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Author Topic: ...More first games in Twilight!  (Read 2478 times)
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« on: April 21, 2011, 07:40:56 pm »

Well, Mike asked if I would post up my first few games, and I'm happy to oblige.

Game 1
The first game was "The Wandering Engineer" scenario. I played the Devanu.
Having the second activation of the first turn, I reacted to the Knights by moving the Grishak to intercept. The rest of the turn was quiet, with the Militia mostly surrounding the Engineer and the Kopa moving (+1 sprint) towards the Engineer.
The second turn, my activation came up first and I swept the Kopa into the Engineer with a single use of Sprint. Because the Engineer wasn't tightly surrounded, I was able to get the Kopa into base contact, so I chose to Assassinate for another point of Stamina. This went well (for the Kopa!), and I was considering using the remaining three Stamina to just Sprint off - nothing would be able to catch the Kopa, and I would be able to win. However, as this was our first 'proper' game, I  pointed out what I considered before electing to leave the Kopa where he was so that we could have a chance of a proper combat and find out just how good he was when fighting more than a single confused old Furbanii.
The Militia mobbed the Kopa, and after losing the first combat round, managed to exhaust it.
The second combat round saw the Kopa killed, and ended the game in a draw. The Knights and Grishak had been tussling further away, and the casualties there had been about even (two-all I think?).

Game 2
The second game was the same scenario and forces again to see what we could do now that we had a better feel for the models on the table. The Militia properly surrounded the Engineer in a tight hexagonal formation, and the Knight formed an interposing screen between them and the Devanu. The Empire got the first turn and moved the Engineer-Milita blob away towards his house. The the Knights moved towards the Grishak and the Kopa. I moved the Grishak towards the Knights and charged them in; the Knights held firm. The Kopa moved a bit more cautiously this time by using some cover at the end of his move and Sprint.
The second turn, the the Engineer-Milita blob again moved home, and the knights killed off a Grishnak. The Kopa then moved into the Militia Captain and after an Assassinate, killed him. This left me with three Stamina on the Kopa... I hoped to kill another Milita, mover and then Assassinate the Engineer; I felt that without the Captain the remaining three Militia would struggle against the Kopa.
Well, the Kopa fluffed the next attack which left me with a dilemma; press on with another attack and finish the assassination/escape next turn, or run away for now. I pressed on, and the resulting combat saw the Kopa killed! Again!
In my defense, the stones didn't turn up well for me and the Milita went all-out with Erac. Solid win for the Empire.

Game 3
The third and final game of our evening was "The Journey Home" scenario. I played the Devanu again.
The first turn saw me move the Kopa over towards the Knights a bit, and the Knights backed away to the opposite side in response. The Milita, Trader and Baruk all activated and surged towards the gate. The Milita had surrounded the Trader and a Baruk, whilst the other Baruk was on the far side away from my Devanu. (We were playing diagonally across the table and the Devanu were all in one corner between the gate and the Trader). The Sempa and the Grishak all moved towards the Baruk.
The second turn saw the Kopa change direction and beeline towards the closing Trader. After a Sprint, two Assassinates and two more Sprints back to safety, the Kopa had punched a hole in the Milita's defensive ring. The Sempa activated next and darted in to kill the Trader before retreating too. The Grishak covered the Sempa to prevent the nearby Knights from catching the now-vulnerable Devanu. Then the Knights moved over to the Grishak, but didn't make it to engage.
The third turn saw the Knights charge the Grishak and neither side suffered any losses. The Kopa moved further back into safety and nursed its single Stamina point as it tried to catch its breath. The Militia reformed into a second line around the Baruk, and the Baruk moved away from the Devanu and somewhat towards the gate too. The Sempa moved past the Militia to get behind the Baruk and threaten them. This left the Sempa with one Stamina after a Sprint to try and get her safe. The Grishnak killed the Knight Captain for a loss of one of their own.
I was feeling a bit more confident at this point, as the caravan had been slowed considerably and the Sempa had a good chance of a kill next turn - if I played it a bit safe I could nab victory the turn after that (hopefully)!
Alas, the Militia moved around to protect the Baruk, the Knights finished off another Grishak, and remaining two moved to engage the Kopa - who survived on a lucky double six and a five! The combat round came and saw the Kopa attacked again and after another abysmal round of stone-casting, I rolled a five... And a one! The Kopa died (yet again) and the Devanu fled to lick their wounds.

So there you have it; two glorious Empire victories and a draw. I don't think the tactics I had were bad or wrong, and I definitely had the Empire reacting rather than acting for most turns. But the stone-casting really was terrible on my part in a number of key combats (I managed five blanks out of six twice in three casts with the Kopa in one turn!) despite my dice being surprisingly hot (the dice rolls for the same Kopa combats with the terrible stone casts were 6-6-5-5-1!) - I think that cost me more than anything else really, but if you don't take any risks as a Devanu player, I'm not sure how else you can get a victory against a decent defence and are outnumbered.

During all three games neither of us realised that friendly troops can move through each other though, which might have also changed things a bit.

Anyway, the games were all very good fun, and we had a lot of laughs. I'm looking forward to playing again soon!  Grin
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« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2011, 09:00:04 pm »

Thanks for the summaries - sounds like you had some good games! It's great to have a couple of games in a row to get used to the mechanics and the forces. The Devanu are surprisingly difficult to use (I still tend to lose with them. Much to my friends' amusement...), but can certainly hold their own.
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« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2011, 10:10:47 pm »

Very nice accounts of the games! I really should branch out in to using the Devanu really, I've never given them much of a chance.

Merchant of Enipel
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« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2011, 11:50:52 pm »

I Find the Devanu to be pure assassinating machines. choose your targets with them and pick them off true animal hunt style. I find that If you can remove some key pieces the Faburnii tend to fall apart. And remember if all else fails...Sprint sprint assassinate, leap, sprint Grin

darth tater
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« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2011, 12:56:05 am »

Very nice accounts of the games! I really should branch out in to using the Devanu really, I've never given them much of a chance.

Blasphemy.......Devanu are awesome!  Smiley

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