shape should they be seen from above, and which nearly always go below ground in to a series of tunnels and warrens. As the prosperity of the Clan has grown, so too has its defences, and Orel itself boasts high walls and towers, laced with the fruits of engineer Jehrah's labour, though not many understand what the large tubes actually do. The constant raids from roving bands of devanu have also had a significant part in shaping Orel, and as of late the Orel'as mountains and Orel hosts sizable barracks for the standing militia and Knights of Orelis. The general aesthetic is of rougher stone topped with thatching under tiles, to help ward the buildings from the pervading breeze, though for the many who live within Orel'as it can be seen that their preference is of smoothly hewn stone. For many families it is a source of pride that their walls are smooth regardless of constant attack, and the sounds of shaping stone can be heard each time Clan Orel'an hosts one of the frequent Min'Caft, also known as presentations of the dwellings themselves, to help distract the citizens from the horrors of the raids.

A portion of the Clan resides at the edge of the Naralon forest, though never too far from the boundaries, lest they not return. These forest dwellings are typically wooden and reinforced with slabs of stone at key branches. Due to the structure of the trees, such structures are rarely as insulated as those in Orel, as the winds from the wastes often break upon the trees and thus erode the houses far less. Their height also aids in protecting them from not just the elements, but any roving devanu who decide to chance the risks of the forest rather than crash against the defensive might of the Orel’as. As the buildings go in to the forest and towards older trees, they rise ever further from the ground with a host of gantries and ropes between them, to escape the predators below, though many of these newer structures are marked with warnings and wards, detailing those who have gone beyond yet never returned.

Of those who live on the edge of the forest are a select number of fubarnii, who not only braved the attentions of the graku, but who have seemingly come to an agreement with them. These fubarnii pride themselves on being able to relate to, and command, the graku, though both sides are aware it is merely for convenience. The graku provide these self-styled hunters with a means of defeating prey and quarry, and the hunters provide the graku with guidance on where to find the choicest morsels. It is not uncommon for great numbers of hunters with veritable hordes of graku to descend upon the forest in times of need to quell any trouble. The vigilance of the hunters and their charges aids greatly in the safety of those homes in the forest, though many patrol the wastes around Orel, scouting for the Knights of Orelis and pinpointing devanu attacks when they come.


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Title: Re: Clan Anis, the Hunters' Den
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Looks good Geckilian. :)

I didn't think a land route to Majorn Anis had been made I thought it was a sea only route, I could well be wrong though.

One idea I have come up with for my clan is that they trade timber, as its fairly rare in the Empire, so they have woodsmen. Teams of woodsmen and herders with slings go out and chop down the trees and sometimes these little group come under attack from Devanu. I have a basic idea for stats but essentially herders without slings but a modifier for opponents toughness save due to the heavy two-handed axes they wield. Just thought it might be something useful for you (and Clan Anis) with such a large forest nearby. I had completely forgotten about hunters though so I will have to include them in the fluff ;)


P.S. I was tempted by this part of the map but something else caught my eye in the end.

Title: Re: Clan Anis, the Hunters' Den
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You realise that there is history of Majorn Anis already?

It was a floating city that the empire built to (from memory) explore the eastern sea and hunt out new lands. It didn't get far before it was shipwrecked. As I understood it, From memory, there aren't overland routes established, just the perilous see passage.

Title: Re: Clan Anis, the Hunters' Den
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As Alan has hinted, I'm going to be a tad picky about this area as I already have thoughts on its history... The ideas are useful though  :)

Title: Re: Clan Anis, the Hunters' Den
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Continued here due to a maximum post length....


The Clan
Clan Structure
Clan Orel’an is led by a cadre of traders, those enterprising fubarnii families who forged their way through the wastes to establish trade. Knowing their vulnerability however the main trader family, led by Orel'an Het, has appointed the engineer Jehrah to supervise defences, well aware  the little engineer seems to have a knack for explosions. Jehrah however acknowledges his own limitations, as much as they chafe at him, and tutors a host of apprentices who not only learn from him, but who teach each other the lessons of siege craft, either through the brutally harsh lessons of trial and error, or through the gleaned knowledge from those few who have been further north.  Many civilians have also enlisted as militia, though due to the position of the clan it is vaguely rare for any from Clan Orel’an to see any normal Knights from the Empire as such forces tend to concentrate of the east of the Agoran wastes, helping to protect the central Empire against the devanu attacks. Due to the location, Knights of Orelis appear naturally frequently, housed in the barracks within Orel or living within the boundaries of the Naralon forest.

