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Author Topic: The Hunt, twice.  (Read 2257 times)
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« on: April 21, 2011, 10:54:03 pm »

I managed to get in 2 games of the Hunt scenario from book 2 tonight against my other half. First game I was the Delgon, second the Devanu.

For those unfamiliar with book 2, the Delgon have Roban, the big guy, and 5 Striders - the mechanical-legged troops. The Devanu have a Kopa, Sempa, 3 Grishak and 2 young Jentas.

First game, my other half chose the Jentas as a Hunter and Spear. First turn consisted of up generally moving closer together. Turn 2, each of the 3 Grishak charged in against Roban himself, and all 3 bounced off of him without so much as bothering him. The Striders moved up to counter charge the Grishak, and took them out in exchange for 1 of their own.

Turn 3, and the Kopa retreated behind the nest tree, whilst the Sempa and Jenta carefully backed away. The Spear threw towards Roban, but his superior combat training caused it to fly wide. In response, 3 Striders circled around the nest tree, 2 left and 1 right, to block off the Kopa. Roban charged forwards in to the Sempa, whilst the last Strider sprinted ahead to slam in to one of the Jentas - the Spear, a burst of fuel reducing the poor Jenta to a greasy smear upon the ground. In the ensuing two combats, Roban tirelessly beat the Sempa in to submission, eventually crushing her with a mighty blow whilst she was too tired to dodge.

As turn 4 came around, the Kopa charged in to one of the pair of Striders to his right, slamming it in to the ground so hard it twitched a few times and lay still. Roban, enraged at this, ran forwards and managed to pin the Kopa down. Over the course of two combats, the Kopa's strikes couldn't get past Roban's tough exterior, and eventually Roban beat the prime Kopa down with yet another mighty blow.

The day was won for the Delgon - the Devanu had been wiped out utterly, though at the noble cost of two Striders in their prime.

Game 2 we duly switch sides, and I elected to have the pair of Jentas both be Hunters.

Turn 1, Roban and his Striders powered forwards. An opportunistic Grishak charged forwards in to Roban, and managed to get a strike through his guard, which bounced off his armour, before being slammed flat. The rest of the Grishak crept forwards to just outside the range of Roban's entourage. The Jentas cautiously moved forwards behind the Grishak at the urging of the Sempa, who wisely kept back.

Turn 2, the twin Striders flanking Roban powered forwards and with a rush of fuel tried to take out the pair of Grishak. Uncharacteristically for the squat grumpy hunting beasts, they elected to fully defend, and only 2 strikes got through to one of the pair, which bounched off it's hide. Roban, seeing a chance to break through, moved in to one of the Grishak pair. However the Grishak were well trained and highly cunning - both moved cautiously out of combat with the Striders, around them, and both joined combat with a mildly surprised Roban, who noticed neither of his Striders could move to assist.

Before the remaining 3 Striders could power in to help, the Grishak leapt forwards as the clarion call of combat sounded, and though each were struck by Roban, the combination of both of them saw 3 hits get through Roban's defence. Roban's armour withstood one of the slashes, but buckled under the remaining 2. Surely his armour was tough enough to withstand? Alas not for his armour continued to buckle twice! Slightly alarmed, Roban twisted to present some of his better armour, and deflected one of the 2 hits, yet 1 still threatened him! With his last ounce of endurance he tried to withstand the attack, but the Grishak had aimed well, and it slashed through his back armour and ended his life. Of the hit each upon the 2 Grishak, one managed to withstand his mighty hit, yet the other perished.

The Striders stood dumbstruck as then the pair of Jenta rushed in against the pair of Striders who had tried to kill the Grishak. Though one Jenta was utterly ineffective and tired himself out merely trying to survive, the second took down the Strider with ease.

At this point the remaining 3 Striders all careened in yelling vengeance, and slashed the tied Jenta to pieces, yet it was too late. The day was lost as the Kopa and Sempa watched their remaining Grishak with pride.


So, first game Roban pretty much charged in and smashed everything the Striders didn't get to first. Having only 2 defence against ranged is somewhat worrying with such a big guy, but it seemed to work. I only needed to burn 2 stamina against the Kopa, as against the Grishak his 2 saves were luckily made.

Second game, my other half was just really unlucky - failing 5 saves in a row (and making another 2) from the same 3 Grishak hits from a pair supporting eachother - not even after a charge. The Grishak's savage really helped, as had the saves been 3+ only 2 stamina of the 5 would have been needed, and no doubt the Grishak would subsequently have been killed easily by massed Striders.

So the overall feedback for the scenario is that it was great fun, and Roban is very, very worrying to face - the guy is a behemoth, but not unkillable with enough luck.
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« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2011, 11:21:16 pm »

Glad to hear a balanced pair of games, with each side winning once (although you should occasionally let Stella win!). They also sound like they were good fun  Smiley

Roban is a real beast, but as demonstrated he isn't unkillable. We used him in a big Delgon vs Empire game a while back. I made the mistake of thinking him unkillable as I waded through the militia, swatting them quite efficiently. I was however proved wrong  Embarrassed
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« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2011, 01:09:16 am »

Sounds great....I need Roban and some striders......Smiley

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