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Author Topic: Three Player Twilight  (Read 1797 times)
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« on: October 03, 2010, 06:29:27 pm »

Last weekend I played my first three player game of Twilight. We had discussed the idea a few times, but I'd never quite got around to trying it out.

I had a small Delgon force consisting of a priest, four bodyguards and a couple of Striders (220pts). Huan took a small Devanu force lead by a Sempa matriarch with two Jenta (a standard one and a beasthandler), four grishak and a kosok (350pts). Paul took an Empire force with a knight captain and four knights, a militia captain and seven militia and Beru the engineer (350pts).

We played a variant version of Unwelcome Travellers, so I was trying to get the priest off the board while the other two were trying to kill the priest and force the other side to flee. The rules were as standard, but with an extra set of initiative counters for the Delgon (6 counters for each force, 2 combat counters as normal).

I did my best to escape, with the two striders trying to buy the priest time to escape while hoping that the Devanu and Empire would get distracted killing each other. Sadly the striders weren't very lucky and died a tad too quickly. The priest was running as fast as he could, but was eventually run down by a lone knight. In the meantime Paul's militia had swamped the Sempa. The sempa assassinated the captain, but tired herself in the process and the knight captain just moved in to finish the job. With their mother butchered before their eyes and their beasts mostly killed the young jenta fled. The knight captain was left with the beaten and bloodied priest that he could return to the clan council to answer a few pointed questions...

The game worked very well, although I think it would actually play just as well with even-sized forces. We'll certainly have to have another go at it when we've next got three people wanting to play a game.
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