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Author Topic: Derak Days  (Read 6990 times)
Engineer of Larigal
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« on: October 11, 2010, 06:51:33 pm »

I decided to try an actual event for my next scenario – how did the Delgon get hold of Deraks in the first place? After some research into the archives of Delgon temples and searching the rubble of a small Empire village which has now almost been forgotten, I have been able to produce the following reconstruction of the scene…

Beru’s was, as most engineers were, absent-minded. He built things, forgot about them, and that was the way things were. His apprentice wandered around after him, grumbling incessantly, but that was the way things were too. His old Derak lay up against the corner, the day he had blown a mighty Devanu’s guts out with it long in the past. Or at least, somewhere in the past. The Garkrid he was staring at was far more exciting.

His apprentice was far less excited by the Garkrid. What had excited him was a very interesting letter from outside the Empire. Fed up of caring for the cranky and ageing engineer, he had remembered the potential of the old Derak, its valves half-rusted with lack of care, and had quietly mentioned it to a dark-robed stranger who had passed through the market not so very long ago. And now he had been promised a reward – all he had to do was wait.

So he waited for a sign. And, mechanically clattering over a nearby hill one cold morning, he got it. Sneaking out to a nearby wood, he met four soldiers, and pointed out to them where Beru’s tower was. They signalled to the great steam-powered monstrosities, who crashed brutally on into the attack. The striders had come to claim their prize – if, that is, they could get it. The villagers remembered what Beru had done for them against the Devanu, and were not going to give up without a fight…

2 Herders
3 Militia
1 Militia Captain

Empire Reinforcements
1 Knight Captain
8 Knights

1 Apprentice (Acolyte)
1 Bodyguard
3 Soldiers
2 Striders

The Fubarnii set up as the player wishes among some buildings about 25% of the way across the table. In a similar position on the opposite side should be placed a wood within which the Delgon infantry and the Apprentice set up, with the Striders just outside the wooded area.

When the Fubarnii get an activation counter, they may attempt to bring their reinforcements in once per turn. They do this by making an attack against which the Delgon always have a 4 oran defence. In the first turn the reinforcements may not come on, each subsequent turn adds 1 erac to the attack (So by turn 7 the maximum of 6 erac is achieved.) When the attack succeeds, the reinforcements all enter from the Fubarnii table edge.

If Beru is slain and the Delgon get the model that slays him off the opposite side of the board, they may claim a victory. If the model that kills Beru is slain, the victory condition is still achievable by killing the model that killed the model that killed Beru and so forth. The Fubarnii win by preventing this happening i.e. killing all the Delgon.

WoT Reporter and editor of A Call To Arms.

Twilight Creator
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« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2010, 08:55:39 am »

I imagine that is the story that Beru will tell in years to come - how he fought against the hordes of Delgon to defend his invention.
Completely wrong, but probably easier to admit to than the fact he just gave them the designs because a friend asked for them, never even considering that the derak would be used for anything other than as a random experiment. Other slight historical incongruities in Beru's story would be the fact that the Deraks were observed in the hands of the Delgon before the Striders were seen accompanying Malog and Roban.

Good looking little scenario though. The apprentice should be promoted to being an Elite for the game so the Bodyguard can support him.

Should the apprentice get a bit part in the scenario? Is he going to flee with the Delgon?

I would possibly neaten up the rules for carrying the derak - perhaps add a counter to represent it so that it can be handed off if necessary.
The knight reinforcements will be devastating! Is that the intention, or should there be some hope that the Delgon can hold them off for a bit?
Engineer of Larigal
Qualified Engineer
Posts: 331

« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2010, 01:16:14 pm »

The intention is that the reinforcements will be overpowering - it makes it very important for the Delgon to make a significant "smash and grab" to start with, or they'll get very much mauled.

WoT Reporter and editor of A Call To Arms.

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