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Author Topic: The Beetigrak  (Read 2592 times)
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« on: May 01, 2012, 01:32:05 pm »

Here is my effort at a new creature for the world.
Needs refining.

For a long time, the Beetigrak was almost a mythical creature. Traders who crossed the vast plains would talk of companions or beasts that had vanished in the night. They would hear the blood-curdling screams, but no trace of the victims would be found.

However, some Devanu discovered the reasons for these disappearances. A fearsome beast was able somehow to secrete itself in the open landscape. Camouflaged and undetected, it would wait until its prey was within reach. Then, with lightning speed, it could dart out, grab its victim and hide again. Here it would eat its catch and lie in wait for the next unsuspecting meal to happen along.

The Devanu realised they could utilise such a fearsome predator. Initially, they trained a few Beetigraks to ambush any foe attempting to raid their nests of any temporary camps they had formed. Later, they were able to train them for much more aggressive attacks.

Some Fubarnii engineers started to take note of these strange Devanu ‘traps’. They discovered that they were able to train Beetigraks to defend their dwellings on the edges of the plains. Providing that there was sandy ground for the Beetigraks to make their shallow burrows in, they would sit calmly and wait. Soon these veritable ‘minefields’ proliferated.

However, the Fubarnii then realised the error of their ways. The Beetigraks were so well camouflaged that no-one, even the engineer that set them, knew where they were. Many unsuspecting Fubarnii jenta were lost. The engineers started to mark the Beetigrak burrows with flags. However, the Devanu soon learned to avoid the areas with flags. So, the Fubarnii had to compromise and only guard certain areas with Beetigrak burrows.

The Creature
Beetigraks are about the same size as Grishaks. They have relatively large heads, with strong, crushing jaws. The eyes are set on the top of the head to detect movement nearby. They also have a very good sense of smell.

The back is covered by a strong ‘shell’. This is ridged and cracked and closely resembles the ground in the drier plains. The resemblance even goes as far as small plants and mosses growing in the cracks!

 The hind legs are very strong. They end in powerful, curved claws used to dig the burrow. The muscles also create the great leap that the animal uses to grab its prey. The front limbs are adapted to grasping and holding the prey.

Beetigraks may be solitary or found in loose groups. However, there is very little social interaction. The animals only really come together to mate. At such times, they emit a strong odour and wave their front limbs in a strange, co-ordinated fashion. These are thought to be attempts to ensure that the suitor is not eaten by its potential mate!

Beetigraks will eat any animal prey, of any size. If they manage to trap a large meal, they may not eat again for many days.

Not very happy with the sketch - need to redo the head.

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« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2012, 06:36:47 pm »

An interesting idea and beastie. I like the little burrow it leaps from. I think the sketch works, kinda makes me think of a vicious frog.

I'd have thought it would be super speedy on the pounce but a bit awkward retreating back to its burrow, perhaps its armoured hide protecting it until its safe back in its hole.

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« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2012, 06:51:21 pm »

Good to see an addition to this section of the forum. Nice idea and well presented as well  Smiley
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