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Author Topic: Rescue The Prisoner  (Read 3455 times)
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« on: June 03, 2012, 09:14:12 pm »

                                                        Rescue the Prisoner
This is the last chance for your forces to rescue the Daughter of Lord Nakan , all other attempts have failed so far.
[                                                           b]Forces[/b
]Prisoner Escort 350 points
Rescuers 400 points
The prisoner escort must get the wounded prisoner to within 8” of the corner opposite the one they start in.
The Rescuers must get the prisoner to within 8” of the other 2 corners.

                                                                Set UP
The encounter takes place on a4’x4’ playing area.
There is 1 piece of terrain about 16”long and up to 12” wide long, this is impassable to all models and blocks line of sight .Place with the narrow edges facing 2 of the corners .Cover  rest of the playing area with a reasonable amount of terrain.  
See picture for an idea how it can look

The prisoner Escort had to Exit the table between the 2 trees in the top righthand side of the picture

The Prisoner Escort starts up to 12” from one corner and have to get the prisoner to within 8” of the opposite corner

The Rescue party is split into units of between 50 &150 points.
They can have a maximum of 4 units.
For each unit you have in your force you get 2 tokens, 1 is for the unit and the other one is a dummy token. The tokens are placed at least 15” away from the Prisioner Escort.


When any model from the Prisioner Escort Gets 8” away from a token it is turned over and if it is not a dummy token the unit is placed on the table. If you want to use the unit to attack the Escort party remove token and place troops on table.

                                                                    Special Rules
The tokens move when a Phase Counter is drawn as normal once all units are revealed remove the Dummy tokens . If all the dummy tokens are revealed you do not place the units on the table until you attack with them or the enemy troops get within 8” . The Tokens move 6" .

                                                                    The Prisioner
The prisioner must remain in base to base contact with one of the escort party at all times
If the prisioner is not in base to base contact ,she can be moved by the player controling the rescue party when a phase counter of the correct coulour is drawn.
If the prisioner is not in base to base contact she can be captured by one of the escort party moveing into contact with her.
The following Stats apply to the prisioner
Move D3” +3”
Combat 0
Support 1
Tough 5+
Stamina 0
1 - *  The prisioner moves between 4 “ + 6” a turn  as will the prisioner escort.

         Hope you try this and enjoy it.
 Grin Grin
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« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2012, 11:16:02 pm »

Looks like a fun game - nice idea with the stealth. Could be fun to try a similar idea with Devanu or dhogu ambushers.
How did your games go? Did you find that many of the counters got revealed, or did the Delgon player carefully avoid them?

Thanks for sharing  Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2012, 07:16:32 am »

Sounds like an interesting scenario. Echoing Mike, how did it play?

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« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2012, 07:37:20 pm »

i have played the scenario 5 times in this it's final version all the games were close with the Prisoner Escort winning 3 and the Rescue Force winning 2.
In 2 of the games the Prisoner Escort were down to 2 figures and the rescuers Had 3/4 figures left on the playing area and they were only 2" away from geting the prisoner off the table. In one when  a combat stone was pulled out the rescue party were the winners, in the other game a movment stone gave victory to the prisoner Escort.

By the end of the game all tokens were removed and all troops deployed ,but when ther are 4 tokens in play and only one of them is a unit, it can be hard to decide what unit to move for the escort as you do not know what the remaining unit is or where it is.

As the central terrain is impassable and blocks lign of sight the rescuers have to spread the tokens .

In the picture you can see the tokens we use if it had a number on it it was a unit - no number = a dummy Token

THe Tokens are printed out and stuck on to a spare Base
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