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Author Topic: Niksh, the Cunning  (Read 2579 times)
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« on: May 20, 2012, 01:55:19 pm »

Niksh is from a small mountain tribe of Dhogu called the Karkri. Whilst they often send their young Sempa out, particularly south to the city of Larigal but also as mercenary guards to the various cities of the Empire, they are considerably less friendly with the Delgon of the local mountains. Fiercely independent and with a reputation for discipline and guts, the Karkri have often clashed with the dark-robed priests who want to own the high mountain caves and passes they call home.

Niksh herself, as a Sempa, heard the call of the mercenary and went south, gaining a reputation for efficiency in the mayoral guards of Larigal. Becoming a Kopa and gaining the captaincy of the guard after two years in the city, Niksh protected the town from Devanu raiders among other threats. However, what he was really interested in was looking at the way the Empire Fubarnii built things - not just machines, but how they organised themselves. Armed with a diverse knowledge of tactics and a martial reputation, at the age of twenty Niksh resigned his captaincy and headed home.

Now a leader of the Karkri, he constantly struggles to reform the old tribal ways and turn the Karkri into a force in their own right. Commanding raiding bands of Dhogu and expertly leading parties of hunters and trappers, he has begun to fight back against the Delgon citadels in some of the mountain passes. Shortbow-armed ambushers lurk amid the scree slopes and rocks, Yirnak can charge into the flank of baggage trains almost without warning, and a few minor Delgon outposts have been cut off. Whilst compared to the size of the Delgon realm the Karkri are a tiny pin-prick, nevertheless their independence angers some of the high priests, who have begun to mutter of a Kopa commanding the raids. The name of Niksh the Cunning is beginning to spread...

Niksh – Special – 50pts
Move: 6
Combat: 3
Support: 2
Tough: 5+
Size: Small
Stamina: 1
Command: 8”
Dhogu Captain (8 )[L]
Ambush [L] Any small models activated by this model may choose to lie in wait this turn instead of taking any other actions. Models lying in wait must be more than 3" from an enemy and within 3" of a terrain piece. They may not be shot at and the enemy may not move into contact with them whilst they lie in wait.
Coordinated shot [L] Any two ranged models activated by this model may make their shots simultaneously, making a single attack with +1 combat stone.
Ranger [T]
Combat Trained (1)[C]
Combat Discipline* [C]

I really designed Niksh as a nucleus for a standalone Dhogu force; he boosts their ability at skirmishing and shooting, particularly when using terrain. He doesn't help much with Yirnak riders, admittedly, but then again Yirnak riders can probably help themselves quite effectively!
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« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2012, 12:44:15 pm »

I really like this idea. I like the underdog biting back. Good for a small independent Dhogu force.
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« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2012, 08:18:32 pm »

I like him, reminds me a little Braveheart Wink

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