Due to the escalating attacks several members of the Knights of Orelis are climbing their way up the heirarchy of Clan Orel'an, for few can argue their tenacity and drive to protect the Clan, especially those who are partnered with a graku’kan. Militia captains however are in somewhat short supply, and it is a common occurrence for the younger traders, atop an enuk for greater visibility, to be ordering the militia around. Such a duty is regarded by the elders of the clan to not only effectively get rid of any impudent upstarts, but to also mould them in to a trader to be reckoned with, should they survive. Many of the elders on the council themselves were given such duties, and it has been said that the steel will of Orel’an Het was forged in battle with the devanu, though other more cynical fubarnii point out that if he had not possessed such a will, his graku’kan Ophelid would have eaten him long ago.

Notably, Clan Orel'an has a high number of hunters. Over time, and as more successful hunters have emerged, it is they who have begun protecting the traders of Clan Orel'an as they travel with their wares whenever the Knights of Orelis are stretched thin. Though disparaging of the jenta who leave the trade familes to 'acquire' graku, the sempa of Clan Orel'an grudgingly accept the convenience of the wayward hunters, as the margins saved due to not having to hire hosts of mercenaries goes a long way to repair any hurt familial pride. It is not uncommon therefore to see trade caravans escorted by several experienced, as well as a few inexperienced, hunters and herders, a small host of graku scouting ahead to warn of, and occasionally eat, threats. Those of the hunters who desire more, be it power whether political or physical, riches or respect, often hunt for the graku’kan in order to become a Knight of Orelis. Though there exists stigma whever contact with Knights of the Empire is made, for the hunters such a position is a mark of pride and one to take seriously, no matter who disagrees with their method. Regardless, accidents can and do happen, and with high frequency with certain graku’kan. As such, and coupled with the harsh lifestyle of battle and a constant battle of wills, many Knights of Orelis vacate their positions earlier than they would wish, and it is an ambitious hunter who attempts to impose their will upon a suddenly free graku’kan.

Military Organisation
The higher than usual concentration of graku-herders has also given rise to a remarkably specific method of hunting down any devanu band deemed small enough to be actively chased, the Knights of Orelis. These ‘knights’ are more lightly armoured than the Knights of Relan found closer to the central Empire, in part due to their nature – they are not officially recognised as knights of the Empire. It has been said by some they are little more than a glorified Clan Orel’an militia, but the brutality of the Knights of Orelis has earnt the grudging respect of many of the clan. With the proximity of Orel and the fubarnii within, many Knights of Orelis come from the city and, as such, are accompanied by their 'trusted' graku, though it is not unknown for mercenaries accompanying other traders visiting Orel to try and enlist within the dubiously prestigious ‘order’, for the reputation it brings.

Utilising the barren wasteland and rocky outcrops common in the wastes, the Knights of Orelis relentlessly pursue any devanu and their hunting beasts on almost equal terms, enuk haderis and graku helping them match the speed and ferocity of a devanu attack. The enuk haderis are mostly used by those within the order who came come from without, for  the Knights of Orelis who truly belong to Clan Orel’an and who reside within the Naralon forest often take to the wastes upon their graku’kan, a breed of graku far fiercer and larger than their smaller kin. Those who have managed to saddle, let alone ride, a graku’kan command respect from their fellow hunters as true peers of the graku and their ways. It is for this reason more than anything else that Clan Orel'an is known as 'The Hunters' Den', playing host to a band of soldiers that the fubarnii civilians and militia have come to regard in awe at their reckless bravery.

The current commander of the Knights of Orelis is Kad'erac Hef, a straightforward fubarnii who views the devanu threats as a simple situation – eradicate the devanu and the problem disappears. However such a goal continues to elude him, though he maintains a dogged belief that such an occurrence will be accomplished by the Knights of Orelis at some point in the future. Under his command and directions, patrols move in ever increasing arcs outwards from Orel and Orel’as in order to hunt down the threats as they arrive. Though said by some to not be the most efficient of approaches due to the large amounts of lost time, Kad’erac Hef points out that each time the patrol has always returned, and that most likely due to such an approach no notably large devanu bands have attacked the clan within living memory. As with all things however, many elders within the clan claim such a time is soon to come as the number of attacks rises.

