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Author Topic: Akarri  (Read 3890 times)
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« on: June 04, 2010, 05:29:37 am »

Well here is my 1st attempt, kinda of a spure of the momment thing.  I was playing with a demo for the game called "Spore" and the demo was for a creature creator.  It didn't have many options because it was a demo, but it got me started.  It was a lot easier to do this then for me to draw.  I modified one of the prebuilt monsters and wrote a little bit.  It doesn't give too many options to actually color the beast how I wanted (or maybe I didn't play with it enough to figure it out).  Here it is.  Any comments are welcomed.

Name: Akarri

-   Akarri are wild beasts, reaching the maximum height of up to 7 feet (jenta ~3ft, sempa ~5 to 6 ft, kopa ~7 ft).  
-   Akarri are odd beats because they actually have wings.  Although they are not able to actually fly, they are able to glide for short distances.  They are not very fast moving beast but they do have power legs that allow to them leap or charge short distances.  

-   Akarri also have another unique feature, they have a powerful 4 part beak.  The beaks open like a giant claw.

-   They also have small arms with hands that allow them to forge better.

-   Akarri have very thick/leathery skin which gives decent protection from predators.

-   Akarri do evolve through the Jenta-Sempa-Kopa stages.

o   Jenta stage: have small wings, not even big enough to glide.  They stand about the height of Fubarnii.  Akarri are very protective of their young as they do not leave their family pack.  
o   Sempa stage: their wings are mature and allow them to glide.  They also develop their feathers.  It is not uncommon to find one at this stage away from its pack.
o   Kopa stage, their wings fully mature reaching an impressive length and are almost 7 feet in height.  The Kopa Akarri is very aggressive.  They are often found alone in the wild unless it is mating.  

-   Akarri develop feathers as they evolve from Jenta to Sempa.  The feathers serve two main purposes, mating and defensive.  The Akarri are able to wave their feathers in attempt to ward off enemies.  These feathers are often very bright in color on one side and darker on the other.  They also display their feathers while trying to attract a mate.  

-   Akarri are omnivorous

-   There are rumors that some Fubarnii have been able to tame these beasts when caught or found during their Jenta phase and use them as war beasts.  There are few tamed and controlled by Fubarnii.  Only the most elite or bravest of Fubarnii are ever presented a young Akarri to raise and train.  The younger the beast is caught the better the trainer/beast bond is.  Very rarely will an Akarri let another Fubarnii ride it if its trainer ever dies.  Often, 2 or 3 Fubarnii warriors will help raise and train the beast so it gains their trust.  Fubarnii warriors riding are Akarri are heavy armored.  
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« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2010, 05:36:14 pm »

Nice idea to use the Spore creature creator! I had a play creating some Fubarnii and Devanu in the full game a couple of years ago...
I'm not convinced the wings would be big enough to make it fly, but do you think they could be purely there for display?
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