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Author Topic: Hold Out - Michael Rauscher  (Read 1370 times)
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« on: June 30, 2014, 02:20:39 pm »

A Group of Militia rests near a small camp of Herders. Suddenly the Enuks panic and the soldiers see
the shadow of two hunting Kossok. They grab their weapons while the Herders try to mount their
Enuks again.
Hopefully the Knights they saw earlier that day are still close...

Militia Captain
4 Militia
4 Herders
4 Enuk
(4 Herder Reyad)
Knight Captain
2 Knights

1 Sempa
1 Grishnak
2 Hunters
1 Handler
2 Kossok

Place a small camp in the middle of the board. The Militia and the herders are placed in a 12 inch
diameter circle. The Devanu are placed along a boardedge.
The Enuk are then placed within at least 12 inch form the herders and 18 from the Devanu.

Special rules
If the herders manage to get in contact with the Enuk, they may mount them and the Models are
replaced with one Reyad. He must be armed the same way as the herder was. You may although
choose to arm your herders with bolas at the beginning of the game.
At the start of each after the first one turn roll a dice. On a 4+ the Knights heard the sound of battle and
are placed on one of the table edges left or right of the Devanu's edge.

Victory conditions
The Empire wins if they can kill the Sempa and at least one Kossok.
The Devanu win if they kill the Enuks or the Reyads.
The Slann
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« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 05:03:41 pm »

Just realized, I didn't mention the boardsize Tongue

I would assume a 4x4 board is enough, one could also vary the terrain and use a bridge over a river near the camp to have a defensive position.

Another thing that I forgot to mention:
The Enuks are not allowed to move closer to any Devanu troops, as they are afraid of course.
You could also randomize the movement of the Enuks a bit. I would suggest that any player can activate them, so the Devanu-player would make it harder to catch them.

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