Clan Orel’an, like other clan, still has a standing militia. Due to the nature of the wastes these civilians are hardier than some other clan militia, having been subjected to the weather of the wastes and pressure of numerous attacks. Weak militia are often weeded out quickly, and thus those who remain are generally more savvy and almost always more cynical. Even so, within each militia there is always the knowledge that like the rock Okkan, the clan will endure.

The militia is bolstered by the herders of the clan, who have a dual purpose role – where the militia may defend the walls of Orel and Orel’as, and the Knights of Orelis may defend the approaches and surrounding wastes, the herders make their stand upon the mountain defences themselves. Armed with sling staves and mounds of hewn stone they use the elevation of the mountain and fortified balconies to rain down a hail of stones upon the heads of any attacking forces. Even with the efforts of the militia and knights, it has been clear several times that without such a barrage the day would have been lost, for though a devanu may dodge several stones, the sheer weight of fire has proven the end of many.

Notable Fubarnii of the Clan
-- Orel’an Het
Born to a pair of hunters within the clan, Het inherited their sense of adventure and wanderlust. Often wandering out to look upon the wastes, Het was reprimanded time and time again as his parents tried to instil within him a proper respect for the danger of the barren lands surrounding Orel. Whenever they went to protect a caravan or journey to the Naralon forest to reacquaint with their graku charges Het would beg to accompany them, only to be declined. One day however he snuck out after them.

Before his own eyes he saw the devanu attack the caravan, what appeared to be a host of grishak led by a weary sempa. Fear kept him from crying out, and that is what likely saved his life as he saw hunter after hunter brought down, his parents among them. As he crouched in the lee of a rocky outcrop, he watched as a pair of knights atop graku’kan charged and drove off the grishak, trampling the tired sempa as she attempted to flee. With the caravan safe from attack, the knights once more took up their protective watch, finally noticing Het as he went to dart after them, whimpers of panic spilling from his beak. Though stern and disapproving of his actions, one of the pair felt sympathy for the jenta, and took him on almost as a protégé.

Over the next few years Het learned under the Knight of Orelis called Mehren Speth, and all throughout the memory of his parents perishing remained with him. As he grew, so too did his resolve to become a knight and, once he was deemed old enough by Mehren, he went to acquire a graku of his own. It was several days before Mehren saw Het again, and to her surprise Het had not one, but two graku, though each seemed more comfortable with the other of the pair than most graku Mehren knew about. It was then that Mehren regarded Het as truly gifted, and taught him ever more of the Knights of Orelis, even taking him on many of the missions taked to her.

As Het matured in to the sempa stage of her life, she forged her way in to the Naralon forest on her own without the knowledge of Mehren, to acquire her own graku’kan. Though it took several cycles, Het tracked one down and set upon bending its will to her own, to force it to recognise her as a peer worthy of working with. Though it cost the lives of both her trained graku, Het finally managed to win over the graku’kan and proudly named it Ophelid as she rode it back to the city of Orel. Once she arrived however she was greeted with the news that Mehren has gone out to escort a trader, and Het’s elation faded as she realised her mentor wasn’t present to witness her triumph.

Het’s popularity and respect amidst the hunters grew as she came to master the riding techniques of the graku’kan, and within a few years was a preeminent member of the Knights of Orelis, even surpassing her old mentor Mehren who continued to watch on with pride. Due to the increasing devanu attacks and the nature of the fast moving hierarchy within the knights, it wasn’t long before Het was in charge of the Knights, and putting pressure upon the leading council of Clan Orel’an for more resources with which to protect the citizens and traders. Through several shrewd deals and meetings, Het managed to gain a seat on the council, and approached her duty with the same regard she had for battle – head on and with little compromise.

It did not take long for Het to win over most of the council with her ideas and strategies, and, as she matured in to the Kopa stage of her life willingly, he assumed control. For the last several years Orel’an Het, who adopted the clan title upon gaining the head seat upon the council, has been an uncompromising voice in the meeting chambers, his deciding vote shooting down those he deems too optimistic and supporting those who voice practical advice.

The demanding nature of his role keeps him from the skirmishes against the devanu, as indeed so too do his advisors for fear of his safety, though the grizzled fubarnii openly regards their protective concerns as scornful. It is with great pride that Orel’an Het guides the Knights of Orelis, and due to his upbringing he leaves the main defences of the clan, as well as trading, to others who he acknowledges are more learned in their respective areas. Even so, with all his roles and duties, he keeps Ophelid well fed and trained, for he knows that the moment a coherent foe materialises within the devanu threat, he will be needed at the front, fighting for his clan.

