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Author Topic: Things we do wrong at the GGC...  (Read 1314 times)
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« on: March 23, 2014, 09:26:37 pm »

Having watched the gameplay video, I realise that even though I've played occasionally for 4 years and regularly for a few months, we're doing it wrong! These are all my fault as I introduced the game to our club, and I cant say where I've picked them up, but we've been playing like this since the start!

Notes for my own reference as much as anything else, but maybe we're not alone...

1)  Devanu _can_ use their combat abilities against shooting. Since its not in the combat phase, we've never allowed them to use them as they're all marked [c]. Might be part of the reason we tend to think slingers are more effective than most groups report!

2) You _can_ move through your own troops. We've never allowed this. In the first game I ever played, I got my positioning wrong and was told I couldn't get into combat in the order I wanted to as my base didn't fit through the gap. I've never checked the rulebook on this as it seemed fair enough and we've played like that ever since at the club, but it appears I need to re-read from the start!

3)Devanu can use sprint and /or leap after an assassination to engage a second target. Not something we've done wrong as such, I just never thought of it myself and will certainly use it now!

More tales of my idiocy to come soon I have no doubt. Guess its lucky I didn't get involved in the demo games yesterday as I'd have taught it wrong!  Embarrassed

Thanks again for the vid!!

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« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2014, 11:13:59 pm »

Glad it was useful  Smiley
The slingers will still be good at killing Grishak! With the 'correct' rules they tend to tire devanu out rather than killing them... Still useful though!
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