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Author Topic: Yasugar  (Read 3284 times)
Axel Chohimajin
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« on: February 14, 2011, 03:36:14 pm »

I know this is a bit of an old topic, but awesome and I would love to create a clan to theme my force around so here goes...

Clan name: clan (name)
Clan leader: Yasugar, an old general wise to the world who runs his clan with a very practical hand. Descendant from the tribes that united the slaves and more nomadic fubarnii who were never enslaved. His Eldest son Gandar is the current knight captain of the emperors 5th (more on this one in another thread)

Capital city: (name) A large subterranean hive built into the face of a small mountain that has two large towers also built into the face one higher up than the other. They represent the two moons that the (name) clan particularly reveres.

Info and culture: A clan located in a land of rocky hills, some small mountains and craggy plains with very little in the way of mineral resources. Around 70% of the clan live in a subterranean environment, with the remainder a more nomadic herdsmen type who live on the craggy plains and run with the herds.

To counteract their lack of mineral resources they are forced to trade for other resources and with very little to offer other than manpower they have developed a culture of hiring out their militia to other clans and traders for protection etc. Thus they have become somewhat militaristic with all furbarnii being required to perform certain duties to aid the military and therefore the economy. In particular it is a requirement for adult males to serve in the militia and to serve at least one term abroad on a mercenary mission. Due to this the militia has become adept at body-guarding and they have swapped their spears for a short bladed halberd and carry a small buckler/extended gauntlet. This augments their counter-strike based fighting style, which influenced by subterranean life is close and aggressively defensive to prevent being backed into corners.

The clan engineers are more akin to civil engineers concentrating on making life underground easier with the resources that can be allocated to them. (more on this later)

Also as enuk, baruk and other herd animals find life difficult underground most herdsmen remain nomadic like their ancestors. They go from town to town running with the herds and most of the animals remain as a shared possession by the various townships/families. Protecting the herdsman tribes is also a priority for the training of the militia and prepares them for mercenary duties.

History: The lay of the land meant that not all the fubarnii were originally enslaved to the Devanu with many living in tribes in subterranean environments and/or running with the herds across uneven land. This meant that whilst a number of towers were built and large numbers of furbarnii subjugated there was a resistance movement that was fed by escapees. This movement built and when word of the revolts in other areas reached their movement it pinnacled and they too revolted helped by their cousins who never felt the choke of enslavement. This revolt happened on the day of a double lunar eclipse thus all eclipses are revered as a sacred event and celebrated with a festival. All fubarnii go out onto the plains en mass and spend the whole day there dancing and celebrating. If the Devanu attack on such a day it is considered bad luck for the next harvest, but such attacks are rare due to sheer numbers. This event is also represented by the clan symbol of two moon's one large, one small in gold blocking one another on a purple background. Unfortunately in spite of the continued threat of the Devanu there was resentment against the fubarnii who were never enslaved and strife ensued between tribes. This all ended when the biggest nomadic Gaku tribe came to the rescue of the Yana tribe defending (tower city) and they united, drawing all other tribes into the fold.

Anyway this is what I have in mind for now and will go back and edit/ add more detail later. I have no idea where would be good even after looking at the map. So any suggestions somewhat similar to what I described would be cool. Plus of course being pretty new to this world I'm probably not overly accurate in some areas, not to mention I'm still coming up with ideas for names. Something to do with moons and eclipses, possibly towers for the city.

Also rules-wise, bearing in mind that I have never played and would only test/apply these once I have played the current ones many times, but anyway...

(clan name) halberdiers 20pts
counterstike: any saved hit not allocated by bodyguard (they're too busy protecting) gives them a free erac to cast against striker, if successful can be dodged etc.

captain gets the rules too for a 10/15pt upgrade

What do you think?
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Twilight Creator
Distinguished Engineer
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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2011, 12:04:21 am »

Very good! This is still one of my favourite threads  Smiley

I'll have a think about the moons and double eclipses... I wonder how often they would actually occur (I need to try and remember my astrophysics).

Good stuff though. The bodyguard idea is fun. I could see them being useful for traders to hire during escort scenarios.
Axel Chohimajin
Posts: 11

« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2011, 09:51:33 am »

Yeah I can't seem to think of an appropriate clan name. I looked at some of the old stuff written about fubarnii language on the wiki pages, but there wasn't much about  moons really. It did however say that one of them was called Enar, the larger one I believe. Seeing as their gods are called enarii though I thought it might be a little presumptuous to name a clan in that direction. After all they are essentially a merc clan, didn't seem to fit the image of sacred. Although if there is a name for the smaller moon it could be nice to tie in to the city name, but I still however would think that a generic word for moon to use for something like tower/city of the two moons or great city of the moon would be better.

One possible idea is that I could tie in some Japanese or use it for inspiration, lunar eclipse is Gesshoku (quite funny because it essentially means eaten by the moon) for example and moon itself is Tsuki or Getsu/Gatsu.

The bodyguard idea is fun. I could see them being useful for traders to hire during escort scenarios.

Yeah thats pretty much what I was envisioning for them background wise, I've actually started to a write story to base my force around that I'm going to put up in another thread later. It should feature these guys.

Also any ideas on an area? are the Casani territories special for some reason, a different culture maybe?
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