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Author Topic: Twilight Ramblings 2 - Exploring Anyaral  (Read 1800 times)
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« on: August 26, 2012, 02:45:07 pm »

The following was written back in 2008, and inspired Brandlin to do a lovely map of Anyaral. There's still some notes here that may be interesting!

I’ve wanted to revisit the map for a while - I’m no cartographer, so it’s still very much a work in progress, and some bits may well get altered in the future. Some day I’ll go through and name all the clans and create a complete map, but this is a start, and expands upon the small map on the website and in the rulebook.

Most of the details of Fubarnii culture we have discussed to date have been based upon the Central Empire. The circular buildings and extensive tunnel system approach is seen across many of the central clans, and Gar Loren itself is a magnificent example of the architecture. The tunnels beneath the city spread for miles, with vast market caverns and mushroom farms, as well as many family dwellings entirely beneath the ground. The city above ground is no less impressive, with a great variation between squat buildings and tall towers, each building generally having sprouted numerous extensions as required. The Emperor’s palace exemplifies the approach, with entire wings of the palace sprouting or being pruned at the Emperor’s whims. The greatest architects in the land aspire to some day lending their skills to improve upon the vast structure.

The Central Empire can probably be seen as a slightly cooler climate than African savannah. Vast plains spread out in every direction. To the North (towards the Setir Mountains) the lands get more temperate, with rolling green hills heading up towards the frozen regions that the Setir clans (Donreh and Galin among others) and the Delgon have to deal with.

Fubarnii do not tend to venture far into the vast forests of Anyaral, and the forest boundaries tend to mark the borders of those clans that are near them.

The Argoran Wastes are perhaps the least welcoming area of Anyaral. A large number of Devanu have retreated to the wastes, scraping survival in spite of the harsh conditions. The clans of this region (Ganera and Orel) have to fight constant battles with the Devanu, and no attempts to clear the territories have been successful. The wastes are devoid of much foliage, with craggy rocks and small scrubby bushes and vast swathes of sand dominating the landscapes.

Beyond the Argoran Wastes are the coastal Argoran Territories. Teralin is the largest of these clans, with its capital city of Teral having grown up along the lush delta. The Devanu threat here is relatively small, and the inhabitants make a living from fishing. The architecture is very different, with short white walled round buildings with pointed dark tiled roofs.

The Casani Territories were some of the last to be freed. The Etarl clan speak proudly that they freed themselves without the Empire’s help, but still consider themselves to be part of the Empire.

Majorn Anis is a peculiar settlement that formed several generations after the Empire was founded. Egoran, a particularly ambitious Emperor decided that the Empire should expand beyond the continent of Anyaral. To that purpose and at great cost he created three floating cities that would sail out across the Gethlon Sea, carrying brave families of Fubarnii out to explore what lay beyond and report their findings. For decades nothing was ever heard back from expeditions, and even beyond his premature death it was referred to as Egoran’s folly. However, about 30 years later the Donreh clan met a small party of travellers who had ventured through the forests, around the coast and into their territories. They spoke of their travels across the Gethlon Sea, and their formation of the settlement of Majorn Anis in spite of great hardships. Several expeditions had tried to explore the island on which they had landed, but none had ever returned. Over the following months several ships were launched to travel around the coastline and find the missing settlement.
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