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Author Topic: The Hornets nest  (Read 1511 times)
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« on: June 28, 2014, 08:12:31 pm »

Among the many garkrid which crawl and fly over the lands of Anyaral, there is one which is known for the production of a sweet amber coloured liquid.
Fubarnii cooks like to cook with this syrup-like fluid as it gives more flavor to a meal, but many wild beasts are also very fond of this fluid.
Especially the kelahn is known to slash the garkrids nests with its vicious claws to get to the sweet treasure within.
This type of garkrid is also known to secrete a strong, not entirely unpleasant smell, which can sometimes be noticed from miles away and is sometimes used as a perfume by nobles.

In this event, one such nest is built into a hollow tree in the middle of a field, used by herders to distract predators away from their precious enuk. A hungry kelahn has noticed the scent of the garkrid however and started feasting on the liquid.
Herders were watching the beast nervously as suddenly a pack of grishak appeared. Even the grishak know better than to disturb the kelahn, but it also gives them an opportunity to get to the herd not much further away.

2 Grishak Kopa
4 Grishak
5 Grishak Jenta

Herder Reyad
4 Herder Slingers
3 Herder Light Cavalry
Slinger Captain
2 Graku

The encounter takes place on a small playing area, approximately 4’ by 4’.
Some rough terrain and stone walls make up a good field, make sure there is some terrain which blocks line of sight.
The tree with the nest stands in the middle of the field and is approximately about 3" wide.

A wild kelahn is placed in base contact with the tree by the Grishak player.

The Grishak player deploys his models in a corner of the field, within a square of 6" by 6".
The Fubarnii player may place his models in the three other corners of the field, within a square of 6" by 6".

The Grishak player scores one point for every grisha and jenta that leaves the field at the corner opposite of the corner he deploys in, 2 points for a grishak kopa.
Whenever the Grishak player scores 5 points they win the game.

The Fubarnii player wins the game if they can kill both grishak kopa.

During a combat phase, the wild kelahn will act first. If there is a model within 3" he will attack following the normal rules and using his Pounce ability.
If there are no opponents he will move back 3" towards the tree, if he isn't allready into base-contact with the tree.
Whenever there are multiple opponents within 3" to the kelahn, pick the closest. In the event there are models at the same range to the kelahn and within 3", roll a die to decide who will be the target.

The kelahn will use his Aggressive trait if a model comes within 3".

Note: This scenario isn't meant to be fair and give both players the same advantages.
The Fubarnii player is most likely to win this game.
But it can still be a challenge, as tactical use of the kelahn can easily tip the balance for both sides.

The forces are build up using the KS herder add-ons as much as possible, and the Grishak starter force.
In case of the Fubarnii, a graku can easilly be replaced by a skerrat or use militia instead of the herders.
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