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Author Topic: Observations: On the Sgru'ba  (Read 2405 times)
« on: July 04, 2010, 05:03:25 am »

A noxious creature, the Sgru'ba are squat, waddling scavengers that smell of the rotten vegetation. Easily identified by their backs full of bristles and large lower jaw, Sgru'ba are found primarily in thick underbrush and underground. These creatures are also blind, sensing smell, vibrations and temperature through thick bristles. A diminutive creature, they are less than half the height of a Fubarnii but their tall bristles often reach slightly above the head of a Fubarnii.

As these creatures lack eyesight, their primary sensing organs are six unique bristles along their lower jaw, augmented by the bristles along its back. While flexible, these bristles are the primary reason Sgru'ba are tolerated among the Fubarnii. When properly treated, these bristles make for fine quality writing implements. They are also bundled together, serving as a more flexible replacement for short pieces of wood or metal. 

However, these advantages are offset by the odor a Sgru'ba emits. Their unpleasant smell is a result of the thick, waxy substance that grows along the length of a Sgru'ba, which serves as a protective fungicidal coating. When collected and refined, this substance is used to protect stored food and goods from spoilage by fungi when stored underground. It does, however, have a bitter taste that is very difficult to remove.

This distinctive, overly large jaw serves several purposes, primarily as a means to push through the thick undergrowth and loose topsoil that the Sgru'ba live in. It also makes an excellent impromptu club, augmenting the defensive capabilities of its smell and digging claws. However, the weight of this jaw and the thick neck force the Sgru'ba to turn their head to one side to bite or swallow most objects.

 In the wild, Sgru'ba prefer shallow holes in dark, protected places, but it is not uncommon to see several on the outskirts of a Fubarnii settlement, rummaging through anything. While Sgru'ba can be domesticated and raised for their bristles, their smell keeps this from being practical.

While Sgru'ba do share the three-stage lifecycle of Jenta, Sempa and Kopa, the difference between these stages in physical differences are small. As a Sgru'ba ages through its short life, they gain an increasing number of bristles and dull scales along their top.
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