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Author Topic: NuraSen HarKanel, the Mind of Progress  (Read 1820 times)
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« on: May 22, 2012, 07:10:55 pm »

From a young age, HarKanel believed in the cause of technology. Though she didn't really understand what the contraptions were at the time, anything that seemed mechanical grabbed her interest and simply held it, much to the annoyance of her tutors. Her otherwise attentive mind made her a good candidate to be a priest, and thus she was selected and trained appropriately. Much to the chagrin of her tutors however, she kept enquiring about the various devices she saw being used, for she was a curious one, and wished to understand the marvelous designs. As she grew older and as her tutors referred her more and more to the 'engineers' that were appropriated from Fubarnii society her interest grew ever larger. She was, however, suitably studious and concentrated most of her efforts on her studies. It wasn't long before she was appointed as a true NuraLehn, and sent out in to the field to lead. Not only did this further her training, but her tutors were often relieved to simply be free of all her questions.

As she led others, she came to supervise KalDerak and was taken aback by the beauty and simplicity of the deraks themselves, though she still didn't quite appreciate the knack that made them work. It wasn't till her fourth journey that she was blessed by the presence of a trio of KalMalog, and they took her breath away. She saw the fusion of Delgon and machinery as pure truth, the workings reminiscent of the Enarii themselves. Doggedly she pursued all the information on Striders that she could, and finally an aging and grudging priest finally informed her of Malog, the Enarii with a mighty pair of mechanical legs, in order to receive some form of peace and quiet.

Needless to say, HarKanel did everything within her power to further her status and power, endeavouring to become important enough to one day meet Malog, as all her early attempts were frustrated and met with naught but denials and setbacks. Over the course of several years HarKanel led a multitude of successful expeditions to either convert those to her faith or punish them for their apostasy. Though initially unwilling, HarKanel manipulated and schemed her way in to more and more lucrative expeditions, collecting to her as much technological might as she could, till her successes could be put aside no longer, and she was elevated to a full NuraSen.

Her newly increased power gave her more freedom in where she could go and visit. Her first port of call therefore were the engineers. With their slight absent minded nature and drive to invent and accomplish, HarKanel was able to ingratiate herself with a small number of them, helping, cajoling and providing the materials they needed to win them to her side. It wasn't long before she had a veritable cadre of engineers who presented their new achievements to her first of all and she slowly amassed a bewildering array of gadgets and gizmos to aid her with various aspects of her life.

As new forms of warfare cropped up, HarKenel bent her might to acquiring it. Requesting more and more KalDru, and even the dubious KalGush, made her a rapidly known quandary with the Delgon priesthood. With an enthusiasm thought to be almost unseemly, her favours and connections gave rise to KalDru and KalJoran, not to mention her poor subordinates and their guards, bearing the 'prestige' of the Strider modification. It was even whispered by many of the priesthood that her ambition grows far too strong far too quickly, but they never mention it to her openly as her private bodyguards are quick to stifle dissent against her.

Of course with such experimentation with the KalMalogs it wasn't long before even Malog heard of her, and to her utter joy he visited her quarters unannounced to see the little Delgon that sought to have him emulated, often unwillingly, in her followers. Silenced initially by shock, HarKanel began to gush forth her praises of Malog, but he quickly noticed nearly all her admiration and compliments were to his legs, not him. Malog thus simply gave a brisk nod and stomped away, his mood slightly darkened that a Delgon would value an artificial part of him more than his whole self. To HarKanel, however, that nod spoke a thousand words unintended by malog, and she felt a surge of vindication that everything she'd done, from encouraging and sponsoring engineers, to amassing technology and even 'gifting' her various followers with Strider legs, was justified.

With such enthusiasm for augmentation, it is only a matter of time before HarKanel braves the procedure herself, dons her goggles and pair of tri-deraks and marches in the name of her Gods.

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