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Author Topic: Fubarnii bandits  (Read 2079 times)
Donrehleh Mercenary
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« on: May 02, 2011, 07:00:10 pm »

Ok, so are there many bandits, rogues, brigands, highwaymen and/or outlaws in the Empire?

If so, who would police them? The knights? (Or can they never attack other Fubarnii?) What if knights were guarding a caravan and the bandits attacked it? Surely knights could attack/fight/kill outlaws?

And if there are outlaws, then their must be judges, yes? Do fubarnii execute particularly grievous offenders? If so, how? Are there executioners?

I'd love to see a fubarnii bandit with a mask over his have and a long feather in his hat! Grin

This kind of stuff could lead to LOADS of fun scenarios! Caravan raids, rescue attempts (hostages from bandits, or bandits from prison or the executioner), man-hunts... er... fubarnii-hunts, attacking bandit hideouts, rules for capture and plunder, etc.

I'm thinking of a big mix of Robin Hood, American Old West, Pirates, Highwaymen, medieval North Africa, that caravan raid scene in "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", etc.
Engineer of Larigal
Qualified Engineer
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« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2011, 08:23:28 pm »

The knights are sworn never to attack another Fubarnii. Those that do (for example fighting the Delgon) are doing so strictly against official orders and are known as "oathbreakers" (though not necessarily in a bad way). So any actions against bandits would be done by local militia forces only. In fact, caravan guarding is also formally done by the clans I believe; the Knights would come if there were likely to be Devanu troubles though.

Bandits would only be a problem in the central regions of the Empire - on its fringes, Devanu are the top dogs and it would be a brave bandit who was prepared to take the risk of being lunch. We know the Fubarnii do use capital punishment as they kill the Delgon priests in the "Arudor" story, but I'm not sure how regular crime & punishment works. It'd probably be at a clan level rather than a Imperial level I would guess.

A more likely situation is clans raiding one another - individual footpads and bandits would be too easy prey for the Devanu, so I suspect there'd be a few bands of (possibly semi-nomadic) bandits, but they'd have to be large enough to face a Devanu pack. Clan wars certainly happen, though, and in such a conflict an enterprising mercenary or bandit could probably act as a privateer for one side, raiding caravans in the territory of the other. The Delgon attacks open similar opportunities I'm sure.

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« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2011, 08:35:30 pm »

Jubal has got it pretty much spot on. If a caravan was attacked by bandits while knights were supporting then the knights would be honour-bound (or at least oath-bound) to leave the attack to play out. Breaking that oath and getting involved would probably get them kicked out of their order, or at least very seriously reprimanded.

If the bandits were to attack the knights then that would leave the clan who owned the territory in a lot of trouble. They would lose the support of the knights at all for a period until they could show that they have the bandit problem in order. The withdrawal of the knights would in turn make life very very difficult for anybody who would choose to live in the wilds (bandits, for example), so the punishment would not last long. This has not happened many times, and most bandits know that they should simply ignore the knights...

Bandits are strangely enough more common in the more central regions due to the lower numbers of Devanu.
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