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Author Topic: Guide to the universe!  (Read 2176 times)
Magic Dave
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« on: June 17, 2015, 05:13:25 pm »

OK the title is a bit misleading but if your reading this its done its job.

Does anyone have any pointers to help create races in the twilight universe, just looking at the current races we have they are all very organic and can easily relate to the current world in that we live. There is no magic and no undead and i was wondering if this is something that will never ever but looked at or not. Not that I don't like the current crop lets get the straight.

I know from the first book that Mike said he wanted to get away from the Tolken, GW style of creatures.  The main reason why i ask is that i'm looking forward to seeing what is in the Naralon forest. One thing i like about this game and it's current state is that the designers have their ears open to ideas from it's gamer's and I'd like to try and put mine forward but don't want to deviate from any structure that they might have for building new forces.

I normally would love a race that dewles in the woods, wood elves of course being the most common, but my view is that any race that comes out of the wood would have to of lived in harmony with it's surroundings. So these guys would be with one with the woods and comfortable living in them. I also love watching the Kung-fu panda films with my boys and have wondered what a game set in the films surroundings would be like. My feeling is that parts of the twilight universe and the Kung Fu panda would would be alike.

So this brings me to one of the design aspects that might break the current structure that is use. My thoughts about the forest is that there has been a war going on in iit, but word has never got out. Two races dwell in the woods and have been at war for years. Now this where i hit a mental block so i'll describe the races but have no clue how they look. One if like the famous five from Kung Fu panda , A small group of very elite fighters trying to uphold the spirit of the forest while a darker force is looking to take over the forest for its dark needs. The elite fighters will use kung fu, to give their fighting style a name and some simple magic to try and stop the rot. A lot of the time these guys will fight on there own or in pairs using basic staves or other items to out fox their opponents, but only when the threat is really big that you will see then all together. The magic that im thinking is along the lines of a pulse of as many stamina points in inches of their choice that will push back any opponents. So if they have five stamina points it will burn the five stamina but push every opponent away from it to five inches.

As for the dark forces what i thought would be good would be a swarm type of force, and i'm sorry but i'll have to reference some other type of fantasy races to try and get my point over. But i'm looking for a race that spawns out of the ground and will consume what ever is in it's way, multiplying as it goes. A bit like a plague, evil in its doing but programmed in that way. When it sets hold in an area it will take generations to culling and constant fighting to remove them from the area. But the creatures that are spawned are quite easy to kill in small numbers but can swarm an opponent to over power him. I'm kinda thinking along the lines of skaven in there size and style and nids in their relentless pursuit of destruction. They have no leader and when they spawn they just get on with slowly destroying the forest. There are some Hive masters to give them a name that wounder the forest planting these spawns and this is what the famous five are hunting for. They drop the seeds that will later grow the spawn but are again few in number but hard to kill because they also know kung fu and use small magic but in a more dark way. They used to be the same race as the famous five but have been turned dark by an unknown source.

The story line could be that the spawn guys have been winning and the famous five type guys numbers have been dwindling and the spawn guys/hive guys have now broken out of the forest and are affecting the other races.

I know from looking at the other races that the look of the spawn guys could be based on real life animals. Spiders could quite hit the mark for the spawn but as for the famous five i keep thinking of a more mouse type figure, in that its a creature that lives in the woods and leaves a really small footprint on its environment. Again a link to try and help

Now of course we can't use any other ip but im using these links to try and help you picture what i'm thinking.

Your thoughts please and i'll try and fill in the gaps in my creative thinking to help. Also please move if wrong place.
The Slann
Qualified Engineer
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« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2015, 02:02:35 pm »

Oh, how didn't I see that topic Cheesy

We'll concerning the Naralon forest (and all other large forest around and across the empire), they are inhabited by the Kedashi as mentioned in the last Traveler, you can find it here:

Hope that helps Wink

The Slann
Ps: I like the idea of the everything consuming evil, but it might not fit the World of Anyaral
Distinguished Engineer
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« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2015, 06:08:10 pm »

Strange, I missed this topic too.

Like what Slann said.
If you think about two factions fighting over territory in Naralon Forest I guess the Kedashi and Devanu are the most obvious choices, although it could also be a secret Delgon force which tries to get to the heart of the empire unnoticed by passing trhough the forest or some Fubarnii foresters who are cutting away the sacred forest's resources.

The spawn like creatures remind me of the garkriid which were released quite recently. I doubt they are intelligent, but I leave it to Mike to answer that one.
As there are a few military orders (like Orel), I see no reason why a small group of fighters couldn't have trained itself in something like martial arts. But again, I leave it to Mike to give his blessing.

I don't think there is such a thing as evil and good in Anyaral.
There is deceit, natural selection, jealousy, ... for sure, but like in our world, good and evil are just matters of perspective and can change depending on the viewpoint of the people.

Roleplaying games are a bit like a holiday. You visit new places and meet interesting people.
Twilight Creator
Distinguished Engineer
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« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2015, 08:09:12 am »

Sorry for the slow response but I was trying to find time to reply properly!
Magic and religion in Twilight can be considered as being about the same as on earth. A lot of people believe in it and accept it, but most practical magic is down to tricks or technology. Religion will generally be ambiguous - most fubarnii of the empire believe in the enarii that live on the moon, watching over them and the Delgon believe that those same enarii walk amongst them. Some of the empire see the enarii as more of a metaphor, others that they are physical beings. The Casanii worship spirits, marking symbols on rocks to guide their way. Their religious leaders will worship them and use them to help control the flows of the herds. How well that 'magic' works is something that I'll leave open. It may have impacts in the game, but whether it is true magic, or just a deep understanding of how the animals behave is open to interpretation.
There is certainly good and evil on Anyaral, in the same way that there is on earth. It's not simple though - fubarnii can do evil acts just as much as humans can. The devanu will hunt and kill and enslave, but so do humans. The definitions of good and evil are also about as definitive as they are on earth...
There are also only a limited number of sentient species - for the moment I think we have the full view of them: the fubarnii, the devanu, the enarii and the kedashi. The trebarnii could be considered as almost sentient, but that is arguable. I may expand things later, but not without a lot of careful thought.

Which brings me back to specifics... You've got some fun ideas there! I've been working on the mysterious denizens of the forests since the very beginning though, even if I've kept them close to my chest. The kedashi swarms have finally revealed themselves, triggered by the intrusions of the delgon logging parties. They aren't evil, but the kedashi queens are ancient and could be seen as almost godlike. They are also fairly imprecise with their retaliations and there is no real common understanding (or way of thinking) between the kedashi and the outsiders.
Your Kung fu panda characters would stretch the rules of Anyaral, but could be part of their stories and beliefs - a variant on the enarii mythology and the dark evil being an interpretation of the kedashi. Playing games of twilight within those myths would be a fun twist, allowing you to break rules. For a long time I wondered whether I should do a Myths of Anyaral style setting, allowing more direct magic but I never quite got there (mainly due to having my hands full with the standard setting!).
Sorry, I rambled a lot there, but hopefully it helps!
Magic Dave
Posts: 12

« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2015, 02:58:54 pm »

Cheers for the feedback, I'll try and come up with some more questions.
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