-- Kad'erac Hef
Kad Hef is the current leader of the Knights of Orelis, a hardy fubarnii of such resilience that his track record is unmatched by any of the knights under his command. Thus far, his mighty graku’kan has not only trampled three devanu in to the ground, but also eaten them. Kad insists it is for this reason that his graku’kan is larger than others thus far tamed, as he believes that which his graku’kan consumes makes it stronger. Unusually however he is still to name his graku’kan, instead merely terming it as his clan brother, and referring it as Orel’an if need be.

Bulkier than those under his command, Kad is covered in scars. His knights view him as having almost supernatural luck, having survived several blows that they claim would have slain anyone else. This, coupled with his ferocity when leading the charge, has earned him the honorific erac from his knights, who follow him with resolute determination. Eschewing the normal weapons of the knights, Kad’erac Hef instead uses a modified pair of gauntlets mounting the largest claws from the devanu his graku’kan has killed, or at least those he’s been able to salvage. Having no ability to create armour himself, Kad considers himself in debt to Jehrah for the creation of the gauntlets, though unknown to him Jehrah has only glimpsed the gauntlets once, having delegated their creation to several of his apprentices.

One of the largest concerns for Kad Hef, devanu attacks aside, are the living conditions of the Knights of Orelis. With Orel’an Het’s patronage, Kad has managed to fund the creation of much larger barracks, expanding them as much as he is able to further recruit knights. Though each recruit naturally needs to prove themselves competent in order to join, it is Kad’s proposal that has led to a sharp increase in the numbers of knights, as it is by his word that mercenaries from outside the clan are permitted to join, though they tend not to ride the graku’kan but rather enuk haderis, though a select talented few have managed to assume control of ‘vacated’ graku’kan.

-- Jehrah Pelaan
The resident head engineer of Clan Orel’an, Jehrah Pelaan is regarded with guarded suspicion by many of the clan. His open demeanour and encouraging words have been sacrilegiously said by some to be smoother than those of the Enarii, those same some having noticed that his promises don’t always ring true, or as they believed. Never the less, his ingenuity has aided the clans defences, and his discovery of the hot springs within the Orel’as mountains due to his drilling has gained him a hefty amount of political power. His system of pipes confuses most fubarnii, but none dispute the utility of being able to always collect water from set points within the mountains.

Jehrah maintains a veritable horde of apprentices, who specialise in everything from his pipework to tactical defences, and it is this group of academics who have allowed Jehrah to achieve overall command of the Clan Orel’an military as Jehrah can quickly disseminate new information and disperse it efficiently via runners and apprentices to where needs it most. Due in part to his part in constructing them no one else knows the extensive tunnel system within the Orel’as mountains as well as he, much to the suspicion of several council members, though his smooth words have deflected the strongest accusations thus far, even with the occasional criticism of Orel’an Het.

Thus far his most lauded creation has been his small drilling rig, a contraption that can strap to the chest of a fubarnii with an expansive counterweight upon the back, balancing the weight of the cogs and drill on the front. A small handle on the side can be cranked enthusiastically to rotate the forward drill, and this creation has aided several of Jehrah’s apprentices excavate stone to place new pipe work. So far the unfortunate side effect of the brace crushing the fubarnii wearing it has been explained away by Jehrah as user error, and due to council pressure each new apprentice who dons it first has to peruse a rather large binder of safety notes before they are allowed to operate it.

His enterprising approach has thus far almost secured him a council seat twice, one of the few things he truly craves. However his desire for such a position of power is not quite for nefarious plans as espoused by his main detractors, but rather is merely to acquire more resources with which to experiment and create ever more elaborate pipes and drills.


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History of the Clan
The beginning of Clan Orel'an
Coming soon.

Myths of the Clan
The Rise of Okkan
One day in the mists of history, the Enarii looked down upon Anyaral and saw the boundaries of the wastes. The winds howled, and the sands shifted, but above all, the rocks wore away.

This caused sadness in the Enarii, who believed what had been created should be pure and whole, though they could not remake what was already made, for what was made must endure.

And so did the Enarii reach down to the wastes and pick up a rock, imbuing it with resilience and hope, so that it may stand against the winds and sands.

Thus they placed it, and it stood. The winds howled, and it stood. The sands scoured, and it stood. Pleased with their work, the Enarii turned from the rock, knowing that it would be a beacon within the wastes.

