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Author Topic: Chronicles of Anyaral - Updates from previous books  (Read 1402 times)
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« on: December 05, 2014, 11:40:25 am »

With the release of the Chronicles of Anyaral compilation book I took the opportunity to make a few tweaks to the rules for some models. If you have the cards, then those are the stats to use, but if you are still using the three books then the following Stat Updates should come in handy!

I’ve split the Stat Updates up by model, then there are a couple of abilities that have been significantly modified. There have been tweaks and clarifications to the wordings of some abilities, but for the most part those won’t really impact play.

If you think I've missed any other changes then please let me know!

Book 1
•   Militia Captain – You may now mount the Militia Captain on an enuk by adding 10 points to its cost, which increases its Move to 10”
•   Trader – You may now mount the Trader on an enuk by adding 10 points to its cost, which increases its Move to 10”
•   Baruk – This model now has a cost of 20pts and has had its ‘Herd Animal’ skill replaced with ‘Instinctive (0,2)’. This doesn’t change much, unless he receives support in combat.
•   Engineer – Replaced by Engineer Beru in Book 2.
•   Devanu Kopa – This model now has Stamina: 6 and has gained ‘Packmaster (4)[L]’ and ‘Alpha [T]’
•   Devanu Sempa – This model now has Stamina: 5
•   Grishak – This models has had its Move reduced to 10” and its Command Range reduced to 3”

Book 2
•   NuraKira – This model has had its cost increased to 20 points, but now has ‘Authority (2)[L]’
•   Light Cavalry – Combat increased to 3. Ranged Attack increased to cast 3CS
•   Slingers – Range of Staff Sling increased to 18”
•   Commander Brenar – Combat increased to 4
•   Jenta Spear – This model has lost the ‘Focus’ ability, but has instead gained Focus*, Light Weapon and Long Range (4)* as abilities associated with its Throwing Spear
•   Kosok – This model now has Support: 3 and has gained ‘Solo’ and ‘Aggressive’, so it can Flit even if it isn’t quite engaged.

•   Coordinated Strike – this has changed such that both sides may receive support, rather than simply applying +1 for each friendly adjacent Troop or Elite.
•   Charge – a model targeted by a Charge may now get support from friendly models
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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2014, 10:26:03 pm »

Thanks for posting this - useful reference.

I notice that the Herder mounted Reyad has had a few changes. The Beast Handler ability has gone and there no longer appears to be Bolas as on option for weapons.

Does this mean Skerrats are no longer an Empire option? And can we no longer arm the Reyad with a Bolas?
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