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Author Topic: Multiplayer Twilight  (Read 1281 times)
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« on: March 10, 2013, 09:59:12 am »

Last weekend we had a rather unusual game of Twilight...
There were four of us, so we figured we would have a four way battle.

Each player could have 300pts of models, with at least 1 elite. We had to find suitable counters for the initiative pot so we could have 6 initiative counters each, plus the two combat counters (I raided my copy of Agricola for a pile of different coloured fences).

Tony chose Devanu (Sempa, jenta handler and grishies), Steve took Empire (mix of militia and slingers, plus a hunter with graku), Ben took Dhogu (yirnak rider, dhogu and a trapper) and I took delgon (NuraSen, nurakira, bodyguards, KalJoran, soldiers and a strider).

We used the GW realm of battle with a big hill in the middle and forces in each corner.

You got 1 point for each elite you killed, but fled if you lost more than 50% of your elites.

My delgon were remarkably slow (my initiative counters kept not getting drawn!), missing a lot of the fight, then getting slaughtered...

I am pleased to say that the game worked remarkably well! The initiative stones kept everybody involved and the resulting skirmishes were bloody but varied.

Final result: Tony, Ben and Steve all got 2 points each, while I got 1...
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