Much time passed, and a lonely travelling fubarnii stumbled to his knees upon the harsh sand. His hope had fled, and he felt that he was to end within the dusty sands.

As he committed his thoughts to parchment, the fubarnii looked up and beheld the rock that had been placed by the Enarii. He saw that even with the winds, it stood. He saw that even with the sands, it stood.

So too did he stand, his belief firm in the revelation of the rock. It such a simple thing could withstand all, then so could his people.  Resolute, the fubarnii marched from that place, his head held high.

The fubarnii marched and marched, finding those who had lost hope, those who had lost family, those who had simply lost all. And to each he revealed the rock and its example, and they joined him in hope.

When all had been saved from the wastes, the fubarnii returned to the rock one last time, his body aged and frail, but still standing. Upon the rock he placed his last possession, and whispered the name of the hope that had kept him marching ever on to help others.

He whispered Okkan, for Okkan was the hope instilled in him by the Enarii, and Okkan was the rock named.

The fubarnii then finally sat at the base of the rock, and rejoined Anyaral. The Enarii, having heard his last words, bore him to Enar to join them as they saw his life and his actions from the rock. And thus did Okkan prove its purpose, and for this purpose it still stands.

The Veil of Bekgaron
As the wastes howled, an Enarii walked amidst the rocks and sands. With each turn, the Enarii saw the rocks move and skitter, chasing the winds.

Walking to several rocks, the Enarii bade them be still, and they were still. Taking a quill, he inscribed upon them his message, and placed them thus, and they were marked and still.

Pleased with his work, the Enarii imbued within each rock one of his aspects, for the Enarii was tired and longed for Enar.

Within one rock he placed fear, for he no longer desired to feel fear, and the rock was fear.

Within one rock he placed anger, for he no longer desired to feel anger, and the rock was anger.

Within one rock he placed despair, for he no longer desired to feel despair , and the rock was despair.

With his work done, and lighter of heart, the Enarii stepped between the rocks and left his troubles behind, returning to Enar and he was at peace.

Behind him were left the rocks of fear, anger and despair. They could not feel, and the aspects within were to be felt. And so did fear, anger and despair invade the wastes, touching all within, and thus the wastes were bleak.

One fubarnii sought the origin of his new fear, anger and despair, for he feared it would brings the wastes to ruin, his anger burned at the cause of the blight and he despaired he would not be able to help.

Though long, his journey found the rocks, and he saw them for what they were, and he knew fear, and he knew anger, and he knew despair. As he fell to the ground, he pleaded to Enar for the rocks to go, and the Enarii who imbued the rocks head his plea.

Seeing what he had wrought, the Enarii knew despair at his actions, and he knew anger at seeing his work fail, and he knew fear that he could not mend his work, and so he bade the fubarnii to placate the rocks.

And so the fubarnii did offer unto the rocks his possessions, and the rocks cared not. He offered un to the rocks his presence, and the rocks cared not. And to the Enarii’s horror, the fubarnii offered unto the rocks his life, and the rocks accepted.

The fear, anger and despair took the fubarnii, and remained within the rocks rather than wander the wastes, waiting for the next offering to placate them, and the Enarii did weep for what he had wrought.

Clan Relations
Economics & Trade
The vast majority of the products that Clan Orel’an exports are stone, whether fashioned in to small trinkets and carvings or in slab and block form. Whilst the smaller items prove popular amidst clans with limited access to large quantities of rock, it is the blocks which prove to be the most lucrative, due to many clans valuing them as precious building blocks to reinforce defences or even build homes. Several times within living memory other clan have approached Clan Orel’an traders to negotiate large orders, and the clan can claim that the stone quarried from the Orel’as not only protects the clan, but the households of other important nobles across Anyaral. As such product is remarkably heavy it is often transported only large sleds hauled by the clan’s belan, and these large caravans are often the safest due to the sheer number of fubarnii that accompany them making it unwise to attack, as well as the majority of the product being irrelevant to a devanu attacker.

Water is also an important trading commodity for Clan Orel’an, siphoned from the hot springs within the Orel’as mountains. As the wastes are dry near constantly such a resource is carefully managed, and thus only what is deemed to be entirely superfluous to need, emergency need and flippant need is ever traded. Due to the minerals within the water it has a bitter or brackish taste, depending on which area it has been siphoned from. This taste hardly bothers the doughty Oreli, who consider it to be a good reminder of the nature of the wastes and the hardship they face, though it is often not to the delicate tastes of many fubarnii outside of the clan. The trade arises however from clans who value the water as an ingredient for cooking, as the natural salts and minerals within the water can enhance a dish, or even change its overall taste entirely. For this reason often traders from Clan Orel’an are willing to trade small amounts of water for recipes involving it, as long as the other ingredients are readily available through trade or foraging.

