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Author Topic: Twilight Ramblings 15 - Engineers  (Read 3059 times)
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« on: April 30, 2012, 08:33:47 pm »

There were some comments on engineers in a recent thread, so they look to be a good topic for a bit of rambling! As always, feel free to question any aspects, or suggests details...

Almost all fubarnii cultures have their own engineers (Rahkirii) - those fubarnii who are blessed/cursed with The Calling (the 'Rahki'). The Calling can manifest in many ways, but is usually recognised at an early age. A young Rahkirii generally struggles to interact with the other jenta, often introverted and avoiding other fubarnii and obsessing over trivial details. Without help a Rahkirri would probably withdraw from society and it is doubtful they would survive on their own. However, the Fubarnii recognise the seeds of potential in these individuals. They will usually find an engineer to care for the child who will do his best to nurture them. Many Rahkirii live their lives in a state of confusion or distress, unable to exorcise the demons that haunt them or incapable of meshing the complexities of the outside world with the patterns they see within their minds. A rare few will manage to harness their minds, twisting their view of the world to make sense and seeing patterns and potential that a normal fubarnii would only dream of. These individuals are the true engineers, whose vision has allowed the empire to form.
They are still not what most fubarnii would consider sane, but they are venerated and supported by the communities in which they live. The fubarnii of the village ensure that the engineer lives in comfort, delivering food even when resources are scarce, or rebuilding sections of the engineer's house where experiments go awry. In return the community often just suffers more difficulties, but just occasionally an engineer will randomly suggest something that forever improves a village, or have a period of lucidity where they work hard within the community, applying architectural improvements or implementing horticultural processes that double the yield for the mushroom harvest. Those lucid periods may last years, but may also end abruptly as the engineer gets distracted by another interest, for example cataloguing the different types of garkrid excretions (a study that has actually delivered some rather useful findings over the years).

Within the central empire there is a well structured academy that locates and trains young Rahkirii. Those who don't learn to use their gift are cared for by the academy, but those who thrive are allowed to wander back out into the Empire.

Further from the Central empire things are less structured and many Rahkirii aren't recognised and often live tragic, short lives. Wandering engineers will always look out for those individuals.

The Casanii venerate their Rahkirii and mystics, believing them to wield powers beyond the knowledge of those who aren't blessed. They are still expected to hunt and support the tribes, but are perhaps given more leeway than others if they don't fully pull their weight.

The Dhogu also venerate their Rahkirii in a similar manner, although the Rahkirii of the Dhogu are more likely to take on roles of leadership.

The Delgon don't appear to have true engineers. It is not known why, but some have positted that it may relate to the way their creches are managed. Young Delgon are not given the leeway to express their differences. Those who don't follow the strict processes of the various castes are relegated to menial tasks, and it is perhaps the case that many potential geniuses lived out their lives growing mushrooms or collecting excreta for the other Delgon. The Delgon have however 'adopted' a small number of engineers who work for them, either unwittingly, under duress or some even willingly.
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« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2012, 08:59:17 pm »

Looks good to me mate. Smiley

Perhaps with the Casanii and maybe others the Rahkirii direct their talents in more subtle ways. I could imagine that some are able to pick up on the subtle changes in the climate, behaviour of herds etc to fulfill a role more akin to a Shaman or mystic. These Rahkirii may not even be aware they are doing this and so attribute such knowledge to spirits, ancestors or the will of the Enarii. While they don't produce strange weapons etc they do "predict" the coming dangers, droughts, famines etc that will affect the tribe, allowing them to do something about it. Perhaps they could connect with these spirits etc through chanting, dance and drinking some sort of booze...a good racket if you can get it Cheesy

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« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2012, 09:30:55 pm »

Very nice musings there Mike. I like how the Dhogu fit in. Wink Apologies on not responding earlier, I was actually asleep!

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« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2012, 04:02:28 pm »

Is the academy a single location, or is it more that there are local schools? I'm wondering if the Larigal colleges fit this anywhere, being on the outer fringes of the central Empire region.

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