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Author Topic: First Demo Game  (Read 6631 times)
Lost Egg
Lord of Engu
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« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2011, 08:27:03 am »

Sounds like a fun game!

Twilight Creator
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« Reply #16 on: July 17, 2011, 08:50:16 am »

Sounds like a good game - that one seems very different each time I play it, but works well for three players  Smiley
Three KalDru (deraks) took out a knight captain in close combat? Sure they weren't KalDreman (bodyguards)? If not then you should be very proud of their performance  Grin
Good plan to let the Delgon carry the injured priest off. Admittedly, by the time the priest is taken out there doesn't tend to be much left of the Delgon...
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« Reply #17 on: July 17, 2011, 03:19:54 pm »

None of the above... it was three KalGarkii that took out the captain. o.O  No KalDru used (no ranged by anyone as a result, for the newcomers first game).  The KalDreman didn't do much removing other models, but did do a decent job of at least fending off attacks.

Though the Delgon player was a bit eye-brow arching at all the "rerolls" the knights & devanu received, whereas he had none, he saw by the end of the game that it wasn't as necessary as he first thought.

I placed an order through Hassle (sorry Pyre.. you're getting the next order Smiley ) as I needed figs for the Hasslefree comp (sad that it doesn't allow for Twilight figs), so went ahead and added 2 more single knights to 'round off' my starter knights, and Roban + 5 striders. That will give the Delgon some rerolls. Cheesy

"what color did you use, red with a black wash?"
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