Though more uncommon than stone or water, lumber is still traded with others clans, harvested from the boundaries of the Naralon forest. Due to other nearby clans also being near to the source of such wood such trading often occurs much further afield, and aside from stone brings the most return in physical items considered by the Oreli to be exotic, such as styles of clothing and small trinkets and contraptions with differing cultural significance to their own. Formal clothing from the heart of the central Empire is often seen as too soft and flamboyant for day to day life however, and as such is rarely worn. Even so, many families wear they best they can at each Min'Caft, so as to impress the neighbours. More valued are the sets of clothing that are protective of hard wearing in nature, as these can be worn as signs of extravagance without sacrificing practicality, a trait important to the Oreli.

Though the occasional trader may barter away beasts of burden, most deals concerning livestock are to bring in more, for belan are greatly valued by the clan traders due to their prodigious strength in hauling stone and wood. Enuks are also seen as useful to act as mounts for the traders and to carry personal belongings, though in the harsher conditions many traders argue that the enuk haderis is much more suitable, its increased bulk and thicker skin proof against the winds of the wastes.

With what could be seen as an abundance of graku, it is no wonder that the hunters of Clan Orel’an travel further afield often when the desire and wanderlust overtakes them. Many hunters visit other clans to teach their ways in return for local knowledge, and several have achieved a status akin to that of an engineer, such is the drive and attention to detail that they show for this area of study. Naturally then many hunters also hire themselves out as mercenaries for short lengths of time, using their pay to generally acquire more durable equipment to better their overall chances of survival not only on the trek home, but when dealing with their graku charges and the critters of the Naralon forest. Not only that, but due to the sheer numbers of hunters that travel with traders to act as protection, and considering how extensively the traders travel, it is not entirely uncommon to see hunters from Clan Orel’as dressed somewhat eclectically, picking and choosing those garments they deem best from several clan cultures.

Enemies of the Clan
Coming soon.


Edit6: Changed this post in to the economics and myths section, starting myths should hopefully be up within a day or two.
Edit7: First 2 myths added.

Title: Re: Clan Genek, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Lost Egg on May 07, 2011, 05:17:43 pm
Looks good Geckilian. Thought you might be interested in this which I just spotted in one of Mikes ramblings...

The Argoran Wastes are perhaps the least welcoming area of Anyaral. A large number of Devanu have retreated to the wastes, scraping survival in spite of the harsh conditions. The clans of this region (Ganera and Orel) have to fight constant battles with the Devanu, and no attempts to clear the territories have been successful. The wastes are devoid of much foliage, with craggy rocks and small scrubby bushes and vast swathes of sand dominating the landscapes.


Title: Re: Clan Genek, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Lost Egg on May 07, 2011, 07:08:28 pm
Just been reading Beastlord's thread on the Bedhun and I think you guys may have picked the same location...

Perhaps we need some sort of sticky for this board so its clear who's working on which places to avoid confusion.


Title: Re: Clan Genek, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 07, 2011, 11:36:51 pm
Cheers for the heads up on the ramblings snippet HN, I'll build that in to an enemies of the clan section. As for picking an area already occupied, damn it. Clan's relocating west to Orel. I hope that's not taken by anyone?

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 08, 2011, 12:03:39 am
Right, everything edited to reflect the relocation, hopefully I caught it all. As before, rewrote a few sections. I very much second HN's notion of a sticy thread showing who has what location.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Carcharoth on May 08, 2011, 08:36:07 am
I'm liking the look of this clan so far.

I need to have a think about the Knights of Orelis though - the Enuk Nobilis is a rare beast and notionally all are owned by the Emperor himself. The Knights of Orelis sound like a glorified militia (clan army) who are taking a grandious title... I would suggest that they ride a large breed of enuk. They may be close relatives of the Enuk Nobilis, but thay are distinctively different. The Enuk Nobilis did originate to the west of Orel, so that actually fits quite nicely.

I imagine the Emperor's knights would be more densely located to the east of the Agoran wastes, but they would still provide their services across that region.

