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Author Topic: Q&As  (Read 1355 times)
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« on: December 05, 2014, 11:37:05 am »

Brett Haskell raised a bunch of useful questions about the compilation book on the KS page, so it seems like a good idea to share them here!

1. How far may a model move to block an enemy model crossing a linear obstacle?
- if your model is already blocking where the model wants to move to then you have the option to either move it out of the way, or move it to stand next to the obstacle and block the space completely. Normally this would just be up to an inch, but for a large model moving into position then you might have to move further to reach the wall.

2. Are models under a Blast Attack template only attacked if the shooter has a LOS to it? The example on page 21 seems to imply the Davanu can only be hit if the Grishhak is killed.
- Correct.

3. Playing the 'Chance Encounter' scenario using points, is there a recommended ration regarding the number of Elites to Troops?
- When building a force I try to make sure I can activate every model within 3 or 4 activation. Beyond that it depends so much on what theme and culture you are using and the specifics of the models. Feel free to post force lists here or on the forum and I'll give you feedback (and you might get some other opinions as well).

4. If a model such as the Herder Reyad is upgraded with a Enuk does the Enuk get to fight with its 2 combat stones (adding them to its rider)?
- No. In that case the enuk purely makes the model faster.

5. Can a model use abilities 'Leap' and 'Sprint' multiple times during an activation?
- Yes, as long as they have the stamina. A Devanu Kopa could run 10", then spend all his six stamina to sprint a further 36". He would be a wreck once he got there, but it is a theoretical option!

6. Same question for 'Ferocity' and 'Overdrove' during the combat phase?
- Yes. You can use stamina abilities any number of times (although in those cases you are limited by the usual 6 Erac and 6 Oran)

7. For the scenario 'The Wandering Engineer' does the Devanu player win if they escape of the table with just one model (of any type)?
- Hmm. That is a little unclear isn't it, but the idea is that the Kopa needs to escape. Lurking a grishak at the edge of the battlefield would be a bit cheeky ;-)

8. A model with the 'Persistent' ability dies, does it in effect become a token left in place?
- Yes, although in theory it still takes up space on the table. At this point it's only the KalGush, which sits there in a cloud of its own smoke. Those with the Frenu also have the Bagrun, which would continue to provide bombs.

10. Can a model use the ability 'Pounce' to move out of combat? Must it engage the enemy if the ability is used? Is 'Flit' the same except the model cannot fight if it has moved?
- Yes, although it would need to move cautiously, so it wouldn't be much of a pounce... Also, the Kelahn has to attack the nearest model, so wouldn't be able to.
- Flit is effectively the same, but mainly useful for getting out of combat rather than engaging.

11. A model with 'Travelling Biologist (2)' may have 2 Beasts, is this in addition to any number of Critters? The notes with Gil say this but the rule does not?
- You could buy any number of critters as normal models in your force based on the normal rules. The ability allows you to include beasts that you wouldn't otherwise be able to use as they are from other themes or cultures. I'm sure it's open for abuse, but I thought it would be a fun way to allow you to mix things up a little bit :-)
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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2014, 06:50:08 pm »

This list may come in handy, thanks for posting this up.

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