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Author Topic: Casanii and Frenu playtest  (Read 1168 times)
The Slann
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« on: April 24, 2016, 12:46:29 pm »

I finally got to play again! We had three games yesterday, first one was a nice little classic Empire vs Devanu testgame, the young chap was pretty excited I think, he was just unlucky with his dice :/

Second one was Grishak vs. my Casanii, which I won with a quite interesting move, grabbing my Captain with an Erilaii out of the combat with his last Grishak Jenta and then killing him with the spear of the Captain. okay, and I also one because he lost three guys charging my Erilaii earlier.

Third one was my Fenu vs a large Empire knight force, really hard to play, as the knights cancel out the mobility of the frenu a lot, and my Trebarnii never even saw combat. he made the fatal mistake of choosing his lonly commander as main combatant vs my last large swarm, and he got horribly eaten Smiley I talked about that game yesterday with mike already, the baruk with it's bombs were really missing in my force, but the ability to gain stamina by sacrifice helped a lot!

Altogether, I need more games to really sort them out. I also need more swarms Wink
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