The Oreli would know not to venture beyond a certain distance into the woods. It sounds like there is an unspoken agreement that allows them to occupy the borders. They don't know who the agreement is with, but those who have tried to push that border haven't returned.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Lost Egg on May 08, 2011, 09:12:10 am
Sounds good to me so far Geckilian.

You know what they say...third time lucky ;)


Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 08, 2011, 09:20:03 am
Cheers for the imput and ideas! I agree on the Nobilis, but it was the closest current figure mechanically for what I imagine them to be. In an ideal world, I'd want them to ride bigger Graku - maybe Graku'kan, fitting a 40mm base.

That'd warrant the 4+ save as the riders would essentially be wearing proper armour, and would tie in with the hunters angle.

The Knights of Orelis are most likely a glorified clan militia, but with most being hunters first they're going to put militia to shame (especially if they end up riding Graku'kan).

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 08, 2011, 05:08:20 pm
There we go, added lots more expotion based on the last point and feedback so far. I have a host of ideas for economics, military, myths and notables of the clan, so I'll start fleshing out those next.

I also will be eventually breaking down the landscape section in to subsections, and as long as Paint is acceptable there will be a map with more details added soon(ish).

So, any thoughts and feedback on the new stuff?

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Carcharoth on May 08, 2011, 08:45:52 pm
Thats good. You should maybe mark the new sections as you go as I'm not sure if I've missed bits!

The graku-kan make good placeholders for the moment... Not managed to get one looking right yet. I might suggest the graku-kan as a more unusual addition to the knighthood. More of a character than a standard unit?

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 08, 2011, 11:56:09 pm
Right-o, I'll try and colour code new additions.

Concerning the frequency of the graku'kan, maybe a proportion of the Knights ride them similar to the mix of KalDerak and KalGush for the Delgon? So not quite characters, but more of an inner circle within the Knights?

In terms of appearance I imagine them to be near twice the size of a graku, bulkier in the waist and thicker in the shoulders, forearms, hips and thighs. Head would only be about 1 and a half times the size of a regular graku. With the discussion about a poisonous bite, I think of them as somewhat grumpy komodo dragons, maybe a bit faster.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 09, 2011, 02:48:18 pm
Right, added some detail on two select rock formations, reordered some of the paragraphs to fit with the new subsections and what not. Later tonight I'll add some detail to the economics, myths and notables sections - I may need to cannibalise a third of my earlier posts, as ideally I'd like the whole thing to be in consecutive posts. No idea if posts can be moved around within a topic?

I also coloured the new additions green, including anything I reworded. Apologies if anyone is colourblind and has trouble seeing it, if so let me know and I'll try another colour.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Carcharoth on May 09, 2011, 06:10:14 pm
The green works well.

How does the warm spring water taste? Good or bad?

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 09, 2011, 07:59:20 pm
The doughty Oreli would no doubt say it tastes adequate, and helps reflect the harsh reality of battle. To those not from the wastes it likely tastes slightly bitter, though as such it has been used in several dishes to great effect.

Edit: Added more information to the military section, most notably about Kad'erac Hef, the inclusion of mercenaries within the knights, and herders. Also added bios for Orel'an Het, Jehrah Pelaan and Kad'erac Hef.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Megatron0 on May 09, 2011, 08:26:45 pm
They should freeze it at night in open vats! that might cool it down :)

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 09, 2011, 11:11:59 pm
Hmm. Interesting idea, though such an approach would probably only arise if enough potential buyers wished for it to be cold, as the Oreli still consider it to be comparatively cool, since the outside of their home is the wastes.

Also added the economics and trade section, still working on myths. In fun and interesting news, up to over 6k words.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Megatron0 on May 10, 2011, 12:04:37 am
Hmm. Interesting idea, though such an approach would probably only arise if enough potential buyers wished for it to be cold, as the Oreli still consider it to be comparatively cool, since the outside of their home is the wastes.

Only the rich Fubarnii should drink this new fangled 'Iced' water :D

In fun and interesting news, up to over 6k words.

That is some serious wordage right there. 4k+ and you will have written more then I did on my uni dissertation :/

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 10, 2011, 03:09:01 pm
Hmm, iced water as a reserve of the rich would work fairly well for some clans, and Clan Orel'an may do it purely to sell it to them, but I don't feel it quite fits with their general lifestyle, but it's still a good idea as a whole, cheers.

