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Author Topic: Giant from Warploque Miniatures  (Read 2155 times)
Laughing Ferret
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« on: September 18, 2011, 11:33:41 pm »

If you haven't seen Warploque's miniatures before you might appreciate them, they have a style that appeals to me much in the same way that Twilight minis do. 
-in fact, on his site the 'death kiwis' might make good random encounters in a Twilight game!

but for now.. time is running out on a miniature to be cast or not to cast....

Time's Running out on Warploque's Giant ... only 4 more days

He's got a preorder set up here:

There are 6 reserved of the needed 10, but if it doesn't get to 10 it doesn't happen at all.

What's in it for me?  Not much: I'm not part of this company in any way, just a guy who is a fan of Warploque's sculpting and someone who ordered a giant and am hoping it will be made!  but I can't order 4 more   Shocked

This is probably the best looking giant I've ever seen, so if you think you may ever have use for one, then sign up for it!  It's reasonably priced and someday you may want a giant, and you'll remember this one and kick yourself that you didn't get it Wink i don't know if I'll ever use one, but it's just too fun to pass up, and my guess is, if I have it, I'll find excuses to use him.. a big brute in the center of a skirmish game.. a rogue angry giant on an island in a pirate game, the big Boss at the end of an RPG adventure, a serious threat in a fantasy Gladiator game..

The possibilities are endless, but the time isn't.

More pictures here:
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