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Author Topic: Muilor of Gethlir  (Read 1935 times)
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« on: May 19, 2012, 04:28:02 pm »

The Fubarnii, like any other race, are lovers of tales and stories of far-off and exotic lands. One of the greatest tellers of such stories, a Kopa whose treatises are found in many a library, was the traveller and trader known as Muilor of Gethlir. Though he claims to be a Gethlirene, Muilor's mottled skin and strange combination of accents give him the constant impression of an outsider, a Fubarnii always doomed to wander.

Now a slightly stooped figure, he still travels from town to town with rolls of paper, a battered green travelling cloak, and a polished wooden staff upon which sits Lika. His pet and only companion, Lika is one of a remarkably long-lived species of large garkrid from the southern regions of the Casani lands, with vivid blue head and wings and a white body. This exotic creature is just another reminder for the young Fubarnii that flock to hear the old Kopa speak of the incredible travels he must have had. He carries a pack containing many wonders from far-off lands - polished scales of creatures unknown to the central empire, a mysterious long skull said to have come from the very depths of the Naralon forests. If some engineers or adults look skeptical about his stories of bird-creatures flying between darkened trees in the forests, ancient giants living off the coasts, or rescuing a feral clan's loveliest sempa from under the very noses of a brutal Devanu pack, it certainly does not dissuade most of his audience.

His enigmatic way of life makes him a celebrity with nobles and commoners alike, so Muilor rarely wants for food or drink. He nevertheless remains slim and gnarled from his long journeys, and is it is a weatherbeaten old face that impressionable young eyes look upon in darkened, fire-lit marketplaces as he slowly clambers to his feet and begins:
"There are many tales to be told in this land - many tales that even I have not seen! But come closer, friends, and I will tell you of many mysteries from the farthest corners of Anyaral..."

Ideas for Rules:
Cost: 25
Move: 6
Combat: 2
Support: 1
Tough: 5+
Hardened Adventurer [T] When attacked by any non-elite enemy model, Muilor's tough save increases to 4+. It takes a lot of skill to kill someone who's been good at not dying for this long!
Ranger [T]: This model may move over difficult terrain without Moving Cautiously.
Know when to run [T]: This model may move out of combat without Moving Cautiously.
Lika [R] Move as normal, Range 6”, 1CS. May even be used when Muilor is in base contact with an enemy model. When Muilor is a primary combatant and has not used Lika at range that turn, his combat ability increases by +1.
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« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2012, 09:59:52 pm »

I like it sir! Smiley

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