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Author Topic: Agarii and Amadouvii clan  (Read 2296 times)

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« on: June 10, 2011, 05:31:30 pm »

 Smiley hi every one, first, as i belong to the froggy clan, i do apologise for any and the many english mistakes to come  Embarrassed !
Where to start, i'm as found of the twilight world as of Mickael's models and of ... the agarii and amadouvii clan. They are quite scatered among the empire as they are known as fungi experts often travelling to find ever more news muschrooms species to grow and transform.
They not only use mushrooms as herbalists could do with upper plants but grow them for many purposes.
The amadouvii muschroom gives is name to the more important part of the clan.
As most fubarnii tend to name the members of this clan according to one of it's major products: the well known spark catcher and fire starter "amadar". It even became in fubarnii a common name and a profession.  The clan members inoculate some vegetals and/or muschrooms of higth growth with well kept knowledge after having them suffered of some drastic conditions in order to produce the inimitable amadar.
A special variety appeared to be sold lately on different market, variety who can provide an astonishingly orange colored, abundant and clouding smoke, - who reveals recently usefull in overcoming a Devanu's caravan attack by repealing or at least disturbing the grishak !
The other agarii, as the clan members call themselves because of one of the most appreciated muschroom of they coocking knowledge, some said, well, the other agarii also transform this amadar  into some kind of sponge and healing compress: two more commun and usefull goods for many a fubarnii in unsafe lands.
They also know how to turn secret mushrooms fibers as smooth, resistant and warm as silk, making both ropes and valuable clothes.
The clan's settlements are somewhat remote from main roads or towns in order, not only to keep their knowledge unwidespread but because of a kind of religion or shamanic rituals involving the use of highly psychotic and addictive "psilos" mushrooms. These fubarnii give great importance to the visison and dreams made during theses rituals. Some of them do pretend that the visions they have, led them on the road to find the new locci and muschrooms species seen during their visions...
The engineers addicted to such habits are easily recognisable because of their curves knifes and saws or billhooks dedicated to muschroom harvest.
All clan members wear hats made of the upper part of huge mashrooms. the shape goes from a kind of vietnamese rather flat mushroom hat to funny high cap. It's seems the matter is not that aesthetic but rather a protecting or profilactic one, in order to kept safe and untouched from the irritating effects of falling spores of a common, but unwanted mushroom plague that always make impredictable burst amongs their usually underground gallery's "gardens".
These galleries , which are sometimes quite well ligthened by many a sun hole or sun sink, both protect the crop from animals appetite and aloud the Agarii to control the, as much as possible mastered astmosphere, the mushrooms need.
As these furbarnii have not a warrior culture, they tend to join other fubarnii caravan for trading and finding protection when in group but are told to also often travel alone. They do so in great secret and suprinsingly quite safe from the devanu's threat.
Some pretends the clan members bear and keep at hand a small amount of a terrible red mushroom call the agarii pride whitch always kill it's user when swalowed. Dead for sure, but after having turned him both amok and unsensitive to pain for some times,  and more then that, deadly poisonned and poisonous !
And this could make sense as i've seen once one of them alone with a red almost shinning hat, may be as a signal for Devanus ! But who knows what an agarii or an amadouvii, as whe say in this part of the empire, may invent when you see the state they get in with their "psilos"!!! Anyway do you have some amadar left for me, i'd like to ligth fire for dinner !

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