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Author Topic: A few questions for my scenario background ...  (Read 2059 times)
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« on: October 01, 2010, 03:49:31 pm »

Ok, so I finally going to try to write my senario for Mike's contest, but I have some questions to ask as they might influence what I have an idea of.  I'm actually thinking of a 3 part scenario.

Here are the questions (sorry no Delgon questions here):

1. What languages do Fubarnii and Devanu speak?
    a. Could a Devnanu speak to a Fubarnii (refering to Devanu Kopa, Sempa, Jenta - not the Grishak of course Wink )?
    b. Do Devanu speak in full sentences or broken sentences?  Do they hiss?

I assume Devanu can speak to Fubarnii because as slave masters, they had to give orders/commands to their slaves.

2. What type of relationships do Fubarnii Kopa or Sempa have to their offspring?  Do they give birth and the jenta's are raised by the clan? or are they individually raised by their parents?  How protective are Fubarnii of their young?

3. What type of leadership does each town/clan have?  I assume they have a council composed of their elders, but does it always have a military council member or an ambassador from the Empire?  I read the intro in the rulebook, so I have an idea.  But what is the typical composition of a clan council?

4. What do Devnau eat? lol  I have searched the forum, but haven't seen this topic.  I assume grishak eat anything they kill, but what of Devanu Kopa, Sempa, and Jenta?  If they kill a bunch of Fubarnii, do they eat them?  Are they more civilized or is it eat what you kill?

Just some questions I had while thinking of the background for my scenarios.  I won't promise I can finish it, but I would like to try.

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« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2010, 11:54:09 am »

Good questions!

The Fubarnii and Devanu have very different languages, and in modern times they would definitely struggle to communicate. In pre-empire times all the fubarnii would understand the Devanu commands and a few Fubarnii could crudely speak the language to better pass on detailed instructions. Some Engineers have studied the Devanu language in modern times, but given the current relationship between Fubarnii and Devanu it is rarely used.
The Devanu language sounds fairly harsh and guttural, with plenty of sharp cries, hisses and 'snaps' of their hardened under-beak. They naturally talk in short, clipped sentences.

Across most of the empire Fubarnii live in relatively large extended families occupying a single house/tunnel structure. To the far west this structure often takes the form of little separate buildings on the surface, with less obvious interconnects. The jenta are raised within creches, but still have direct links to their parents. The fubarnii are certainly protective of their young, but that protectiveness applies to the entire family and little distinction would be drawn between direct children and nieces (all young are probably best referred to as girls, although in the fubarnii language 'jenta' is an asexual term).

Clan councils vary hugely across the empire. They will generally involve a mix of elected or powerful or wealthy officials. The Emperor always has a seat on every council, but as a general rule that is ceded to his representative in the clan. Well regarded engineers will sometimes just make themselves at home in the council, even if they aren't invited. Traders would expect to be welcome in council meetings if they choose to attend, but that would generally be if they've requested a meeting for a specific reason.

Devanu eat anything they can. They will usually raid livestock or hunt wild animals. It is usually more trouble than it is worth to eat a Fubarnii, so they will generally leave the bodies of any Fubarnii they kill unless they are either starving or making a point. They see this as disrespectful to those they've killed, but they also know that the Fubarnii respond with more force if they see their own being eaten and not getting a proper cremation.

Hope that helps. Do ask more questions if you need to!
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