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Author Topic: Crush the Clutch  (Read 3281 times)
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« on: September 29, 2010, 12:55:31 am »

On seeing the competition, I made some notes, and wrote up some ideas for my scenario. Unfortunately, on opening the official scenario pdf, I see the premise of one is identical to my own!

Here is what I wrote, but it is rather unfinished, vague, too wordy and fussy, and not even unique.

Crush the Clutch – A Twilight Scenario


The scenario revolves around the attempt of an Empire town or municipality to wipe out a wild Grishak pack that has grown unchecked to the detriment of trade and outlying homesteeds and farms in the region. The Fubarnii have decided that one powerful strike is all that is needed to remove the threat of the Grishak; whilst doing so requires a commitment of force, by attacking the Grishak nest and destroying the eggs, the Empire will have dealt the pack a blow from which it would take that Grishak pride many generations to recover from, if they ever do.

It is a dirty job, many of the Fubarnii living in the sheltered heart of the Empire, and those in the larger cities, might consider the course of action barbaric; it's much easier to justify the killing of grown Grishak, who are the natural predators of the Fubarnii, but egg breaking has bad connotations for the Fubarnii as a race, who reproduce by the same method, making the job a grim prospect for any Fubarnii who has to undertake it. However, faced with the reality instability in the borders of the Empire, such steps are necessary for survival.

The Scenario

The Forces

The Scenario is meant to be playable with the contents of the small starter set plus a militia unit and grishak pack, which are reasonable expansions. The Grishak player will need counters in order to represent eggs, and also may wish to model his Grishak in order to represent the different types of beast within the pack.

The fubarnii player has a core force, and a strike force, consisting of militia and knights, respectively, who's points must form a ratio of 2 : 1

Additionally, the nature of the mission means that no 'civilian' type models may be taken by the fubarnii player.

Alternatively, the Delgon would be an excellent alternative for the Empire; a zealous priest leading an extermination force, supported by striders instead of knights.

Deployement and Setup

The game can be played on a circular or square board of width three to four feet squared.

The Grishak player chooses a location for his nest within 6” of the central point on the board. There should be significant screening and rough terrain centered on the middle of the table, preferabbly rocky.

The Empire player chooses an edge for his core force to enter from, and announces it.

The Grishak player then places his egg counters (how many?) as he likes within 6” of the point he has chosen as the nest.

The Empire player then secretly notes down a side from which his strike force will enter (left or right only).

The Grishak player then deplys his grisak with 6” of the point he chose as nest.

The Empire player then deploys his core troops 6” from the board edge that he announced at the beginning of deployment.
The game then starts, with the fubarnii taking first round.

On the second round, the the strike force is placed in contact with the board edge that was secretly noted by the Empire player on a roll of 5+. This takes up one activation, however, the models can be activated once more within the same turn. If the Empire player rolls less than 5, they enter on a roll of 4+ on the third turn, 3+ on the fourth turn, etc, in the same way.

Objectives and Victory Conditions

The Fubarnii have one objective; to destroy the nest and cripple the pack. Therefore, the eggs are of primary objectives for the Fubarnii attackers and the Grishak defenders. However, if the Grishak pack is damaged enough, the Fubarnii have also won a minor victory. Of course, though collatoral damage is expected in the fubarnii forces, a phyrric victory leaves the local forces devastated, which defeats the original purpose of the attack! So victory points are dependent on

Special Rules

The Grishak Pack:

Below are some additional types of Grishak which will be present in the pack, and which have rules which diversify the force.

Alpha Grishak 1 only
Has command and activation
Has more combat stones, endurance and a better save

Regular Grishak – No change

Nursing Grishak
fewer comat stones.
Can activate Grishak Young.
Can combined strike with Grishak Young

Grishak Young
Low move.
Low combat.

Fubarnii can attempt to destroy an egg in a combat phase if unenganged. 50% chance of success.

Frenzied defence:

For every Fubarnii model within 6” of a nest, the Grishak player has a free activation when the next Grishak stone is drawn (ie counts as drawing an additional stone for every fubarnii that crosses the line)

Help needed most: More specific force composition – Size of forces / disbalance between forces, if any.
Background – Specific Grishak information, such as names and reproduction. – Clan Background for flavour text. I want to do some accompanying flacour text, and it would be great to use an established fan clan as a setting to anchor the scenario in the World of Twlight.

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« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2010, 11:20:25 am »

You are underselling yourself!
That's certainly seems different to any other scenarios I've seen and I like the concept. It also adds a bit to the general background (the stigma attached to egg-smashing etc) and would work well even with a small number of models.

As you said, the rules could do with a bit of refinement, and it could do with some sculpts for the young grishak (I guess that's my job...).

I'll have a think of some suggestions of what I would do to finish it off.

Well done  Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2010, 12:04:12 am »

I haven't had much experience playing, so I don't feel that confident in any ideas. Also, perhaps as a result, I think that I have tended to towards the overcomplicated...

However, thanks for the praise.

I originally had the additional activation rule to compensate for the lack of Devanu packmasters, and in order to represent the additional frenzy of the Grishak attempting to defend their eggs. However, what with their pack rule (which I forgot about Cheesy), they probably don't need it.
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