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Title: Lost Journal...
Post by: Megatron0 on May 15, 2011, 08:35:40 pm
So i thought I would start work on a Devanu clan but the problem is it sort of spiraled into a piece of fiction xD There is more to come! but in the style of true suspense I shall only give a little at a time! I hope you enjoy!

Lost Journal

Day 26
“I am convinced that it will work this time.
I have followed the calculations perfectly and the workers have been instructed on how to operate the blasted thing.
It is hot here and the sun beats down on us relentlessly. We have been digging for weeks and still have not reached the natural bedrock. Sometimes I feel like I have made a terrible mistake.”

Day 31

“I have sent several requests to the capital for militia to ease my workforces’ mind. It seems the more we dig the more agitated they become. No word has been heard from the capital. We are completely isolated here. Maybe tomorrow will be better…”

Day 42

“Nights here are terrible, I spend most of them in my personal quarters. I see shadows dance across my tent at night, some are not Fubarnii”

Day 43

“Success! We have reached the natural! I knew it could be done! Those fools at the academy mocked me but no more! I will continue construction with renewed vigour! The generators have been set up around the area and the drill primed “

Day 44

“There was commotion around the site today. Many workers had gathered to what the drilled area had opened up.
Enar protect us! Heading into the cavern I was met by a sight! Across the ground lay several remains of Devanu but of great size! These are all, no doubt, an ancient breed but to find them! There bodies’ outstretched, long tails curling at the tip, beaks pointed cruelly, their bones now turned to rock but still a terrible sight to behold. I had the fossils removed at once and placed in my quarters.
I will send word of this matter to the Lanak immediately.”

Day 45

“They will not eat, will not sleep! All that is heard from them is how this placed is cursed! The cavern is now sealed off to prevent any further hysteria. I will not let their superstition get in the way of progress!
Tomorrow I will reactivate the drill”

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Interesting...I think I can see where this is heading.


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I wish i knew what that was ;D

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Quatermass and the pit. Don't worry, alan's just showing his age  ;)

Will be fun to see how this develops  :)

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Post by: Megatron0 on May 16, 2011, 12:32:24 pm
Day 50
Progress is going well with the drilling. I have now had time to examine the remains of the “Proto-Devanu”. It appears we have stumbled onto a family group and in my possession now resides a large collection of fossilised remains. From initial sketches and examination I am convinced that there are two Kopas, four Sempas and twelve Jentas along with a host of other remains which I will classify later.
What interests me is that despite the time the remains are in excellent condition and now doubt this should further my career in the guild and court.”

Day 53

“All drilling has ceased. There was a terrible explosion at the generator. Several of my workforces are dead, several more injured and numerous missing. There are whispers of sabotage and creatures stalking the camp at night. Everyday there are more disappearances! We MUST continue at all costs! I will not go back empty-handed. My vision will be completed.”

Day 55

“I have ceased ALL operations. Today the chief engineer was found dead in his tent. His insides splattered across the room. Many plans have gone missing along with specimens of fossilised skin and egg samples that he was studying on loan from me. I have sent an immediate request for aid. I believe it is a Devanu attack but none of our scouts’ have reported any activity. I fear that this will never end”

Day 60
I visited the cavern today. It was open…
Most workers have fled! Cowards!
As I climbed down into the cavity I was shocked as I beheld a terrible sight. Blood was splattered across the room and the walls. The smell was nauseating. I continued to dig in silence. The hours passed as I unearthed more artefacts, more clues as to the true nature of what I have discovered. My findings will be discussed later, the carriage is here now. I must leave.”

And that ends the prologue! Can you guess what is going to happen? ;D