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Author Topic: Jehrah Pelaan, 'Stonebreaker'  (Read 1713 times)
Hunter of Orelan
Distinguished Engineer
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« on: May 22, 2012, 07:27:28 pm »

The resident head engineer of Clan Orelan, Jehrah Pelaan is regarded with guarded suspicion by many of the clan. His open demeanour and encouraging words have been sacrilegiously said by some to be smoother than those of the Enarii, those same some having noticed that his promises don’t always ring true, or at least as they believed. Even so, such dissenters acknowledge that Jehrah has never outright lied, but rather misled others in to misinterpreting his words. Never the less, his ingenuity has aided the clans defences, and his discovery of the hot springs within the Orelas mountains due to his drilling has gained him a hefty amount of political power. His system of pipes confuses most fubarnii, but none dispute the utility of being able to always collect water from set points within the mountains.

Jehrah maintains a veritable horde of apprentices, who specialise in everything from his pipework to tactical defences, and it is this group of academics who have allowed Jehrah to achieve overall command of the Clan Orelan military as Jehrah can quickly disseminate new information and disperse it efficiently via runners and apprentices to where needs it most. Many council members have expressed concern at Jehrah's monopoly on most of the clan's militia and defences, stating that he doesn't treat it seriously enough. Jehrah continues to deflect the criticism and his ingenuity for steam and piping had kept most of the questioning on his dedication in check. Many of his apprentices have been confided in however, and most know he considers military matters to be an inconvenient side hobby.

Due in part to his part in constructing them no one else knows the extensive tunnel system within the Orelas mountains as well as he, much to the suspicion of several council members, though his smooth words have deflected the strongest accusations thus far about his drilling, even with the occasional criticism of Orelan Het.

Thus far his most lauded creation has been his small drilling rig, a contraption that can strap to the chest of a fubarnii with an expansive counterweight upon the back, balancing the weight of the cogs and drill on the front. A small handle on the side can be cranked enthusiastically to rotate the forward drill, and this creation has aided several of Jehrah’s apprentices excavate stone to place new pipe work. So far the unfortunate side effect of the brace crushing the fubarnii wearing it has been explained away by Jehrah as user error, and due to council pressure each new apprentice who dons it first has to peruse an increasingly large binder of safety notes before they are allowed to operate it. Risks aside, it is the drilling rig that allowed Jehrah to find the hot springs within the mountain, and the combination of the hot springs and his strange affinity for metal piping, amidst the occasional steam explosion which has often caused a small faultline, that has earnt him the affectation of 'Stonebreaker', much to his amusement.

His enterprising approach has thus far almost secured him a council seat twice, one of the few things he truly craves. However his desire for such a position of power is not quite for nefarious plans as espoused by his main detractors, but rather is merely to acquire more resources with which to experiment and create ever more elaborate pipes and drills. Jehrah's ultimate plan, a half remembered dream jotted down on scraps of paper and workbenches, is to construct the largest and most impressive underground pipe network he, or at least his apprentices, can. Though he's never understood why, he knows that Anyaral deserves, nay, needs pipes, and he is the visionary who will give them to it.

Physical Description
Of average height, Jehrah is usually swathed in several layers of thick protective clothing and leathers, the result of several close calls with steam explosions. He wears a significantly bulky backpack, covered in bits of piping, metalworking tools and small gewgaws for as he says, "You never know when you'll need a new pipe." A thick pair of gloves graces his hands and, unusually for an engineer, he wears armour on his feet to help protect them from stray bits of rock as a result of standing too close to his drill. His most prized possession however is the magnificent mutifaceted and multi-lensed pair of goggles, with a different pair of lenses for a variety of applications such as identifying rock really close, to seeing really far away, to keeping his eyes nice and sand-free.

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