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Author Topic: Before Dawn  (Read 1049 times)
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« on: June 30, 2014, 04:12:32 pm »

Quiet, all of you! murmured captain Umin to his troops, which were all hiding nearby. One of them had opened a small bottle of water, the noise echoed through the night and it was as a thunderclap to Umin. He turned his head towards the camp again.
There wasn’t much light, but it didn’t seem like they sounded an alarm.
It was only a few days ago since the Dhogu had raided their village and took every able-bodied kopa, sempa and jenta as a prisoner.
They had been away to fend off some Devanu, which were becoming bolder with every passing day. This close to the border there was a constant tussle with the Delgon as well, but most of the time the knights took care of them.
This was the first time however the Dhogu came down this far from their mountain homes.
Umin sighed and looked around at his fellow Fubarnii, there was a grim determination on their faces as most of them had lost relatives to the invading Delgon and everyone knew the Dhogu were working for them.
It had taken a few days before Len, the hunter which is accompanying them, had found the culprits, as they had traversed some rocky terrain which made the tracking harder.
The goal of the Dhogu was clear, the mountain was rich with minerals and their prisoners would fetch a nice price when sold to the Delgon to work as slaves in their mines.
Now they had them surrounded and flatfooted, but the Dhogu are fierce and outnumbered them. Only the element of surprise and the darkness is in our advantage Umin contemplated.
Time to gamble, he took a deep breath and gave the signal to move.

Dhogu Captain
6 Dhogu Spear
6 Dhogu Bow
Dhogu Trapper
4 Setir Skerrat

Militia Commander
Militia Captain
5 Militia

The encounter takes place on a small playing area, approximately 4’ by 4’.
There is a lot of rough terrain as the ground is riddled with rocks. In the middle of the field there is a Delgon camp, situated near a mine.

The prisoners are situated in a tent or behind a fence, which is placed in the middle of the board and is about 6” by 3”.

The Delgon player deploys his models in the camp within a square of 12" by 12", incorporating the prisoners tent in their deployment zone.

The Empire player may place his models anywhere on the board, except in the Delgon deployment zone, as they have the Delgon surrounded.

The Empire player scores one point for every prisoner they can get of the board, accompanied by an Empire model. Yes, this means the Empire player will lose a trooper for every prisoner they save! The Empire player needs to save all three prisoners to win.

The Delgon player wins the game if the Empire player fails to save all the prisoners before turn 4 ends OR if there aren’t sufficient Empire models left to move the remaining prisoners.

After turn 4 the sun starts to rise and sheds some light on the opposition the Delgon face. Making it easier for them to group and fend off the remaining Empire forces that surprised them.

Under the cover of darkness: Because of the rocky ground and the fact there is little to no light, the entire field counts as rough terrain. LOS is limited to 4”.

Prisoners of War: The prisoners are exhausted after a long march and the hard menial labour,  they can’t move on their own. An Empire model needs to escort the civilian by staying into base contact, after which the prisoner moves at the same pace as the Empire model. But an Empire trooper can only carry one prisoner each time.

The prisoners can’t be harmed by either side. If an Empire trooper escorting a prisoner breaks base contact for any reason, the civilan simply stops moving and stays where he is left behind (treat him as a piece of terrain) until an Empire model moves into base contact again.

Surprise: The Delgon didn’t expect this nightly raid and are totally surprised. Until the first combat stone is drawn in the first turn, the Delgon player can’t act when a stone of his colour comes out.

Yes, there are only three prisoners. Pehaps the Dhogu split up, or there is a trap waiting for the brave militia, who weren't as unexpected as they thought  Shocked.
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