As for serious wordage, cheers. I'm aiming for over the 10k mark to start with, then from there it's fleshing out smaller and smaller details and what not. As such, I've added the first 2 myths on the first page of this thread, and if I get enough time this evening I'll try to add another or two. Feedback as always is greatly appreciated, as I've aimed for the first 2 to be somewhat bleak or bittersweet.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Lost Egg on May 10, 2011, 04:43:51 pm
Right just finished reading the revised opening sections. Got a couple of quick points...

First off it might be a good idea to update your map as Orel only appears on the far left hand side.

With the section on Naralon Forest I can't imagine many Fubarnii would go to the trouble and excess of building dwellings in trees just to see if they were attacked. Perhaps instead they notice that some areas were attacked while others were not.

Will try and read some more in a bit.


Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 10, 2011, 06:26:46 pm
Yeah, I really do need to revise the map, it's simply working out exactly what I want to add to it first.

I imagine the fubarnii building within the forest and trying to test the limits with what they have, which is building materials, rather than waiting to see who gets attacked. In the long run they get attacked anyway, and notice which areas it is as you mention.

Also, managed to paint up a test Enuk Haderis -


It's the Nobilis, minus the scales on it's back (I'm aware they aren't really scales) and nose ridge, with the underside of the neck slightly trimmed too. Makes a good bulkier enuk. I also had to bend it down slightly, to get away from the aloof look.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Lost Egg on May 10, 2011, 06:46:52 pm
I like the conversion, works well.

Myths are cool, especially the first one.

Definitely picking up the hunter theme, any plans to give the hunters other beasts to work with? Perhaps some kind of flyer?


Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Carcharoth on May 11, 2011, 10:18:52 pm
Nice job with the enuk haderis. If you felt more ambitious I would suggest you bulked out and lengthened the tail to balance the forward-leaning pose.

I've been doodling this evening and would like to run this past you all, particularly Geckilian...


Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 11, 2011, 10:33:49 pm
Oh my. Oh my indeed.

That is simply excellent, and pretty much exactly spot on when I envisage the Knights of Orelis. A huge thank you Mike.

I especially like the more feral tribal designs compared to the knights of the central empire, and the helmet mirroring the graku'kan is a great touch that hadn't occurred to me at all. Glad to see the baggage, as they spend a lot of time on missons escorting traders or hunting down threats. I can't really think of anything to change.

At times I wonder if a concept artwork should make me this enthusiastic about writing.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Megatron0 on May 11, 2011, 10:34:15 pm
Yes I really like it and it really fits.
also the knights pack is a great touch :D

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Beastlord on May 11, 2011, 10:45:48 pm
I love that! I want one! When can I have one?  :o ;D

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on May 11, 2011, 10:48:10 pm
Dibs on the first 10 I'm afraid....

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Lost Egg on May 12, 2011, 06:56:29 am
Awesome. I could imagine he'd put the wind up the Devanu.


Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Carcharoth on May 12, 2011, 01:32:57 pm
There's no plan to sculpt any just yet, so don't get too excited!

Good work on the myths. I like how you've written them.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Geckilian on June 04, 2011, 10:36:49 pm
It's been a while since the last update. I've got 2 more myths in the wings, plus some details for the other sections. However, this is already coasting at around 7,000 words or so. I'm happy to keep going should feedback appear, but first I'd be interested in hearing as to who's read this so far? If this is deemed to be 'enough' details for the clan for now I'll most likely move on to bits of narrative fiction in a separate thread.

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Lost Egg on June 05, 2011, 07:14:48 am
Well I've read it!

Tis good work Geckilian but I wouldn't add too much more info as too much text can be a put off, especially if there aren't sketches/images to break it up. You have the basics of the clan but I think it would be better if you concentrated on myths etc to give a sense of flavour...just what is their life like, let us see it through their eyes. If all that makes sense.


Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: serin on April 25, 2013, 01:24:12 pm
Since Tom (my son) bought some Clan Orelan at Salute, I thought I would have a read of this section. Very interesting. Are there likely to be any other developments?
Are any of the characters mentioned likely to be sculpted?

Title: Re: Clan Orel'an, the Hunters' Den
Post by: Carcharoth on April 26, 2013, 07:14:05 am
Chris did a great job fleshing out Clan Orelan and its been fun bringing that to life. I haven't got any immediate plans for characters, but I wouldn't dismiss the idea at some point. At the moment you've got lots of suitable conversion bits etc to tweak characters (contact me if you would like any bits - spare swords, knight of relan lance - both could work well on the Grakukan to make a major character. Maybe a head swap from the nobleguard special head sprue?